D.C.-area forecast: Some wintry mix possible today, a superb Sunday, and watching a winter storm risk

Today's weather is mostly inconsequential. Whatever is coming Tuesday and Wednesday remains complicated.

Saturday's digit: 4/10 - I’m ready for warmth. Instead, it’s more clouds and some chilly raindrops — perhaps a little mixed precip as well.

Snow potential index 3/10 (→) Tue/Wed details aren’t really any clearer than they have been. Still very much wait and watch.

-Ian, CWG

Italy’s cold! But Pisa’s full of history. Galileo did gravity experiments, off of the Leaning Tower. CWG’s Jason Samenow also traveled recently, to the Swiss Alps: Comfortable close to weekend, much colder air moves in midweek: Anytime: & Twitter @capitalweather Get the CWG forecast delivered to your email inbox 5:45a (6:45a weekends), subscribe: ‪‬
HRRR simulated radar for Feb 17, 2018
We're trying to find sunshine but it's just so very cloudy for now...

PM Update: Light rain may mix with sleet and snow Saturday, then it’s pretty pleasant for Sunday

It's a cold one tonight. We get a little bit of everything this weekend.

On Saturday, don't be shocked to see a bit of light wintry mix (snow, sleet, and/or rain) in the D.C. area between mid-morning & early afternoon. Temps will be above 32, so minimal impact. In any event, this is not an all-day thing and precip will be spotty.

In our colder areas along & W of Interstate 81, where it comes in early Sat AM, it could be a little slick b/c temps will be near 32. Winter weather advisory is in effect for these western areas Saturday morning and afternoon.

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Strong signal for Mid-Atlantic storminess next Tuesday and Wednesday, but how big a deal this will be depends so much on the specifics, which are fuzzy right now.

If you live in the northern and western parts of the region, you have the best chance to see significant snowfall, but rain could prevail if the storm takes more of a northern track.

We will keep providing detailed updates on this each day as long as it poses a threat.

Washington's far northern and western suburbs have the best chance of significant snow but, even there, the forecast is uncertain.

What a shot! This is our #cwgpicoftheweek

It's the time of year that thunderstorms can start popping in the Pacific Northwest.

Programming note (Friday morning): We'll have an update on next week winter storm possibility midday or early afternoon. Lots of data to sift through!

835a: Snow showers and flurries zipping thru DMV. Last less than an hour and lowering visibility. May even dust the surface real quick. Not a big deal, but take it slow. Let us know what you’re seeing. Thanks

D.C.-area forecast: Windy and quite sunny today; some light mixed precipitation possible Saturday

Saturday's precipitation could be mixed, but probably of the conversational variety only. Sunday's looking nice.

Friday's digit: 5/10 - It’s windy and chilly. We’re getting sick of this weather perhaps but we’ve seen worse (and better). So let’s muddle through.

Snow potential index: 3/10 (↑) DMV and Mid-Atlantic should keep an eye on the Tuesday-Wednesday zone next week.

-Camden, CWG

Here we go again, one more time.

Snow lovers, this might be your last chance. Learn from the last one and manage expectations. Models will invariably go back and forth.

The model shows snow in its latest forecast, but it's too far out to necessarily be reliable.

PM Update: A cold front passes tonight, and we’ve got more chilly wind for Friday

If you were missing the cold wind, it'll be back tomorrow.

Wow! Snowshoe resort has picked up over five and a half feet of snow in the last 8 days.

Some great spring skiing to be had!

The cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin, which usually stop progressing when temperatures get too cold, have continued to make small moves over the past couple of weeks according to the National Park Service.

Interestingly, despite the fact that Washington hasn't had any truly springlike warmth since February, Mother Nature is still taking its course.|By Angela Fritz

This happens on average once every 18 years. But we may see it happen for the second March in a row this year.

Apparently, February is the new fake spring and March is the new winter

March has taken on a decidedly winter character and shows little sign of relenting.

D.C.-area forecast: Gusty winds neutralize today’s milder air, but it’s both cold and blustery Friday

Winds refuse to relent until the weekend and temperatures remain below normal. Highs are in the low to mid-50s today, but strong wind gusts will make it feel colder.