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Diane C Anderson
· November 7, 2017
Antwan is a miracle worker! We have a White German Shepherd named Teeko. Teeko has been to other trainers but he still had issues being food aggresive. He wouldnt go into his kennel without trying to ...attack us. We couldnt walk him as he was to wild etc Well, Teeko just went through training with Antwan. No more growling. We can feed him and he goes right into his kennel at bed time and he no longer tries to attack us! We can walk Teeko now. He knows....Place....where he sits on his bed and doesnt move!
Antwan has a true gift with dogs. If you need any training for your dog.....Antwan is your person! We are so happy that we found him! We live in Greenville and Antwan didnt hesitate to come to Greenville to Get Teeko! Thank you Antwan for changing our lives and Teekos life!!!
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Jenna-Leigh Parker
· January 26, 2017
My super nervous dog Penny stayed with Antwan for 2 weeks in order to build her confidence and help her get over her fear of strangers (and just about everything else) and I can't believe the differen...ce her training has made! She's now able to go on a walk and actually enjoy it, instead of pulling me and trembling the entire way! When I went to pick her up, i honestly had to look over all of her markings on her body to make sure she was actually my dog because I couldn't believe how much happier and more confident she seemed! She's going back for another two weeks and I can't wait to see how much more Antwan is able to accomplish with her. It was clear that he poured his heart into helping Penny and he's definitely the most reasonable trainer you'll find in the area! See More
Kristen Corbett
· November 3, 2016
Ammo (my dog) stayed for a week for on leash training and came back a whole new dog! He is currently at the 21 day off leash program and I can't wait to get him back! I highly recommend bringing you...r dog here!!! See More
Ellen Murphy Pinky Shirar
· September 25, 2016
Antwan did amazing things with my high anxiety dog Oscar. The training that Oscar received is invaluable and I highly recommend this trainer!
Remember Duke? Duke no longer pulls you around from mailbox to mailbox... or down the road on walks. Duke can now relax and enjoy his walking/bonding time with his family. Duke is in a HEEL command (walking nicely by your left or right side) & automatically sits when you stop. Good Boy Duke.. Great Job.
The dogs are in a sit/stay (or wait). They cannot move until I give a release command of "OK".... Even if there are cars, kids, other dogs or whatever... they must hold that position. Someone suggested I give more content of what I do.. seeing is believing sometimes. So bare with me as I get better with videos and pictures... it's just Me 😊
Duke is no joke on walks... He sets the tone and takes control of the walk. It feels like my arm is gonna come out its socket. Duke cuts me off, jumps on me, runs around me and chokes himself out by pulling ahead. Walking your dog should be relaxing and enjoyable for you both. Your dog should not be ahead or in front of you, ONLY if you allow it (under control/command). A dog controlling the walk... could also be controlling other things in your house as well.

Meet Obi... he's a 4 month old Australian Shepherd Mix. He's a puppy packed with nothing but energy and always on the Go.

Obi likes to jump when greeting others... and if he's off leash he's outta there. He has a sweet temperament and loves every dog he greets.

He's a high energy dog who must get out to run/exercise daily. When he's done playing... he finds a spot and crash.... and just when thinks it's over... It's back to Training. 😉

Hanna is 10 months old and she's making the transition from outside to inside. She's very big, strong and energetic... well, until training starts, of course.

Hanna is very sweet at times but she uses her SELECTIVE hearing which can turn things sour. She will be learning manners so she will not jump on people, take off running, not come when called, etc.

Hanna is a fast learner and likes to follow me... (it might have something to do with the treats)😉. She will be awesome once she returns home and obedience is incorporated into her daily life.

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Hanging on ABC Columbia set with Alicia Barnes, Ta Ryan & Grace Joyal. They are really cool to be with and I really Love their Energy. Xena enjoys everyone as well on & off set.

Lucy did very well today minding her manners while I talked with many people in and out of Lowe's. She did very well with distractions... Great job Lucy.

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Sugar is a 2 yr. old Cavalier King Charles who's come for Obedience Training. He's used to doing what he wants and he knows it.

As soon as the front door is open he takes off and runs away.. and then the Games begin. He also likes to greet everyone at the door by jumping on them and barking out of excitement.

Sugar is cute.. but cuteness should never outweigh listening & manners. We will show him a different way of doing things and still look cute doing it. 😎

Lucy is an 8 yr. old Lab who's in for some Obedience Training. She's very laid back.... until you pull out a tennis ball or ring the doorbell.

We have to tighten up on a few commands and manners. Lucy is sweet and loving.... but we can't have her knocking down the grandkids.

Lucy is learning how to greet others nicely so everyone can enjoy each other.

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Quick Tip: How to have your dog help brace/help getting up off chair or ground. Great job Xena.

ABC - Good Morning Columbia

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Nixon is very relaxed enjoying all the views. He has no idea what a camera is or what's going on... He does understand Sit, Down & Stay which can go a long way in your day to day life situations.

Nixon would run away when called, if there was another dog, person, or anything of interest he would ignore me. Nixon has a strong will to do what he wants regardless of how many treats are used. With consistency, Nixon will Master all of his obedience skills and they will become 2nd Nature.

It only gets better from here... Good Job and nice photo shoot Mr. Nixon.

Today was a good day for Nixon to be out with a lot going on... (carts clashing, cars moving, people walking, people wanting to talk, horns honking) but still having to listen.

Sure, Nixon can take off at any given time.. (no dog is 100%, C'mon be fair, are you?) However, he also understands that (it's not in his best interest) if he runs... we don't not chase him. If he moves 100x's, be ready to move 101. He must understand you will not give up, so try to be consistent.

Nixon really enjoyed being out & about in public. Everyone complimented Nixon because of how well behaved he was. Keep up the good work Nixon!!

We are excited to appear on ABC Columbia tomorrow morning with Tyler Ryan and Grace Joyal to talk about our 4 legged family members!

If you're having problems getting your pooch to fetch, we have some tips to get keep him coming back!

We will be on about 6:30 Wednesday morning!

Nixon had a great day... we went around training with a few distractions added to the mix (kids, dogs, cats, birds & cars). He doesn't have a problem with greeting people... we just have to change how he greets people (jumping excitedly).

Mr. Nixon loves attention... he sat nicely for everyone today (w/o jumping) and his reward was a pat on the head and plenty of hugs. If people were not stopping me because of his eyes... they were because of his manners... people notice a well behaved dog (even in training).

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Posted by Antwan Scott
Antwan Scott

Here's a friend/classmate of mine Elena Palaga. We both graduated from National K-9, School for Professional Dog Trainers. Thanks for doing what you do, we need more Trainers like you. I see you Miss Nina... Great Job. In case your wondering... she's from Greece.

Meet Nixon... He's a Husky mix that's a little over a year old. He's very friendly... very well socialized and has a bit of confidence in himself to the point where he chooses to comply or not.

Mr. Nixon uses selective hearing unless I have food in my hands.. Nixon must see obedience as a new way of life and not just an option or cute trick.

When he's not running around.... He's sitting back gathering info on all of his surroundings. Well, Nixon has come to the right place f...or info.

Welcome to Basic Training Nixon..

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