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Smriti Nagpal
· January 22, 2018
Please DON'T BUY Canon printers. Bought a Pixma in May 2016. The Printer stopped working in August 2017, just 2 months out of warranty. Now the company is repeatedly charging for service, and the afte...r I agree change one part, they tell me another part has gone faulty. All in all they've drawn up a bill of more than Rs 6000 for repair of a printer that's been used for a little over 1 year. Also, there's no warranty over parts, so I may end up back at the service centre soon. To top it off, the customer care people tell me, 'Mam, these are our top of the line printers and they aren't supposed to last more than a year.'!!!! Please don't buy Canon printers. My old Epson one was so much better and cheaper!! See More
Praveen Kumar Gupta
· December 9, 2017
Canon India is lousy company. Although their products are good but absolutely anti consumer company. I had a tough time as they delivered a used 6D dslr. It took one month of constant chasing before r...esponse came. They boost about workshop. I booked a slot two weeks back. Today when I went there at Pearl academy Noida at designated time. Nobody turned up. There were other people like me. We waited for more than 2 hrs but nobody came nor any information was available. The date and time was confirmed by email. I have trying to get email and phone number of their VP sales Micky. Can you help. He deserves to be complimented for such useless company. I heard Japanese are very punctual but Canon India has no value of time or money of its customers See More
Lachenpa Nawang
· January 30, 2018
Good products but very bad after sales service.
Reported a EOS 5D MARK II & Canon Lense (EF28-135/3.5-5.6 IS USM ) with fungus on view finder mirror and Lense with canon master service center, 214 t...o 225, 2nd Floor Narain Manzil, Barakhamba Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, on the 24/01/2018.
It's been 6 days already & I am still awaiting correspondence on availability of spare parts, view finder mirror, and cost estimate. Already spoke twice, morning & evening, with the customer service and they seem to be of very little help. Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping my issue is sorted out at the earliest and I am soon able to travel back home, Sikkim.
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Shubham Jairath
· November 18, 2017
Pixma 7170 Inkjet Printer Serial no. ADAW00614

After decades of using HP and Epson printers, I tried Canon for the first time with the mentioned printer for limited home use. Sharing my experience:...

1. Even when cartridges were full, printer will show error that its empty; why?
2. Seems printer remembers old cartridges with date of manufacturing; why?
3. If a consumer only wants to use Scanner, he cannot because of the cartridges is empty; why?

Canon intent is clear to keep taking consumer's money, but this is not FAIR. Canon does deliver quality, but Canon unnecessarily wants consumer money on ink.

I have spent on Printer, replaced cartridges thrice and now it is giving B200 error. My printing requirement is too low - I printed hardly 100 prints and 500 scans in three years. When I registered complain to Canon, I was unofficially advised by local Canon authorized service center to dump the printer.

Canon should be more caring by stopping such fraudulent practice through built-in software that forces consumer to spend on consumables unnecessarily.

I request everyone to share such cases so that CANON listens and resolves
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Soumita Mandal
· November 24, 2017
Worst experience ever. Gave my cannon 60d for servicing at the cannon service centre at camac street in Kolkata. The attendants are very rude. I was told I will be charged Rs 6000 +gst for the serv...icing of the camera body and the lens. Next day I get a call stating I will have to pay Rs 20,000 +gst for the body and Rs. 15,000 +gst for the lens. I have called them 5-6 times just to get them to mail me what exactly is wrong with my camera. They keep on telling me, very rudely, that they will mail me the details and cut the phone very abruptly on my face. I have not yet received a mail. I am supposed to collect the camera and pay the inspection charge of Rs 700 if I don't want to go ahead with the procedure of spending forty thousand on my camera. I had very high regards for cannon. I don't know why do you keep such guys who don't know how to deal with customers. And also if I am paying MY money for MY camera, why the hell do I not get a mail about what is wrong with it, in spite of calling for the umpteenth time. I am going to get my camera back today, and I never going back to the cannon service centre. See More
Pramod Pandey
· January 11, 2018
My Dear friends. Just to convey a short message about this begging company canon. I purchased a Printer canon pixma g-2000 on 4-Dec-2016 and on very 1st day when the warranty expired of this printer i...t stopped working then i raised a complaint engineer visited and he did nothing just remove the cartridge and fixed it after cleaning and said it'll work properly i used it was working but not frequently, then today again i raised a complaint they are asking they i need to pay 500/- to their engineer seems like they are not paying salary to they engineers they just beg from the consumer who are using their products and they pay. See More
Singh Anil
· December 1, 2017
Canon India Service is very poor, I am very disappointed by services. I do not recommend to opt canon, Someone has spent more than 25K or 30K rupees to purchase a Cam. and the reply from service centr...e, canon stopped HW support for this Camera. Recently I have given my Sx40 to Canon Master Service centre New Delhi that was accidentally get wet and stopped working, I have received their feedback we do not have support for this. I have seen even they haven't look what the problem is, is this Hardware related issue or not a single denial that was not expected. See More
Mayank Gadodia
· December 11, 2017
Third class service .A complain logded for printer already 15 days passed but no response from the company. I am really regretting selling canon printers .

First of all too many complains in the prod...uct secondly , the service has vanished.

Still waiting for the service person to come and solve the printer issue.
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Mayank Mohan
· February 17, 2018
I think that people are disappointed because of the over advertised canon and super imposed fake image of the brand as the other companies are also have better option then canon like Pentax and Nikon ...these both dslr brand are awesome and doing much more better then canon i aspects of upgrading their product and customer service. See More
Karan Sidhu
· November 20, 2017
You guys are amazing!!

I gave my 5D MarkIII for cleaning and when I come back to collect it, I am told we have MISPLACED YOUR CAMERA!!! ...

I gave my 70-200 for while it was still under warranty as it had issues with focusing, It was returned to me saying theres no problem with the lens at all...When I sent the lens again since I was facing the issue again (but this time out of warranty) I am given an estimate of 35k!! How convenient Canon India!!

What the hell is wrong with you guys!!

You will Pay for all this!!
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Yashovardhan Sodhani
· January 7, 2018
I recently bought Canon Pro 100 printer and ordered a set of cartridges a month ago. There was no follow up regarding the cartridges. They still haven't been delivered to me yet and its now been more ...then a month. It is highly advisably to you that please don't sell products for which you can not provide parts and services. See More
Tushar Jain
· February 14, 2018
Why you people sell product when you can't give the warranty ? My Both lens were damaged by your worst Employee " Shalesh Panchal" and talked very rudely and now want me to pay for this. Why should I for the lenses when they are in warranty. Worst ever experience by Canon. Even worst is your employee. I need by lenses repaired because they were damaged by your employee not me or your pickup center. #FraudCanonIndia See More
Krishna Prasad
· November 21, 2017
If we give any think for service they take 400% their labour charge . Once I given my 6d for service on that time there is a problem for shutter.on time it was under warranty they need bill no need ...warranty card . I I am looking for for bill I didn't found second time they told me shutter and board both damage you have to pay 23000 rs this the way treating customer in Kochi See More
Chirag Fisher
· January 22, 2018
Canon Edge WEBSITE is not working since months, I tried sending them message on facebook messenger where they ideally reply in an day. But they have been ignoring my message although it appears they h...ave ready the message.

You all can try https ://edge .canon. co . in (Please remove the spaces) which is mentioned in their Product box.
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Chaithanya Kumar
· December 6, 2017
I am trying to buy Pixma Inkjet Printer TR8570.I raised service request twice over call (18001803366) --20170112038 and by raising sales enquiry-- 2017012212. For sales itself its so horrible / diffic...ult to purchase.Hope I get a way to purchase it. See More
Fiona Bebbington Jones
· December 30, 2017
Cannon India has extremely poor customer service and sells products in retail units with no accessories. We bought a printer and unable to buy replacement cartridges in India or further afield in the... UK. Avoid buying in India would be my advice without physically checking they sell replacement cartridges See More
Sudheer Gn
· January 9, 2018
Canon India website doesn't load Contact us page. How are you expecting customers to reach out in case they have issues with your products. Why are you even selling products when you don't want to han...dle customer issues??? See More
Kaustubh Ingale
· February 13, 2018
Worst Quality of Printers , I bought Canon G1000 and it has damaged in just 13 months now the repair cost of printer is more than the new printer market price.. Never Buy Canon Printers.
Siddharth Jani
· January 27, 2018
Canon India Service is very poor, I am very disappointed by services. I do not recommend to opt canon, Someone has spent more than 25K or 30K rupees to purchase a Cam. and the reply from service centr...e, canon stopped HW support for this Camera. How register my camera product in your site See More
Pretika Menon
· January 16, 2018
Service centre in Mumbai is the worst. They just send you an estimate of costs for repair without any technical info on what is wrong, even after asking repeatedly. !