Capricorn View Dictator's Melody has one buck kid available. Sire is Kampfire PTR's Arthur. PM me if you'd like your herd to look like this!

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GCH Capricorn View Winner Ramoth EX91 * M select doe (2nd generation)had 3 buck kids yesterday. Sire is Kampfire PTR's Arthur. 2 bucks are available, please pm me for more information.

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Video of our yearlings

Pretty boys and girls😆

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I think this boy will be a big one!

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New kids! Flashy! Capricorn View Mins Chip had a buck and a doe kid today, sired by Haldibrook Lucky Fast Eddie (a Blissberry UpAllNite2GetLucky son)

And kidding for 2018 has begun!
These are two bucks and a doe kid by Haldibrook Hot Pepper EX91 and Capricorn View Minstrel Ace VG87. These are Pepper's last kids, he passed away suddenly last fall shortly after breeding Ace. We will be retaining one buck and the doe kid. The second buck is available.

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Looking to learn more about goats? Attend this seminar!

Facilitators: Delma Kennedy and Jillian Craig, OMAFRA The course is targeted for people interested in, or thinking about, getting started in either sheep or go…

Ramoth is 7 this year and heavily in kid for the 6th time! Looking forward to her kids in April. Bred to Kampfire PTR's Arthur.

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Pat"R"Swiss Oberhasli, Pepperpot acres Saanens added 3 new photos.

Capricorn View Winner Ramoth
4yr old 3 lac. Was going to wait untill she comes into full milk but here we go anyway. Last picture is her Dam SGCH Capricorn view Ramouth EX91 *M

Select doe GCH Capricorn View Winner Ramoth EX91 * M eating up a storm....10 weeks to go, bred to Kampfire PTR's Arthur, hoping for triplets again!

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We are expecting the majority of our kids to be born around the last week of April. Please feel free to pm me if you are looking for that special doe or buck! Here is a taste of what to expect from the Nubian herd, 2 doelings born in December 2017, Capricorn View Chocolate VG85 X Haldibrook Lucky Fast Eddie.

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Apparently we weren't quite done kidding for this year....

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Posted by Dino Iannuzzi
Dino Iannuzzi

Christmas cuteness overload.

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FORMATION: Vous vous demandez combien vous pouvez vendre votre Chevreau? Vous avez l’impression qu’il n’en reste plus dans votre compte de banque à la fin de ...l’année? On vous offre d’acheter vos chevreaux à un certains prix mais vous ne savez pas si ça vaut la peine? Alors voilà une formation pour vous. Mon nom est Sophie Bourgeois, je suis éleveur de chèvre de Boucherie (plus de 200 Boer) mais je suis avant tout Comptable Général Agréé. Je vous offre donc une journée de formation offerte par le RECBQ sur le coût de production / Mise en marché.
Durant la journée, nous allons voir :
- Comment calculer les dépenses pour votre élevage
- Comment calculer le prix coutant d’un chevreau chez vous
- Qu’est-ce qui vous reste à la fin.
- Les Facteurs qui font varier le cout de production
- Exercices pratiques concrets sur comment on fait les calculs.
- Quelques données sur le secteur.
- Comment on doit vendre le chevreau
o La carcasse
o Les découpes
- Où le vendre
- Comment aborder le service clientèle
- Quels sont les opportunités qui peuvent s’ouvrir à vous.
On veut cette formation comme une opportunité d’échange entre éleveurs donc apportez vos cas et vos exemples.
DATE: 20 Janvier 2018
Prix: 20$/personne membre 40$/non membre
ENDROIT: 255 rue Brock, Drummondville

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Thinking of breeding AI this fall? We have Boer semen available!

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Capricorn View Farm

Do you have Boer goats? Thinking about doing A.I.? We've got boer semen available for sale! Hays BG 017E Future was collected before he was exported to Jama...ica, try some of this South African boer buck in your herd today! This photo was taken when he was 8 months old (during collection), unfortunately no others were ever taken.

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Alicia showing Capricorn View Ed's Elsa at Uxbridge Fair...first place doe kid!

About time this vaccine is available again.

Canadian Sheep Federation


Glanvac 6 Vaccine [Clostridium Chauvoei-Novyi Type B-Perfringens Type D-Septicum-Tetani-Corynebacteriu...m Pseudotuberculosis (Ovis) Bacterin-Toxoid] is now approved for use in Canada. Glanvac 6 is used as an aid in the prevention of caseous lymphadenitis (CLA or cheesy gland), enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney disease), tetanus, black disease, malignant oedema (blackleg like disease) and blackleg in sheep and lambs and swelled head in rams.

Caseous lymphadenitis is a chronic disease of sheep. It is characterized by abscesses, containing a cheese-like green pus, in the superficial and internal lymph nodes (glands) and lungs. The disease is caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (ovis) which gains entry through breaks or abrasions of the skin or mucous membranes. The disease is spread when superficial abscesses burst during handling or shearing with consequent contamination of the shearing floor, holding yards, dips and shearing tools. In a moist environment, the bacteria are able to survive for up to 8 months. It has been implicated as a cause of ill-thrift in ewes. Prevalence increases with age. Clean properties may become infected by the introduction of an infected animal.

Black disease occurs as a sequel to liver fluke infestation and can result in death. The use of Glanvac 6 as an aid in prevention of black disease does not protect against disease associated with liver fluke infection.

From the label

For use in healthy sheep.

It is important that the vaccine is kept properly mixed before and during use.

Primary vaccination: Shake well and administer 1 mL subcutaneously high on the neck, behind the ear, followed by a second 1-mL dose 4 to 6 weeks later.

Revaccination: Annual revaccination with a single 1-mL dose is recommended. Booster doses typically confer lifelong immunity against tetanus, blackleg and malignant oedema. Lifelong immunity is not established against enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney), black disease or caseous lymphadenitis.

Immunity to Clostridial diseases is established approximately 10 days following initial vaccination. The second dose, given four to six weeks after the first, should ensure a high level of immunity against these diseases. Immunity against caseous lymphadenitis develops within two weeks of administration of the second dose. To achieve maximum protection against caseous lymphadenitis, lambs should be vaccinated 2 weeks before probable exposure to infection. Annual revaccination should therefore be timed to provide protection at times of maximum exposure to the infectious agent e.g. for caseous lymphadenitis, before shearing and dipping; for enterotoxaemia prior to transfer to lush pasture or grain feeding.

See product label for general vaccination recommendations and a full list of product precautions.

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