I will be manning my table for the first time this summer at the Struthers Farmers Market tomorrow from 10-2. Fresh batch of hot peppers in oil processing now!

I will be at the B&O Night Market tonight with strawberry Marsala jam, spiked vanilla peach, strawberry jalepeno and raspberry peach. I might have a few containers of peppers in oil!


Getting ready to head to the B&O Night Market with strawberry Marsala thyme jam and strawberry jalepeno!

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Canning season is upon us! I got the first batch of local strawberries yesterday so I will be jammin' today! Look for me at the Struthers Farmers Market and possibly Austintown and the B&O Night Market work schedule permitting.

Unfortunately it looks like I'm not going to be able to be set up anywhere for the holidays. Here is a list for what Can-Tastic! goodies are still available. If you need anything for yourself or your gift giving needs, get ahold of me on here or by phone 330.501.6808 and I will make arrangements.

Apple butter, sweet pickle relish, zesty dill pickles, spicy garden salsa, pickled green beans, strawberry rhubarb ham, peach raspberry jam, mixed berry jam and peppers in oil and sweet & spicy peppers.

Stop down to the Struthers Farmers Market tomorrow from 10-2 and see what I've been up to!

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Can-tastic! will be back up and running after last summers hiatus. Status to follow!

I'm getting things rolling as soon as I can get my hands on some local strawberries. Strawberry Marsala Jam first!

B&O Night Market tonight 5-8, strawberry Marsala thyme jam, strawberry jalapeño jam, spiced blueberry jam, and sweet basil vanilla blackberry jam! Ad the panini grill will be fired up and the Boxcar Lounge will be serving up your favorite adult beverages.

That's for the great turn out at the B&O despite the crazy weather. I will be at the Northside Farmers Market tomorrow with the 1st batch of strawberry Marsala thyme jam. Come grab a jar!

Come on down to the B&O Night Market tonight! The weather is going to clear up. I have the first batch of strawberry jam and dinner and dessert offerings!

getting ready for the northside farmers market. I will be doing my farm fresh paninis, meatball, eggplant, turkey, cheese and tomato basil mozzarella all served with pasta salad. I also have stuffed banana peppers and more of the chocolate beet cupcakes!

menu for b&o night market paninis
meatball provolone hot peppers
breaded eggplant ricotta provolone
turkey swiss peach chipotle jam
cheddar tomato basil jam pickles...
tomatoes, mozzarella basil all toasted to perfection served with your choice of salad, potato pasta or green an then finish it up with dessert!

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