Weak @nbcsnl. How about you show respect to hard working, self-sufficient Americans instead of taking potshots at a time-honored tradition you don't understand? Note: they went on to talk about hunters getting caught having sex with a deer. I can't let that stuff like that go. Liberal media agenda...demonize guns and hunting enough and the uniformed will start to believe it. #proudtobeahunter
I don't care what happens the entire rest of the day...nothing will change how happy this makes me. Your success is my success!!! Great job Eli!!!
My mom said I can come over and play @joerogan. • Posted @withrepost • @joerogan I got a Techno Hunt video archery game for the studio. Im already obsessed with it.

Not many places I'd rather be...
Re-living the day's hunt around the campfire with me mates.
This is me, @remiwarren and @adam.greentree warmed by the glow of an active fire and loving life in the wild of Australia.
Tell me the two people you'd like to share an experience like this with.
@uahunt 📸 ...

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Shoutout to @maxthieriot for wearing one of my #nobodycaresworkharder shirts on the season finale of @sealteamcbs. Watch for it. Made some custom color shirts just for the show. Love it Max! Get yours at 📸 @polk545

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For those interested I've posted the full interview with @repryanzinke on my Cameron Hanes YouTube channel.
Link here....

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..."the simple beauty of an animal is a concept you can only understand with a full belly." Ivan Carter
Simple math:
The extreme animal rights activists want no hunting, which equals no money for anti-poaching work = no animals
Read below please....
#Repost @ivan.carter with @get_repost...
Yes those are leg ones in the background - yes this is a meatpoacher - yes this is in the migration in Tanzania - yes this is happening in all the hunting blocks that have been turned back to government - banning the import of hunted animals is having some HUGE unintended consequences - I agree completely that hunting is not the only answer but for several areas across Africa it is!Poachers like this are only too pleased to have free access to the millions of acres sitting in unutilized and unprotected as operators leave - let’s not forget the Swahili word for animal and meat is the same word (Nyama) - and also remember that appreciating the simple beauty of an animal is a concept you can only understand with a full belly - thank you @mikefellsafaris for the image - #itsworthsaving #africa #poaching #wildlife #poaching #thinkoutthebox #consequences

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Thankful for another summit! 🙏🙏🙏
Who 🔨🔨🔨'd out some mountain miles today?

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It was beautiful this morning...a perfect time to get out and shoot a few arrows.
The ol' Hoyt was laying them in there nicely at long range. Did anyone else shoot today? And how far do you usually practice at? I'm shooting at 90 yards here. #sendit

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@abcnews did a better job of fair reporting I believe with a piece on the IWCC out just this morning. The full article is here...(…/trump-administration-wildlif…/story…)
For context, in the USA hunters and fishermen contributed $1.3 billion last year to conservation efforts, etc., for fish and game through the Pittman-Robertson Act and as I learned at the IWCC meeting US hunters contribute around 335 million annually while hunting Africa.
In the USA we... have done a great job with conservation through hunting as we now have more big-game animals than we did 100 years ago. No matter what biased news you see or read, International Wildlife Conservation Council would love nothing more than to see Africa have the same type of big game management success as we have here in America.
I believe it is possible if we can get on the same page with animal rights groups and work together as opposed to battling each other. We both want the same thing...animals in Africa to flourish, the communities to benefit and the habitat to be healthy.

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Thoughts from the trail....❤️ for all. I learn something from each person and their perspective. Thank you!

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Posted by Cameron Hanes

Good to be back from D.C...but figured I'd share a few of my favorite moments. You might notice a theme? 🏹
Me and my best @usinterior buddy, @bensylvania. On of the best guys you'll meet. Is there anything better than shooting bows and BS-ing? It's one of my greatest skills.
Who wants to shoot?

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Posted by Cameron Hanes

Good to be back from D.C...but figured I'd share a few of my favorite moments. You might notice a theme? 🏹
Not your typical lunch break at the @usinterior. Obama used to hoop it up here on this court @repryanzinke and I flung arrows.
PS - also, I have a theory. I noticed in all of my latest videos of shooting (me and Joe tech-no hunting, etc.) I'm always running to get the arrows. Know why? I can't wait to shoot again. The faster I can pull arrows and get back the sooner I can shoot again. 🤔

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Posted by Cameron Hanes

Good to be back from D.C...but figured I'd share a few of my favorite moments. You might notice a theme? 🏹
Talking archery with @repryanzinke.

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Hunting > Politics
Which reminds me, @uahunt when is the Australia buffalo hunt dropping? I know at least one person who would like to see it, @adam.greentree. Anyone else? 🏹

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Not exactly @cnn. Just not the "right" conservation groups in your opinion.
And regarding my comments of hunting in Africa from this article. I don't think the antis understand that we both want the same thing. The delivery of this message is what we need to get better at in my opinion. Poachers are the enemy, not legal hunters.
I believe we've done a good job of explaining conservation to other hunters but not a great job of giving the right "message" of hunting to the g...eneral public. I see and hear everyday what many non-hunters think of us, especially those in Europe, and it is simply not accurate. I want them to see what I see and know...hunters are respectful, dedicated and consciously in-tune of where their meat comes from. And, because of our contributions as hunters our wildlife in the USA thrives.
I also know some of us will have the attitude of screw em'! Who cares what people in other countries think about us or our "message"! I get that too and probably would have had that same attitude not too many years ago. But in the social climate of today I believe that approach is pretty shortsighted. What outsiders think about hunters is extremely important.
When I grew up hunters were respected and held in high regard. I want that again.

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Members of a new Trump administration pro-hunting council met Friday for the first time, drawing objections from other conservation groups that say hunting is not the answer to saving big game species.

Best part of Africa...friendships made in the field. What breaks my heart regarding the drama and lost hunting business for many of the countries of amazing Africa is two fold;
1) these guys are going to likely have a hard time finding work as Tanzania has been one of the hardest hit. Many of guys working in a hunting camp are hard workers, great, loyal people that are immensely talented in the field but without hunting some of their best skills won't translate to other work... and it's not like people there can just can't go get a job at the mill or in construction or go back to school. Hunting is one of the few industries there and with mouths to feed I am not sure how it will work out? It will be challenging. I remember how happy we were taking this selfie...I want them to be smiling often.
2) the animals are going to be devastated in many countries. Hunting as odd as it might sound from the outside in is the only thing that protects the animals. For example with elephants; 30,000 were killed last year by poachers and 435 were killed by legal hunters. The legal hunting numbers will continue to decline as hunting outfits are going out of business because many non-hunters can't understand the concept of conservation through hunting, so pressure from the antis has increasingly made hunting "socially unacceptable". I know it's hard to fathom how hunting animals can save them, but it's simply a matter of incentive. When the animals have monetary worth (I know every animal's life has value, not taking about that), the people of Africa have an incentive to protect them. For example the largest hunting company in Tanzania just went out of business after more than 40 years. They employed 100 game scouts and most importantly spent $2.4 million in the last three years on anti-poaching efforts to protect the animals. They are gone now as of two weeks ago and I can promise you the animals are being slaughtered by poachers. When I was there we saw a few armed poachers and it felt like a "whoever could shoot first scenario" and there were shots fired with no hits thankfully. With a human life having that little value to a poacher do you think they care at all about animals? They will kill them all whereas hunting is done through meticulous management of the herd killing only select animals. Sustainablility is the key. Hunting ensures the animals will have a future without hunting doesn't look good. It's open season over there right now. The animal right's groups that are putting pressure on legal hunting are actually causing more animals to be killed when these African hunting operations are forced out of business. They don't understand that hunters and antis want the same thing we just come at it from different directions.

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With @ivan.carter and an 81-million year old dinosaur skull. #replica
#Repost @ivan.carter with @get_repost
With @cameronrhanes in secretary Zinkes’ office - we are either side of a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil replica - let’s just hope that “fossil skulls” are not all that’s left of our wildlife in years to come - meetings like this and formations of bodies like the International Wildlife Conservation Council could be pivotal in helping strategize towards healthier ecosystem...s and more prolific wildlife the world over - we have to try and engage third world solutions to third world problems and for wildlife a key component of that is putting value and direct reward to governments and communities in wildlife areas in return for healthy ecosystems and prolific wildlife #wildlife #itsworthsaving #wildlifephotography #communitybenefit #iwcc #conservation

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Hmmm Keep Hammering shirts shooting a bow and a wicked looking broadhead? Is it just me or is that all a heck of a coincidence? 🔨💪🏹🔨💪🏹
A few people sent this to me today. #keephammering

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