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Guyton Dynasty
· June 14, 2017
John Estrada
· May 9, 2013
Newspaper Endorsement by the California Advocate for Francisco Ramirez for Senate #SD16
Vanoush Khatchaturyan
October 30, 2012
Don't miss the American Jewel of Ballet THE DANCE THEATRE OF HARLEM - Fresno Performance Sunday, November 11, 2012 at the Saroyan Theatre.!/DanceTheatreofHarlemFresnoPerformance See More
Hear how the Fresno Police Department is working with local communities to bridge divides and create understanding, on ValleyPBS for "Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise" A Conversation, tonight at 7pm.

When a mixed-race girl with Down's syndrome sat down to watch Finland's Next Top Model, it might have seemed a distant world. But for Maija Mattila, it started the dream that changed her life.

Maija watched in awe as the tall, dark, aspiring model walked in front of judges of the reality TV show and posed for the camera. This was Polina Hiekkala, and she was doing everything Maija wanted to do.

The fashion industry might have been a distant dream for a Finnish-Nigerian with Down's syndrome - but Maija Mattila made it a reality.

When a customer opens the well-worn door to Eric Muhammad's barbershop in Inglewood, he'll be looking to relax in the comfort and camaraderie of a neighborhood meeting place and maybe to take a little off the top or sides.

If that visitor is among the close to 40% of African American men with high blood pressure, he might also get a little taken off the top of that vital health reading.

African American men successfully lowered their high blood pressure to healthy levels when aided by a pharmacist and their local barber, according to a study of patrons of 52 barber shops in the Los Angeles area.