We're having a hard time finding anything to compare this to.

We really can't find anything like this in the record books.|By Angela Fritz

Not only is it abnormally warm in DC, but also....

This latest temperature spike is another striking indicator of the Arctic's rapidly changing climate.
Italy’s cold! But Pisa’s full of history. Galileo did gravity experiments, off of the Leaning Tower. CWG’s Jason Samenow also traveled recently, to the Swiss Alps: Comfortable close to weekend, much colder air moves in midweek: Anytime: & Twitter @capitalweather Get the CWG forecast delivered to your email inbox 5:45a (6:45a weekends), subscribe: ‪‬
Truffle enjoys his first snow as cold weather sweeps across Br...
Take a virtual drive through the most Christmas-y town in America

Just in: DC hit 81 degrees today (Wednesday)! This is the earliest occurrence of 80 degrees in recorded history and the third highest February temperature ever observed.

It adds to an incredible list of warm weather milestones established since 2010 (see below). It supports the rock solid evidence of climate change in our area due to both urbanization and the build-up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

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We may be on track for another early bloom.

The cherry trees around the Tidal Basin aren't as far along as they were at this point last year, but we're seeing signals an early bloom is likely.|By Angela Fritz

National Weather Service's forecast high today (Wednesday) in DC is around 80. If we do it, it will be the earliest instance in recorded history.

In other news:

* Dulles' low this morning of 59 was the warmest ever recorded in Feb. (although slight chance it falls below that before midnight)


* National's high of 78 Tuesday tied for the 4th warmest ever recorded in February.

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D.C.-area forecast: Incredible warmth again today, then turning cooler and showery

Temperatures make a run at record highs near 80 today.

Wednesday Digit: 9/10 - Record highs perhaps near 80 will feel awfully nice, but a little too weird to earn a perfect score. Dan, CWG

PM Update: Record-breaking warmth of today persists through Wednesday

These temperatures are more typical of May than February.

Check out that map!

In the East, all-time February heat records are being broken and flowers are starting to bud. Meanwhile in the West, it snowed in Los Angeles.|By Angela Fritz

BREAKING at 2p: Dulles up to 77, smashing record of 70 from 1971. Reagan National and BWI have hit 76, tying record from 1930. We're also 76 downtown at The Washington Post.

How are you enjoying this spring fever?

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It's hard to believe this was less than three days ago. These pictures are stunning.

It was particularly beautiful, but slightly eerie at Manassas National Battlefield Park.

Shorts tomorrow?

Wednesday's warmth could be historic. 80 not out of the question - which would be the earliest ever recorded.

If D.C. hits 80, it will be the earliest case on record.

We'll have another shot in early March.... maybe.

The District looks so pretty covered in white.|By Angela Fritz

D.C.-area forecast: Blue skies and exceptional warmth through tomorrow; rain begins Thursday

It's going to feel more like May than February today and tomorrow.

Tuesday digit: 9/10 -- Some morning fog to fight, but then it turns really bright! Matt, CWG

PM Update: Clouds and spots of drizzle tonight. Spring like warmth arrives by Tuesday afternoon

We've got some dreary weather to get through before the warm weather floods our area.