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Jessica Smith
· October 22, 2017
We came in yesterday to get 7 bushel of live crabs for a huge family event we have and I got to say we were all very pleased with the deal we got and the crabs were awesome,thanks again guys for makin...g our event so nice keep up the great work and we will be back. See More
Myron Schroeder
· October 30, 2017
Great place tho grab some seafood. Their fried oysters were the best I have had anywhere.
Crabs were favorable but on the small side but they make up for it by giving you extras.
Definitely worth chec...king out if you haven't been there. Closed now till next year. See More
Angelo Lodati
· October 9, 2017
I got crabs from here and they were darker than Martin Luther king on the inside. I shit black water for days and the overall experience was just subpar. I’ve gotten better quality crabs from hookers.... Next time I’ll go elsewhere. See More
Michelle McGuire
· October 21, 2017
Every experience I have had at Cameron’s has been exceptional. The seafood is always fresh and Kevin who runs the mobile truck is always friendly! Would definitely recommend!
Stephanie Marie Miller
· July 30, 2017
My husband and i went 2 years ago and purchased a bushel of #2s, we live out of state as well. When we got home and started digging in the crabs all the meat was mushy loke they had been cooked twice.... We said we would never go back but decided today to give it one last shot and when we got to the counter we were told they had 3 bushels left and we needed to hurry up. This place will never have to worry about our business, i recommend Ernst Market or Chics Seafood if you want reall crabs and good customer service. See More
Nicky Hardy
· June 30, 2017
We have been getting crabs from this truck now for about three years. Every time we get crabs we get more than we pay for. The crabs are decent in size and very meaty. They're always steamed fresh on (I sometimes wait 25 minutes for fresh steamed crabs but it's worth it). Not sure where these other people with these negative reviews have been but I've never had an issue. See More
Leanne Guessford
· July 16, 2017
Have yet to be able to try their food! The last three days I've called to place an order (not crabs) and every night they've told me that they're already shutting down and out of food. I'm calling at ...least an hour before they closed.. the first night I called 3 hours before they closed and they told me sorry and hung up on me. Moving on to a different place. See More
Jeff Wolfe
· September 17, 2017
I buy crabs from here five six seven times a year and never had anything bad always great crabs as long as they're in business they will always have my business that's for sure love their crabs their ...fried oysters are good too we had them this week See More
Lynn Smith
· October 13, 2017
nice size good crabs at a decent price crabs have also been meaty and spiced just right.
Troy Moore
· October 20, 2017
Picked up a bushel of #1 males yesterday along with some shrimp, scallops and oysters and everything was great. Decent size crabs most very heavy too and great tasting
Sandi Renner
· October 24, 2017
Got a bushel Saturday and they were amazing!! Absolutely love going there....super nice and friendly employees. Always willing to make things right if ur not satisfied!!
Tyler Beckner
· July 9, 2016
I loved it before but now it's horrible. I got male bushel the other day and used my bushel basket when I got home and it was really short and the crabs weren't #1s I paid for. It's a shame this has b...ecome a bait and switch operation!
I even asked to see the crabs before agreeing and they showed me crabs being steamed that looked great and were heavy #1s... Then they walked into the trailer and loaded me up with less than a bushel of #2s. I used to love this place but unfortunately it's becoming a scam, quality is going down fast. I wish they'd fix this for me, and everyone else!
But they never even respond anymore.....
See More
Scott Sadler
· October 9, 2017
Bait and switch. Dis honest Persian crooks. they have been ripping people off for many many years. why anyone would buy from them is beyond me
Laura Sigmund
· August 24, 2017
We had a bushel of males and 4 lbs of shrimp this evening and they were amazing!! Not a bad one in the bunch! Very full and very tasty!!! Thank you for offering deals to your followers!!!
Stephanie Bougourd
· September 9, 2016
We always get the facebook specials for crabs and have always been satisfied!! A few times they've given different amounts of shrimp in place of not having enough crabs to fulfill our order. Anyone g...iving a bad review for being rude was probably an asshole to begin with. Treat these guys with respect and receive mutual respect. They have the best crab prices around, of course they're always busy and in a rush! We've always received EXCELLENT customer service and will continue to buy from them!! See More
Caitlyn Blankenship
· October 13, 2017
Got a bushel of crabs over the weekend and they were a good size and tasted AMAZING! The guys working were also super helpful and friendly! Will definitely return!
Lav Silver
· March 18, 2018
The crabs we got at the last of the season last year were the best I've ever had! I wish we had gotten 2 bushels! Come back soon guys!
Wendy Buchanan Brechbill
· September 6, 2016
Stopped for my Gma last Thurs I asked for 1/2 lb scallops 1 fry 1 oyster dinner. Should have been $31. (I had $36 in cash). When he gave me food he said it was $41 when I started reciting my order bac...k to him to ask why the amount was wrong he said he made 1lb of scallops I told him i was very sorry but I ordered 1/2 lb & i only had $36 & didnt want it & he could take half back he angrily informed me i owed him money & to give him what I had. In shock I gave him all $36. I'm appalled at the treatment AND the food wasn't even good i threw it out. Good luck getting business from anyone I know. Appalling treatment See More
Nelly Barnes-Dudley
· April 3, 2018
Ever time i get crabs there they are amazing waiting on them to open up for 2018.
MichaelStephanie Frost
· July 28, 2016
Drove all the way down there, 1 1/2 hour drive and they are closed! I even checked this page several times on the way down and nothing was posted. Says they are open until 7. They could have posted they were closing early! And don't tell me to call, because two weeks ago and today we did try to call and no one ever answers! The crabs were great when we got them 2 weeks ago. See More

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Maryland Blue Crabs steamed with Old Bay to perfection. Can we get 1,000 likes for this beautiful Friday?