Just a reminder that Some Other Places is still available on CD in Japan:

and on our Bandcamp:…/some-other-places


We were also assured that the album was going to be released on vinyl by a Scottish label this year but not heard anything on that for a few months.

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California Snow Story / Some Other Places

Heard Rush on the radio this morning - an early California Snow Story influence (only joking). My flatmate at uni subjected me to Rush songs often and I eventually started liking some of them, especially this instrumental (see if you can make it to the end):

NOTICE: This video shows the sections (movements) in La Villa Strangiato song. The music and artwork in this video are exclusive property of Rush members (Ge...

¿Quién? vol.14が発行されました。The Clientele, Even As We Speak, Haterといった素晴らしいバンドのインタビューが掲載されています。今週末頃に、こちらのお店で入手可能です。

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¿Quién? zine added 2 new photos.

あのテーマソングが流れてきそうな表紙ですが、中身は音楽のことでいっぱいです。 The Clientele Even As We Speak Haterのインタビューを収録。ぜひご覧ください😉

¿Quién? vol.14 is ready! Interviews with The Clientele, Even As We Speak & Hater.
It's in Japanese but I will put the interviews in English on the website soon.

Very sad to hear that France Gall has passed away. We'll miss you.

Prestation TV dans l'émission "Viva Morandi", en septembre 1966. Chanson intégrale.

We're selling a few copies of our first CDEP and most recent album on Bandcamp at the moment if anyone is interested.

Loved this band since Suburban Light. New album sounds amazing!

Today our sixth LP comes out. Our first in seven years. The cover is by Carel Weight and there are twelve songs with harp, french horn, cello, dulcimer, piano and spanish guitar. Please have a listen, and if you like it, buy it on a tangible format. Thank you, love, the Clientele x

Click here to hear Music for the Age of Miracles by The Clientele!

Working on new songs this week for a 4th California Snow Story release, hopefully for album number 3. It may take a while but will try to make it sooner than later this time.

We were played the other day on a great radio show called Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More. Please have a listen:…/episo…/2017-06-16T23_00_00-07_00

#194 The Undertones - There Goes Norman (Unreleased) Colin's Godson - Let's Destroy The Thatcher Brain (Colin's Godson In Space LP) Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire - He's Making A Tape (Thatchers Children LP) Biters - Melody For Lovers (It's Ok To Like...

We were played on this great radio show the other day (Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More). Please have a listen.

This weeks fantastic Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show is now archived and ready to bop around to. Download, stream and share.…/episo…/2017-06-16T23_00_00-07_00

#194 The Undertones - There Goes Norman (Unreleased) Colin's Godson - Let's Destroy The Thatcher Brain (Colin's Godson In Space LP) Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire - He's Making A Tape (Thatchers Children LP) Biters - Melody For Lovers (It's Ok To Like...

We're on the Indie Show again today, please check it out!

The Indie Show - Coast and County Radio

Join us tomorrow night at 6pm on Coast and County Radio for this week's indie show. All the usual features and great music including tracks by Pwned by Gravity ...Escapade Modest Mouse Wasuremono The Opera Comic Charlemagne california snow story Paris Angels Voice Of The Beehive - Official and a new one from Cherry Head, Cherry Heart

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Lovely review of Some Other Places from wonderful French blog Piggledy Pop:…/california-snow-story.h…

Décidément, c'est une évidence, je suis ultra sensible à l'indie-pop écossaise. La 'scottish pop' de Glasgow avec California Snow Story ...

We are no.14 in a best of 2016 list in a Taiwan record shop! It's great to be appreciated in far away places alongside very well-known artists (while being ignored in the UK as usual).


Nice Young Marble Giants/Stuart Moxham tribute compilation just released, please check it out! We were going to contribute a song but didn't manage unfortunately. Might let you hear it one day if we ever finish the song.

The compilation dedicated to Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants Official, the G!st, himself...) is out.

I can say that... I really love this compilation, not because I worked hard on it, but because the songs are (so) good, & because the bands worked well. There are 2 exclusive tracks by Stuart on the comp, btw, including one from 1982.

All benefits will go to Stuart.

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We've been getting some radio play by Kara Manning on #WFUV radio in the US and she's chosen Some Other Places as one of the best albums of 2016! Seems we were beaten by David Bowie and Radiohead though.

Just listening to the Japanese band Eddie Marcon this evening. I've loved their music for a long time and constantly surprised that they aren't more well known. They play live shows at small cafes, one of which I was lucky to see, and recently seem to mainly be putting out their music on CDR format. It's quite nice in a way but strange as they are so talented.

From 7CD BOX SET 『 YOU HAVE GOOD SENSE 』(V.A.) SUPER FUJI DISCS 2013 『 恵比寿 DISC5 majikick V.A.3 ~ Forever Now ~ 』 https://twi...

A song from our album Some Other Places. We were lucky to get Lupe from Pipas / Amor de Dias to sing on this one and loved what she did with the song.

From the album 'Some Other Places'. Featuring Lupe Núñez-Fernández on vocals.

My new album is available online! (only in Japan so far...) I really like the design of the cover and the booklet, designed by Graeme McNee.
アルバムがジャケットを印刷していただいたレトロ印刷さんの店頭とオンラインで購入できるようになりました!この素敵なジャケットのデザインはGraeme McNeeさんです。

We've been talking to another label about a vinyl release and all going well it should happen in a few months, along with the cassette release mentioned before. We'll let you know the details soon hopefully.