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Three parents try to stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night. #Blockers, in theaters Thursday.

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Avengers - 3 weeks
Rampage - 2 days
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Anna Szotko
· December 2, 2017
Dear caribbean cinemas can you please please stop making us use the token machine! It never works! The best way to fix it is to sell the damn coins over the counter. I spend more time waiting for my to be given back. Seriously please use some common sense. See More
Ericka Love
· February 22, 2018
BAD customer service from manager on duty tonight. St Lucia companies just have horrible customer service period and wondering why the country not progressing. Feel sorry for some of the business Such a disgrace. See More
Val St Mark Clarke
· October 21, 2017
Caribbean Cinemas can never have nachos and they rob us of our hotdogs! Service now is poor, where is the old CC
Mel Starr
· February 13, 2018
Calling to hear what's playing is a nightmare there's always distortion on the line.
Jo Charlemagne-Mitchell
· May 2, 2017
Sunday 30th April I took my 2 sisters to see "Unforgettable" approximately 20 minutes into the movie the screen looked like A virus took over lighting up into a red background. This went on for about ...5 minutes the movie was interrupted and an attempt was made to start it over again. An attendant came in to announce "technical difficulties" asked the whole theatre if we cared to wait 10 more minutes or she can sign our tickets to go see another movie. This is not the first time this has happened and I am not a satisfied customer. See More
Jasmine Saltibus
· August 12, 2017
On friday the 11th of Auguste my cousins and i went to watch 'Girls trip.' The service was exceptional and we had no problem whatsoever. The experience was kool. We have decided to return this week to... watch 'KIDNAP'. See More
Dayne Maurille
· May 19, 2017
Service and theatre experience are great in my general opinion, besides the occasional glitch once a while (over the many years, it's only happen twice while I've been there which is an acceptable amo...unt to me). One other problem I have is the viewing of inappropriate material for underage personnel. Parents accompanying them or not, I cannot fathom how it is allowed for kids to view such movies as "sausage party" or "50 shades". I find this unacceptable. See More
Glen Richard Morgan-Lake
· November 14, 2016
So Ive waited this long to vent because I wanted to accurately describe what went on. Over the weekend, I went to Caribbean Cinemas with a dear friend of mine...over the past two months we have made i...t a habit to go watch a movie together at least once a week. We are seated in the projection hall for a certain comedy movie and the movie continuously its buffering over a bad wifi connection. After about 15 minutes the authorities decide to restart the projector. This takes about 10 minutes....The movie comes back up and they start it right where it left off (not taking into consideration that the continuous buffering wouldve made the patrons loose the actual jist of what was going on)...the problem persists and after 10 more minutes of watching pure CRAP on the screen with our drinks and popcorn already done, we deicde to get up and go look for management. Well the Manager could care less even though staff told her about the problem and that the patrons were getting restless....she was serving VERY SLOWLY hotdogs at the concession stand. My friend and I tried to get her attention but ZERO the hotdogs were more important.....we started getting on and the Assistant Manager came to us and tried to ease the situation offering us to view another movie at that time and the choice to come back and view another at any time within 12 months for free. While the Assistant Manager did a great job in tranquilizing the situation it is unfortunate that the manager was to concerned with the sausages to try and extinguish a possible PR disaster. See More
Ginner Black
· May 29, 2017
I visited Caribbean cinemas recently and the gross unprofessionalism of the staff, it's disgusting. I have no problem with workers doing their job but you can't tell me that I paid $18 for a movie and... while watching the movie, one of the female staff who comes to check the exit areas, flashed a bright flashlight directly in our faces while we were watching our movie. I'm never returning to that place, thats just carelessness. See More
Yandi Crystal Preville
· February 23, 2017
The prices could be much cheaper especially for children and the A/C should be controlled when there are less people sitting for a movie, I literally tremble in's too cold at times.
Royan Des Cartes
· March 28, 2017
Exceptional service and the movie quality is always top notch. And of course i got to relive my childhood movie , power rangers. Pretty Awesome Movie.
Suanna Edward
· April 13, 2015
I love it and enjoy it every time I go there.. It's just amazing... Just think they need to have pizzas and chicken added to the menu
Heidi Heidi
· February 16, 2017
I think whenever there is an x rated movie playing, it should be required that one shows their I'd, because there were too many under age children watching 50shades darker.
Diane Joseph
· August 10, 2016
Need to know why one popcorn machine is working especially on a nite where the cinema is packed with people. Please make an effort to repair. Very long wait for the popcorn at a big cinema like. very bad.
Nancy Joseph
· August 2, 2016
Need to add a wider variety to the menu, but I enjoy it every time I go.
Shad Dorville
· May 30, 2017
It was a really cool experience. This Cinema seems to be up to international standards when in comes to design and the professionalism of their staff.
Kevin Le Count
· June 16, 2016
Always a great experience at the cinema. Good value for admission price and always fresh popcorn at the snack bar.
Rednaxela Campari Alexander
· June 7, 2017
You guys need to respond to those post whats the purpose of this section when you dont respond smh
Alphia Prince
· October 2, 2016
I always enjoy watching movies @ Caribbean Cinemas St. Lucia, I hate the long ads before the feature presentation...that's annoying!!!
Alton J Joseph
· August 11, 2016
Love everything about it but they should add pizza n chicken to the menus also