Which one of the 16 personalities are you? What does that say about your spirit plant? Curious to know how these two are related? Click to find out!

As I mentioned in my previous blog on small wins, I have been more focused lately on management techniques and their impact. During this quest, I have found that insight in your own personality and those around you is key to becoming a better subordinate as well as a better manager. Personality is d

Now you've set your goals for the new year, but how are you going to achieve them? Here's how we are achieving our wildly important goals!

As I mentioned in my 30 before 30 list, one of my goals is to write and publish a book before I turn 30. Yes! There, I’ve said it (and I guess there’s no turning back now). The big challenge, however, before even getting anything published is to manage to put in the work, next to my full-time jo...

Before we can get the big wins, we need to conquer the small ones! Curious to know how to boost your inner work life?

At #careerlions we are constantly busy trying to unravel the secrets to becoming the best version of yourself, engineering your life to exceed your own expectations. Lately, I have been more focused on management techniques and their impact. If you want to optimize how to handle yourself and others

I still have more than three years before I turn 30, but a little work-life-play goal setting never hurt nobody! Here's my 30 before 30!

I’ve spend the past week in the French Alps. I was so pre-occupied with learning to ski, New Years’ Eve passed by before I knew it. Seriously, I was in bed by 22.30 and missed counting down to 2018 and the start of working on some new goals! Inspired by one of my favourite fashion and lifestyle ...

Three years ago we discovered an ancient practice that is super beneficial to relax. Curious how reflexology can help you relax? Click to learn more.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the magic of reflexology by Liona and her family during our time in Jakarta. I wasn’t sure what to think of it and was really hesitant to make our first appointment. Mainly, because you were not able to see what it was beforehand and I have never been a massive...

It's the start of a new year. One of our goals? Getting through the year feeling much much more relaxed. We start with sharing how to wind down from work!

*Step into the front door, drop my bag and crash on the couch for the next few hours * Ever caught yourself doing that whenever you come home from work? I know I do! While it seems the time to relax and wind down, I can’t always seem to drop work off my mind. Therefore, instead of simply sitting d...

Only a few days left in 2017, what better time to reflect than now? While you're at it, did you know gratitude is actually positively correlated to your well being and mental health? Click to learn more, or if you're just curious to know what we have been grateful for the past year!

It’s the last week of 2017 and what a year has that been. However, we feel like we’re saying this every year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no truth to it. Nonetheless, this is the perfect time of the year to look back and reflect on those moments we’re most grateful for. Did you know grat...

Done with holiday shopping? We certainly are, but that doesn't mean we can't recommend you our favourites of the past year! Click if you're in the mood to treat yourself!

What would a year without some shopping be? Nothing! Or at least that’s what we thought. Because we’re sure you love the occasional shopping too, we’re sharing some of our favorite purchases of 2017 with you today! Liona’s Best Purchases Travel gear I love to travel but I am not a great fan ...

The holidays are coming! Such a lovely time of the year. Or should we say the time of the year with the most social obligations? Not a fan? Here's how to say no!

No - [noh] - adverb. 1.(a negative used to express dissent, denial, or refusal, as in response to a question or request) 2. (used to emphasize or introduce a negative statement): Not a single person came to the party, no, not a one. 3. not in any degree or manner; not at all (used with a comparative

Curious what an usual habit is that we love or what we've been getting better at saying no to? While we're fantasizing about being interviewed Tim Ferriss' books in the future, we're practicing on perfecting our answers and sharing them with you!

Liona and I just got our copies of Tribe of Mentors by our favorite writer, blogger, podcaster etc. Tim Ferriss. Let’s face it we both love whatever he is doing. After this last book, Tools of Titans, we became even more of a fan. Yes, apparently this was still possible. Tribe of Mentors strives t...

We've been blessed at birth with having a very serious neutral face (aka resting bitch face). Here's how to deal with that and still come across as a likable person!

As a person with a permanent resting bitch face, coming across as likable is something I do need from time to time. No, I am not angry. No, I don’t dislike you (yet, haha). My face is just comfortable this way and I’m not sorry for the fact that it looks angry to you. The past week I’ve actual...

Croissant are definitely in the comfort zone. And unless you mean growing lovehandles on the hips, croissants do not make us grow into the learning zone. Click to read what does!

I don’t know who said it, but one of the quotes I really love is: Nothing changes if you’re comfortable. And I love it so much cause, I believe it is true. Almost every time I am uncomfortable doing something I always feel better afterwards. Kind of the same feeling like going to the gym and alw...

More times than we would like to admit, we're buying stuff we don't really need. The excuse? It's limited edition, so our chance to buy the certain item is now or never! Sounds familiar? Here's how that decision making goes down in that brain of ours.

What is it with us (women) and limited edition? For some reason, the minute I see an item is limited edition, something gets a whole different appeal to it. That something is suddenly a must have that I can barely live without. The thrill that I will be able to own or use something limited edition i

How many times do you catch yourself being a bit addicted to your phone? Here are some guilt free apps for #careerlions!

Oh, I have been loving driving around in my new car, especially with Apple’s Carplay function, which is basically a mirror of your iPhone on your car screen. But that is not the only app I have been enjoying lately. I know I wrote about dialling down my screen time and detoxing from my phone, but ...

It has been quite the week. Ashley's project went live and Liona has been recovering from an accident. Both triggering some different sleep behaviours! Sounds familiar? Click click!

So, this week was major for me. The roll out of the tool I have been working on with my colleagues for a year and half. A deadline that has been in the back of my head for a long time and was finally there. The weeks leading up to this day my sleeping behavior changed. This triggered my curiosity in

Questions for a better life? Oh, goodness, no we're not talking about life questions here. It's about the questions that are supposed to make your life easier! Curious? You know where to click

That’s right, it’s not answers you look for when wanting a better life. The trick is to ask better questions! There is no one size fits all answer to a good life, but the same questions apply for pretty much anyone. So, as the title suggests, this article will elaborate on a collection of questions

It's full blown autumn and we've been feeling under the weather. Luckily, we know some home remedy essentials to pick us up! Since we care about your health too, we're sharing on the blog today!

September is only a few days old this and it has already been madness. Work has exploded, accumulated blog work has exploded, basically my life has exploded right before taking off for holiday. So, not completely against all expectations I got ill just a few days ago. Since I am not the only #career