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James Burge
November 3, 2012
1- I believe in the power of hemp, and I dream of ending the corporate monopolies that are ruining our great nation. This is what Measure 80 will do.
2- Hemp biomass will feed all people, whi...le healing our great mother earth.
3- I predict a slight increase in responsible adult use of cannabis, corresponding with a slight decrease in adult alcohol consumption.
4- The economics are buy far favorable overall, and as for tourists who cross borders with contraband, better it was grown in Oregon than in Mexico.
5- Measure 80 is just the first step in global cannabis freedom anyway.
Thank you, Paul and team for the historic opportunity.
Oregon First !!!! Restore Hemp !!!!
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Ronald D Macomber
May 26, 2012
Land of the free right? free to do what some one tells you you can do, and if you do what thay say no to, then its prison.if its not hurting you then it should be fine.drunks kill popele every day but... booz is easy to dosent make any since to me why one presons high is ok and anothers not.but then im one of these guys that think if gays want to marrie more power to them thay can pay for the divorce to. give them there weed its not hurting any body but its costing millons to house pot heads in prison!and the econime could ues that mexican cartell money for some thing nice like druge rehabe and job traningfor the pot heads.lets get real folks are men and women have pay a big price for are freedom whats ya say we ues it wishly See More
Trevor Lingbeck
July 10, 2012
Angie Miller, I understand where you are coming from but have to disagree. The initiative will make it legal for anyone over the age of 21. It will also make it legal to grow your own. So therefore i...t actually makes it better. Of course the black market for weed is going to go away. As far as the economy and the "money" problem, it's going to make it better in the long run. When they (the government) make alcohol illegal, people still drank it. they spent millions of dollars putting people in jail over alcohol and were losing money, so they legalized it. Same thing is happening here. By taxing the sale of marijuana and regulating it, and decriminalizing it, it will result in a money making scene. Not just for medicine purposes, but everything. Hemp has so many different types of uses, it will create so many more job industries here in Oregon and that is something we Oregonians need badly. We all know how hard the Feds have tried to keep it illegal. It was only a matter of time before they gave up and let the people have what they want. Again, same thing that happened to alcohol. I hope this cleared some questions up and if not then feel free to ask away. I want to help as many people understand all the benifets to this law as well as what the negative affects are going to be. I have done a lot of research into this topic and have dedicated a lot of my personal time to this. See More
Brian DeFrates
November 7, 2012
I think that if there would have been more advertising on t.v., and in the public explaining more to the people on what hemp is and how we can use it and also explaining on how the farmers can gain ...from this. i also think that it would help if you could find farmers in Oregon and get them to show support even by signs. Also what i hear is alot of people did not like the committee idea, maybe if we let the liquor committee decide and add a few people to it that know about cannabis it would do better.four County's passed the vote and at least four were with in 2,000 votes thats not bad a great step in the right direction with WA. and CO. and i am sure Oregon will soon come to an agreement soon. keep up the good work. looking forword to see if we can get another shot at this next year or if we going to have to wait four more years. See More
Jon Rykert
August 25, 2012
it will never happen the cities that allow med marijuana dont wont to be legal there making to mush money. Gov will not cuz they cant control big tobacco and this is there only way to control somethin...g, cuz lets face it smoking isnt good for you. We have to put in laws against smoking Marijuana if we say cook it vap it but dont smoke it i believe the national drug control would have less ammo to argue. See More
Dana Noyb
October 20, 2012
i do not use cannabis but think this hemp industry is what we need for all kinds of intelligent and economic benefit reasons. and marijuana has proven researched serious medical benefits so legalize i...t. people should be able to grow it in their patio pots like any other medicinal herb. it only became illegal for spurious reasons anyway. See More
Rattled Pan
July 14, 2012
As my tension headache from hell pounds, as my GAD saps the spark from my life, I'd like to be able to go buy a bag of Black Bart, fire a bad boy on my porch and chill. I win, the state wins, and it w...ould be just another reason why Oregon is the land that I love. See More
BrandiJai Schultz
November 15, 2012
Explain more on what kind of foods. what do these foods do for our bodys? Medicine, what kinds, what does it do for peoples body naturaly? Can simple operations be built to make these foods and meds.?
Brigitta Gallegos
November 7, 2012
The results of measure 80, Oregon Cannabis tax act 2012. Yes votes 44% 535963 voted. No! 56% 669613 voted. Oregon, you needed more people to register and vote to make it pass. Hopefully, next one Ore...gon will win. I think people of Oregon where confused on the hemp issue with the marijuana. It should be two separate measures. What do you think? See More
Lynn Teegardin
· December 11, 2016
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Justin Ironman Lee Gerstmann
August 5, 2012
someone needs to make it ready to est then distribute it smoking it is the only way they can relate it to being dirty?
Robert Weber
· June 23, 2014
Congratulations! from#Az on your fine effort to capture the signatures required to secure a ballot offering in Nov '14.
Trever W Houghton
· October 17, 2013
Can't wait, not having the label as a criminal or thought of as one for doing nothing wrong. FINALLY A HOPE TOWARDS PEACE OF MIND AT LAST! I will be doing as much as possible to help raise awareness t...owards this petition and regulation with as much information I can find from reliable reputable resources. This is so anyone can find, that just aren't aware of, but other wise would use to educate and find answers for themselves or others on anything cannabis related. I like to talk to people with any concerns they may have for current or non cannabis consumers. I want to debate with facts and reason, not have people listen to speculation and hypothetical what if's then never get the truth. ANYONE, want to ask me a question, ask me a question but keep it reasonable, I'm average joe just like you just doing my home work online and helping anyway I can within reason. Honestly I'm here on side of recreational consumers who feel Minoritized amung other consumers such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, CHEESE BURGERS, Etc., and anyone seeking truth. See More
TarMac Bright
· November 7, 2014
the best thngs in where not made by man
Shelly Taylor-Giegler
February 12, 2012
End didn't work very well the first time around anyway! LOL
Justin Hemp
September 25, 2012
What about Paraphernalia laws, technically would they still be illegal?
Eric Rosso
March 8, 2013
Call your senators and tell them to VOTE NO ON HB 3371!!! It has FAR MORE regulation that will only serve to HURT AND IMPRISON MORE OREGONIANS! And besides, it puts the OLCC in charge of regulating CANNABIS!!!
Amy Barrett
November 1, 2012
Vote Yes on Measure 80! Regulation Is The Answer.
Judge Jim Gray: I Support Measure 80 Because It Just Makes Sense!
Dr. Phillip Leveque: Vote Yes on Measure 80

“The measure in Cook County — the nation’s second-most-populous county, which has more residents than 27 states of the union — is not binding, but its passage sends a strong message to state lawmakers that ending cannabis prohibition is an issue that voters want the legislature to address.”

Voters in Illinois's biggest county strongly approved a marijuana legalization ballot measure. They also chose among candidates for governor, attorney general and Congress who have staked out positions on cannabis.

Help End Marijuana Prohibition #CookCounty #Illinois