Being silly on set. Good job today Xena.👍

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In today's news... in 3.... 2.... 1.... Xena, Take it away.

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Diane C Anderson
· November 7, 2017
Antwan is a miracle worker! We have a White German Shepherd named Teeko. Teeko has been to other trainers but he still had issues being food aggresive. He wouldnt go into his kennel without trying to ...attack us. We couldnt walk him as he was to wild etc Well, Teeko just went through training with Antwan. No more growling. We can feed him and he goes right into his kennel at bed time and he no longer tries to attack us! We can walk Teeko now. He knows....Place....where he sits on his bed and doesnt move!
Antwan has a true gift with dogs. If you need any training for your dog.....Antwan is your person! We are so happy that we found him! We live in Greenville and Antwan didnt hesitate to come to Greenville to Get Teeko! Thank you Antwan for changing our lives and Teekos life!!!
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Jenna-Leigh Parker
· January 26, 2017
My super nervous dog Penny stayed with Antwan for 2 weeks in order to build her confidence and help her get over her fear of strangers (and just about everything else) and I can't believe the differen...ce her training has made! She's now able to go on a walk and actually enjoy it, instead of pulling me and trembling the entire way! When I went to pick her up, i honestly had to look over all of her markings on her body to make sure she was actually my dog because I couldn't believe how much happier and more confident she seemed! She's going back for another two weeks and I can't wait to see how much more Antwan is able to accomplish with her. It was clear that he poured his heart into helping Penny and he's definitely the most reasonable trainer you'll find in the area! See More
Gwyn Wright
· March 28, 2018
Excellent with dogs, I love the results in just 30 min.
Ellen Murphy Pinky Shirar
· September 25, 2016
Antwan did amazing things with my high anxiety dog Oscar. The training that Oscar received is invaluable and I highly recommend this trainer!
On set with Tyler Ryan & Alexis Frazier on 25 ABC Morning Columbia
Remember Duke? Duke no longer pulls you around from mailbox to mailbox... or down the road on walks. Duke can now relax and enjoy his walking/bonding time with his family. Duke is in a HEEL command (walking nicely by your left or right side) & automatically sits when you stop. Good Boy Duke.. Great Job.
The dogs are in a sit/stay (or wait). They cannot move until I give a release command of "OK".... Even if there are cars, kids, other dogs or whatever... they must hold that position. Someone suggested I give more content of what I do.. seeing is believing sometimes. So bare with me as I get better with videos and pictures... it's just Me 😊