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Thomas Williamson
· April 29, 2017
Great club with great people. If you ever have a problem on or off the trail, there are plenty of members available to help with any situation.
work day and ride
Hit LIKE if you want to see this CAOS Bronco sent to be on the 2013 Petersen's 4 Wheel & Offroad Untimate Adventure. Yall let Brent Williams know we suppost him. How awesome would it be to see a C.A.O.S. hometown boy in this Ultimate Adventure?
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A large crew of citizens filled the Cullman County Commission meeting hall this morning in support of the large community of regulars who enjoy Stony Lonesome O...HV Park.

The County Commission made the right decision in following Park Director Doug Davenport’s call to restore coolers to the trails along with stricter enforcement of the ‘no alcohol’ rule parkwide.

The key to safety at Stony is pretty simple:

1. Don’t drink and drive high horsepower vehicles
2. Buckle yourself up with harnesses and seat restraints
3. Keep your appendages inside the roll bars
4. Don’t try to be a stunt driver
5. If you are a spectator, stay plenty clear of the line of fire, then step back another 50 feet

One last thing, I have obtained ZERO evidence that the staff at Stony drinks on the job (I have vigorously sought that evidence over the last two weeks).

Allegations that Park staffers perpetuate a culture of alcoholism by imbibing at the Park seems absurd. If anyone has documentable evidence to the contrary, I’d love to see it (as would the County Commission).

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CULLMAN - The Cullman County Commission today decided to take a step back on the recently-implemented no cooler rule at Stony Lonesome OHV Park. After public backlash, this morning, the commission changed that rule. Now, patrons will be allowed to have coolers on the trails, but there will be mandat...

NOTICE: During the regularly scheduled meeting of the #CullmanCounty Commission on February 27, 2018, certain updates were made to the rules and regulations of the Stony Lonesome OHV Park. Effective immediately, all park patrons must stop at the designated entrance to the trails. During this stop, a park employee will be checking to make sure that the rider’s vehicle is equipped with a safety harness for all passengers, and that the safety harness is being utilized by all passengers. Additionally, the Commission has banned all coolers from the trail area of the Park.

ParkBremen, AL
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Good turn out Sat, great to see all you guys and gals, hope to see more of you this year. can't wait for our cinco de mayo

Good turn out Sat, great to see all you guys and gals, hope to see more of you this year. can't wait for our cinco de mayo

Club meeting and cookout at Stony Lonesome

Sat 6:00 PM CDT
2 people going

Join us for a fun filled weekend at Stony Lonesome.

Sat 9:00 AM CDT
4 people interested

February’s workday, ride and meeting will be held at our club property. If you are interested in joining CAOS come on out.

Sat 10:00 AM CST
5 people interested

CAOS will be on 101.1 Drag Race Central Talk Radio Saturday 2/03 from 6-8 am, discussing CAOS's upcoming race plans. Got any questions about CAOS or the race, station number is 205-941-1011. Let them know you saw it on CAOS's fb page.🔊📻☎️

Have a great time today out on the trails! Pictures and videos of all the action please.

Don't ferget, club meeting Monday nite........we gonna gets our hair did.

Blakes big dog grocery getter

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All you guys and gals have a safe and happy New Years Eve and be safe. looking forward to a great 2018

Some pictures from the CAOS Christmas Party. Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors...Motobilt, The Off-ROAD CONNECTION, Gear Grinders Garage, Gilbert Designs, Britt Engineering, and Cahaba Heights Hardware