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Aloha and welcome to the official Facebook page for Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

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Jason N Noe Pahinui
· December 15, 2016
I'm sure by now you will see that many are angry by the recent media that was shown of an Ohana that resides near your school being forced by you to rel...ocate. You have turned their water, main source of life off, just to prove that you can get them out. They have been offered help from numerous families around laie. This is not a good example of being "Christlike". This hits close to home, and will eventually get a great deal of media attention in all the state of Hawaii. Brigham Young University has been founded upon a great deal of love,joy, and Christlike understanding. The comments that are coming out linking it to the Mormon Church, in being Mormons, is not good.
~Education is Key�
~Use your brains� and get this resolved�
~Entire Hawaii is Watching����
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Kacy Aguiton
· October 27, 2016
As every other school, the grades you will get depends upon the efforts you will give. But this is a special place where you don't only learn secularly but you also learn to serve others. I love the Ohana Spirit in this place!
Holly Phillips
· December 15, 2016
Shutting off the water to the families that helped get your campus built is not only shameful but far from the tenants of Christ. Through the holidays no less j...ust so you can steal their homes to put the married housing exactly where you would LIKE it. Move that to behind the cricket fields and restore these poor families water who have been without since September 12th and actually be the example you claim to be. See More
Lori Maness
· December 15, 2016
Greedy! They won't allow a Hawaiian neighbor an easement for getting water to their dwelling. BYU shut off their neighbor's water which was being piped through the campus to get to their home. They are trying to drive them off the land so they can expand. Evil place
Grace Fakahau
· September 26, 2016
Aloha!!!.. I'm Grace and i'm from the Kingdom of Tonga. The opportunity that I have to be a student here at BYUH is a great blessing for me. Here are some of th...e reasons which can clarify why i consedered being here as a blessing. Those who will attend this school fulfil the vision and the prophecy which prophesied by the Leader of the church. BYU- Hawaii is the place where you can further your education in various fields and at the same time you can also strengthen your testimony. It's a safe environment and a place where you can feel the spirit and also associate with students who have same standard as you and are willing and striving for perfection. It's the perfect place to prepare individuals for their future endeavors and you can gain skills and experience for your future occupation. It also prepares you to be accountable and become great Leaders in your various countries. See More
Kaawaloa Kekauoha Taylor
· December 15, 2016
I am so disappointed in BYU - Hawai'i leadership. I am sad that a solution that is filled with Aloha is not being used! I know BYU -H can be better. I love the institution but I love my people too. Koho Ka Pono BYU Hawai'i. This is a'ole pono! smh
Denise Reis
· November 5, 2016
My alma mater! Loved my time there and am proud to have graduated from this magnificent school! Made life long friends that I treasure. Had the BEST church leaders and some of the most humbling, spiritual experiences of my life there outside of my mission.
Connie Colleen Grimnes Wyatt
· October 26, 2016
I could not have chosen a better university to attend. The diversity of the university teaches so much that is applicable in life. I loved the education I gained within the classroom and outside as well. I often wish I could go back and restart again!
Coney Pulla
· October 26, 2016
It helps you find your purpose and follow your passion. It is the place you learn to love and express that to all
Rj Iawieli
· October 26, 2016
Proud alumni of BYUH. Learned so much and had fun too. The place is special and beautiful. I always wish I could go back and study again :)
Roberto Querido
· October 26, 2016
My four children graduated in this school! I have seen how they have grown and progressed! This university is highly recommended!
Simon Vergara
· November 17, 2016
I've visited that Campus before many times every time I'm off work. It's a five and a half hour flight trip from Vancouver BC.
Sally Angel Sparrow
· December 15, 2016

This is not righteous behavior but rather unrighteous dominion and a shameful act of cruelty and bullyin...g. Shame on Norman Black for this corrupt and unethical behavior. The Kaio family are legal residents of Kuleana land located behind the new Heber J. Grant building.

They have been without water since September 12, 2016. The family of three, and their grand children, have had to travel to relatives in neighboring towns and parks to shower and bring water back to their dwelling. Norman S. Black ordered BYUH plumbers to turn off the water, in an apparent agenda to force the family off of Kuleana land to build more married student housing.

The Kaio's along with other well-known families throughout La’ie, were the first to help the Mormon Church acquire land and establish the Church College of Hawaii, now BYU-Hawaii.

The Kaio family has been living in harmony with BYUH on the tiny land behind the new HBG building for decades. Under the Alton Wade administration, dating back to 1986-1994, the university connected water lines near the Kaio land, and the Kaio's were given water acess in the Spirit of Aloha to use for their family.

The Kaio’s have been receiving letters signed by Mr. Black pressuring them to swap their Kuleana land for land behind the Cricket field. The family has repeatedly asked for a meeting with Mr. Black and the President John Tanner; both have ignored the repeated requests. Mr. Black uses a third party to communicate with the family and did not communicate directly to the Kaio’s and did not give them warning that their water would be shut off.

The family has made it clear to BYUH in writing that they have no plans to negotiate with BYUH and move from their Kuleana land.

Water is a basic human need and it should never be used as a bargaining chip.

#Laie #BYUH #WaterIsLife #MniWinconi #MormonShame
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Zach Lamonte Lee
· October 26, 2016
Great place to live. The general education classes are not difficult. Wonderful people, no air conditioning.
William Sellers
· February 9, 2016
I know that with a great foundation of Christ like teachings you will have a wholesome way of learning not just about up to date knowledge but technology and ab...out family and Jesus Christ. I've learned much from many whom have attended there,have such a great education and have met many from all parts of the world. You become one with many and learn that learning is a gift to share with the world. I love this place and hold it dearest to my heart and the many whom attended here. I hope that you do get a chance to experience this great place cause it changed the world and made many lives better. Aloha no. See More
Emmarose Fredericks
· May 21, 2016
BYU-Hawaii provided me with great opportunities to participate in every aspect of a well rounded educational process to enrich my personal and professional outl...ook on life. As I look back on the many people I've had the occasion to meet in the past and today at this university, I can see that the traditions of this great institution has maintained that same quality of respect among its campus and community relationships. Social media, technology have enhanced and drawn many to attend/visit these facilities for purposeful queries of Pacific studies and family search. If I could invite all the feeder schools in the Kahuku-Complex in the Windward school district, I feel they would feel the same spirit I feel whenever I go there. See More
Marc Pruyser
· June 11, 2016
The people here are not able to think out of the box at all. If given a non standard / pre programmed question they have no idea what to do, let alone, try to their own heads to answer it. If there is an error in what an administrator or supervisor has told a worker to do, it creates a major problem.

For instance, people were told to go to a specific building for SAT testing. Once they arrived they started waiting at the main door, There where no signs, or staff there telling people where to go. Everybody waited outside in front of the main entrance, until after the testing was suppose to start. They were very perplexed about the lack of directions and anxious about being late for the test . Eventually at 8:06am the proxy shows up, upset because people haven't read the signs inside the building, even though the only open access was a side hallway outside of the main entrance. There were no signs at this area. Definitely not a public access for people who didn't know about the campus. The rood, unhelpful proctor was actually upset at all of the students and parents for being late, when it was clearly her fault. She gave no apologies, but instead was very kirt, and upset.

There was no way to talk with a live person for direction since there was no administration staff available. When called we only got answering machines. When we asked the maintenance crews they had no idea who we could call.

I hope you understand that people actually drove to the site from the other side of the Island, was instructed to come at 7:45am. To say the least, there were a lot of upset parents!

BYU? Is this how you run your facility? Does this represent you? This lack of compassion, concern or empathy for people. If so this is strange since you are supposed to be a CHRISTian facility! How could you possibly lead people to Christ if you are this way!

Many of the students needed to go to the bathroom but were not allowed to. Two of the parents asked where the bathrooms were. They were told, kirtly "over there" by a frustrated, and angry looking proctor. We eventually found out that we had to go through some restricted area, and then down the hall, before finding bathrooms. It was clearly not "over there".
Again, no concern, compassion or empathy for others. The kids were never given an opportunity to go to the bathroom, so they had to wait for a few hours. I am sure this effected there SAT college test scores.

This has given me a bad impression of BYU, the only one I could have, based on the actions of this ignorant staff member.

I suggest you put more time and effort in hiring your employees, and then once you do, you should check to see if they are doing a good job or not. Maybe you could send somebody that is pretending to be there for testing, so you could see for yourself how badly they treat people.

You need to do a better job, especially if you care about others, and want to do the lords work. Have some compassion and use your heads. Try thinking a little further about what you are doing. Try thinking outside of the narrow box you are given.

From a disgruntled parent, trying to put up with your BS.
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Pria Dass
· October 26, 2016
Best place ever. It was a blessing to be in byuh. Life changing
Dauphin Manuarii
· September 12, 2016
It is a special place where God's children gather to grow spiritually, secularly, and culturally.
Richard L. Hill
· January 28, 2015
As a BYU-Hawaii graduate, and haole from Provo, I am appalled by the new Culture Night policy. When I attended CCH/BYU Hawaii, it was a beacon of cultural under...standing. This policy evidences a disdain for rich Polynesian cultural traditions. Our group, Showcase Hawaii, proudly performed the Samoan Slap Dance, the Samoan Fire Knife Dance, the Navajo Hoop Dance and the Hakka around the world and at the Marriott Center without shirts. There should be an exception to the Dress and Grooming Standards for these cultural dances. I doubt BYU Provo will require its performing swim team to wear to the knee swim trunks and shirts. What's the difference? See More
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Spirit of Service
A Day in the Life
BYU–Hawaii was live.

BYUH Graduation 2017 Winter

BYU–Hawaii was live.

BYUH Graduation 2017 Winter


BYUH Graduation 2017 Winter


On Monday, February 20, the community came out to support the Men and Women’s Seasider basketball teams in the Cannon Activities Center as they played their last Seasider basketball games. Read more about the historic event here:

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January's photos are now available for viewing!

"If we are to be happy, we must keep the commandments."
Norman S. Black
Vice President of Administration, BYU–Hawaii
February 14, 2017

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All who are seeking to know how to match their strengths to business opportunities are invited to attend "Creating Women: How to Turn your Skill Set into Business Opportunities”. The event will be held next week on Thursday, February 16, at 7 PM in HGB 123. Jeanette Bennett, Editor, Utah Valley Magazine and Founder of Bennett Communication, will present followed by a panel discussion. Refreshments provided.

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Tomorrow's Devotional:
February 14, 2016
Norman S. Black
Vice President, Administration,

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Tomorrow's Devotional:
February 7, 2017
“How to Conquer Your ‘One Tree hill’”
Nancy Tarawhiti
Assistant Professor, English Language Teaching & Learning, BYU–Hawaii

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All students, faculty, staff and those in the Ohana’ community are invited to attend "Finding Balance" this Thursday, February 2, at 7 PM in HGB 117. Andrea Moss, president of Comenity Capital Bank will be presenting. This will be the first event in a series of webinars on various topics sponsored by the BYU Management Society BYU–Hawaii Chapter. All are invited to attend.

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Come enjoy food and entertainment from over 18 different cultural groups. Food Fest is a opportunity to experience cultural cuisine, unite community and students, and support associations through fundraising. Food Fest is sponsored by Student Events & Student Leadership, Activities and Service, and will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2017, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM at the Flag Circle, for menu, additional details or to RSVP to this event visit…/events/1501757/occurrences/4021358 Cash Only!

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"God gave each of us weaknesses that we may be humble"
Bruce C. Hafen
Emeritus General Authority
BYU–Hawaii Devotional
January 24, 2017

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All are invited to attend the BYU–Hawaii Management Society’s “My Leadership Story” on Thursday, January 26, at 11 AM in HGB 273. Guest speaker, Laura Tevaga, the Director of Communication and Marketing, will share leadership experiences that will be valuable to all who attend.

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Tomorrow's Devotional:
January 24, 2017
“Faith is Not Blind”
Bruce C. Hafen
Emeritus General Authority

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"Spiritual enlightenment is fragile. May we take care not to disown it, misuse it, or neglect it."
Eric G. Andersen
Professor of Law, University of Iowa
BYU–Hawaii Devotional
January 17, 2017

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