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Lorrayne Ward
· August 31, 2017
We went yesterday and got apples, pears and peaches. Am grateful for such a great resource. Fruit is excellent and the people are great.
Barbara Packham
· August 2, 2017
We have picked fruit for the orchard for 35 years and then picked for ourselves. what a joy to do that, in a beautiful spot.
Lori B. Wadsworth Coffin
· June 27, 2017
Super great place to pick up loads of fruit for amazing prices! Just got 24 lbs of cherries today, and 24 lbs of apricots. Looking forward to eating it now, and having jam later.
David Hill
· June 20, 2015
This is my 5th year as a Supervisor there, and Emmett Stake Orchard Specialist. My Goodness, what a place! So many wonderful folks come there and give of their time, Young and Old, Families, Wheel bound etc.(can you imagine!). Some have been coming for years! Many Ward cook outs too, at the designated areas at Ranch #1 and #2, that just really caps off the work in the Lords Orchard. The views of the Marsing Valley and Snake River, a little glimpse into the Celestial World and Promised Land, I enjoy saying. Have heard some very interesting stories too, that show the Lord really has a hand in what happens at the Orchard. Come one and all, great blessings await you! See More
Peggy Blickfeldt
· July 16, 2016
The fruit here is great and so reasonably priced that we can actually afford to can some and have fresh fruit to eat. Thank you. Also thanks for keeping us all informed on FB as to when things are available.
Bryanne Affleck Robison
· September 9, 2017
The prices and the people who volunteer there are so nice!
Wade Esplin
· September 2, 2017
This orchard is a true blessing to the valley and those who receive from it across the country.
Laurel Youngberg
· August 25, 2017
Great fruit, awesome prices, friendly helpful employees. Love the Caldwell Idaho Orchard!!
Andrea Brooksby Smith
· August 15, 2016
Recently drive down through Idaho on my way back to Vegas and made sure this was a stop. Can't best the quality and price.
Narda Oldham Weber
· April 22, 2017
We love the Orchard! We come out to thin peaches, to pick, and to buy fruit. It is so beautiful.
Dee Shuck
· March 6, 2016
I love this place! Thank you so much! I'm on a budget in this place allows me to eat healthy.
Rochelle Lloyd
· June 21, 2015
Great fruit, great people, great prices. I've only had positive experiences with them. They are always helpful. I just have to get there earlier to make sure the fruit I want isn't gone.
Sue Blackwell
· May 22, 2017
Great place to buy delicious fruits and the prices are terrific.
Jennifer Henderson Young
· June 1, 2017
Love it fresh and affordable try to get there as much do can
Ami Cluff Rumble
· June 18, 2015
Love the quality of the fruit and the prices make it worth the drive from Boise.
Rebecca Goff
· June 16, 2015
Went and got some Cherries and Apricots today. The people at the ranch where very friendly and nice. The cherries and apricots both had wonderful coloring and the quality is wonderful. I am looking fo...rward to making pie filling and jams. See More
Katie Buckley
September 20, 2012
hi! so i have never been to a church farm before, and wasn't sure how it works...can we just turn up on a sat or can we only come with our wards? are young children allowed? thanks!
Sheri Sharon Johnson Osburn
· September 23, 2015
Just finished canning my pears! Really delicious and you can't beat the price!
Carrie Hardy
· October 26, 2016
The best of all ever, keep it up the good work guys.
George Squire
· May 14, 2014
Hello. I am looking for the video on the sanitation and ladder safety. Can you tell me where I can find those? Thanks

Saturday the 21st is the last day the fruit stand will be open.

Our phone is temporarily down. We are having a little difficulty switching companies. We will have it fixed today and I will post the new phone number. Unfortunately our old number was lost in the process. Please be patient.



Dear wards :
Sorry for the late notice last week. I sent it on Saturday and it didn’t get to some until Monday. I really like to send this on Friday’s. We aren’t going to pick Red Delicious with the members this year. They are finished . We have take longer to pick the Jonathon apples than usual. We will start picking Rome apples this week, starting Monday morning. We can’t pick on Monday nights. We have a news person coming at about six on Tuesday night . She want...s to interview some members that night. She asked me what the members get out of their service. Maybe that is what she wants to hear from you. Think about it. The block we are picking in is the block just below the bridge on Ranch 1. Block 25 on your map if you have one. If you don’t reply and I will send you one. You are welcome to pick during the days any day this week , half a day on Saturday. We would like a little time off. We have a large crop of Rome apples. We should pick about 800 bins. The hired crew have the biggest balance of that to pick. If the members can pick a hundred of them it would be nice. These apples trees are also tall. They usually pick fast. We don’t color pick just pick all of the tree at once. We have arrows set up to show you the way. Set your gps to 14665 perfection ln. Caldwell Id 83607 and you will get there. From there you go down the hill below the shed across the ditch. Drive until you come to a bridge. Park just above it.

One note you are welcome to take home anything off the ground . After we have finished the block you can come back and pick the tree anything missed, if you helped us pick. We have had people pick the tree to take some home off from full trees. That is not the program. There is still plenty of apples to spare . We need about 1000 bins of apples to supply the cannery at Welfare Square for the applesauce. Thank you for your help. STEVE

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Dear Wards: Well we finished picking the Yellow Delicious apples. Thank you Kuna stakes.

We need two more shifts to come out and pack the rest of the pears. After those two shifts , we will be finished. Lets plan on the Sept. 25th shift with the Caldwell Stake 8 am to noon, and the Sept. 26th shift with the Nampa South stake, 8 am to noon. Thank you for the excellent support in packing the pears this year.

The apple picking for the next week will be in the Jonathon a...pples first and then we will go right into the Red Delicious apples. These are in blocks 23 , Ranch 1, and the Reds in block 9 of Ranch 1. When we finish them we will start on the Rome apples. Thank you all for your support. We will be picking for at least the next 2 or 3 weeks.


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9/23/17 - Currently on the dock, we have small Bartlett pears, Empress plums and Gala, Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples. Come get your apples for fall applesauce and pies!!!! Call if you want more information - (208) 459-3993.

Dear FB followers: Tomorrow 9/6, the dock will have Gala and Akone apples, Empress plums and small and medium Bartlett pears. Happy eating and canning!!

Pear sorting is underway. We have pears, Empress plums, a limited amount of Red Globe peaches and vegetables from the garden. Call to be sure there are still peaches available.

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Dear Wards: Well I guess we are in full swing now. We will start picking Gala apples starting August the 29th: That is next Tuesday. We would like those that are not currently picking peaches to come out and pick gala apples. We have a little over a week to get them off. This particular apple splits in the end of the apple up by the stem if they hang too long on the tree. Some of Nampa wards are the only ones that are presently picking apples at this time. Kuna is pi...cking pears. Everyone else if you could manage to give us some time please come any morning , weeknights and Saturday mornings.

These apples need to be picked very carefully. They show every little bump. Treat them like eggs. They will be going down to Utah and go into the bishops storehouse system as fresh apples. They are at Ranch one , block10. We will have someone to show you the ropes when you get here. Lots of apples hit the ground and you can glean after you are finished. STEVE

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Good morning FB followers. We still have some Red Globe peaches and Bartlett pears. This year has been a different one for the orchard and our fruit is somewhat limited. If you have questions about what we have, please call (208) 459-3993. Pear sorting starts this week. If your ward has been assigned to pick peaches or pears, please try to come and get that assignment completed. Thank you for your support and service in the Lord's work.

Dear Wards: I don’t want to confuse the issue but I looked at the peaches again and the Nampa 22 through the 38th wards need to start on Wednesday the 23rd: The nampa 1st through the 12th can start on Saturday the 26th. Of course it will be color picking. Pick for yellows. This is hard to tell that far along with such a commitment. We looked at the peaches again Saturday morning and some of the outside peaches were already ready to pick; That just tells me they are al...l close. So please excuse the change and lets start a little sooner.

The Red Globe peaches that are almost finished should be finished at the first of the week. The Caldwell stakes need to give this special notice. The people on ranch 2 are finished with theirs. Thank you all.

The Kuna people start picking pears on Tuesday. We will pick in the evenings . Thank you STEVE

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Dear Wards: There is a lot going on. We have started to pick the Red Globe Peaches. Slow start to be expected to the odd time we started. We need to get after these peaches this next week. Again Nampa 13th through the 20th. Nampa 30th, Caldwell stakes. Ontario, Nyssa, Weiser, and Emmett stakes also.
... Middleton stake needs to start on block 66 where you thinned. Start on Monday the 14th. We don’t pick on Monday evenngs. You can just come in and strip your trees. These peaches should come off really fast. Don’t wait too long. We will put out bins on the ground every four rows and you can take the peaches to the bin rows. This underlined portion is for Middleton stake.

The Rest of the peaches who aren’t listed above will start in about a week from Monday. This is difficult to be any more exact. I will tell you in next email but plan for about that date.

Kuna stakes will start picking pears in about 10 more days. I will keep you informed on this also.

Steve Bair

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Peaches are being picked and will be available on the dock starting Monday. Dock sales are M-F from 9-4 and Saturdays 9-noon. Cash and checks only. Bring your own sacks and boxes if you have them. Peaches are Red globe right now but other varieties are coming a little later.

Dear Wards: And so peaches begin. We will begin picking peaches on the 10th which is Thursday . We start with blocks 53, 19,14,6,2 and four rows of block 1. The wards and stakes involved with these blocks are Emmett, Weiser,Nyssa,Ontario, Caldwell stakes, Nampa 30th, Nampa 13th through the 20th. The Middleton stake will start on the following week. Probably the 14th or 15th of Aug.

Our picking times really is to pick mornings and evenings. We will leave someone arou...nd to watch the people during the mornings. The evening crews can come at 5 or after. It is best if the afternoons are left alone. We can use that time to restock bins in the blocks for the evening crews.

Please remember to wash our hands and follow the food safety guidelines. Ladders to the first of the row when you are finished picking so that the next guy will have a ladder. Picking buckets please return to the bins. Don’t throw them to the ground . That will be a contamination. Work safely. Ladder safety is our prioriethy. You supervisors please watch for this. We will be color picking. The red on the peach is simply from the sun. We are looking for a yellow background color,(not green). You will be able to pick these trees twice. The first time through and wait three or four days and start again and pick the rest. The cannery needs all of the peaches we can provide but we will be selling the extra large peaches at the fruit stand.

I will attach the pear packing schedule for the 15th start up for the cannery pears. The assignments are by the stake. You should be contacted by your stake high councilman who is in charge of this to schedule individual ward assignments to attend. Thank you very much. This is our busiest month of the year. STEVE


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The weather here is still unpredictable!

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We'd like to acknowledge and thank all the Eagle Scouts who performed projects at the Caldwell Idaho Orchard last year. We have a few pictures of some of them.
1) Jaden & Colten Butler did the stairs and water tower projects.
2) Steele Hartley did signs for Ranch 2 and so did another young man on Ranch 1 in the peaches.
3) James Gassaway did the picnic tables for Ranch 2 eating area.
4) Michael Green made the new Ward signs for Ranch 1.


THANK YOU ALL for your hard work!

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