We're making a note of these things in case we ever get off our a$$es and actually start selling castle. We /are/ working with a new person who is trying to find us a manufacturer (actually, this is the second) but progress is a bit slow. If only we could find out who other terrain makers use....

Medieval Castles were more than just large fortresses with massive stone walls. They were ingeniously designed fortifications that used many brilliant and creative ways…

Wow. It's been a loooong time between posts. Sorry for that. Don't get your hopes up too high, but thanks to some recent messages going back and forth right here on FB we may end up getting some leads on manufacturing and try and get back up on our feet for a new KS.

Stay tuned! (But, you know, don't hold your breath because it could take a bit more time.)

But Stay Tuned!


Here's another Shire Post KS you might be interested in. These guys make the official coins for Game of Thrones. They are 6 days and about $1500 from making their goal.…/a-game-of-thrones-fantasy-gam…

On the Castle Foundry front: We are working with someone who is going to put our product past a couple of plastics manufacturers in the US. We are still unable to find a manufacturer that we trust to do the product in China, even though we now have an agent there. It's just really hard to find a manufacturer who can do both injection molds and rubber molded resin. We might end up splitting things into two groups. If anyone knows a good plastics manufacturer, let us know.

A Game of Thrones themed metal fantasy coins / tokens upgrade the experience of any card game, board game, LCG, LARP, or RPG.

These guys are people I have known for over 20 years now. They are doing some awesome stuff.

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Believe it or not, things are happening. We've been a bit stymied by both Chinese New Year and Canton Fair, but I have now seen actual pictures of some of the injection molded pegs. They still aren't coming out of the mold quite correctly, but it's a solvable problem, so we expect to have them done before long.

Some test models of floor are also being made, so hopefully in the coming weeks (or possibly months - it takes a long time to get a package from China) we will have pieces that we can put together and post images and videos of.

I noticed that Kickstarter now offers the ability to follow friends on their site: I am not sure how this works yet, but if some of you could see if you are able to follow us and let me know how it works, I would appreciate it. Maybe then we can more easily get the word out when we re-launch.

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When you visit a project, you’ll be able to see if your friends are backers. Likewise, friends who follow you can see what you’re supporting!

I know we've been silent for a while, but I didn't want to overwhelm people with posts when we were in-between major news. Here's an update, however, so you'll know what's going on.

First of all, Jeremy spent a lot of time re-working all the kits. I say "all the kits;" he has cut them down to just 3. We realized that, in general, people were willing to spend over $100 on the product in pretty much all cases but really wanted more functionality. We had been aiming for some sub...-$100 kits in the first set, but have now realized that this price point is not as much of a priority as functionality, so the kits can now all build something (actually, several things). He also spent some time laying out the different things that can be made with each kit. So, in general, everything is much more streamlined. This means we'll have to have a higher starting goal, but it also means you can know from the beginning exactly what you're getting for your money.

We spent some time looking over design and made a couple of minor changes (nothing you would actually notice, but we are always tweaking things, and added some more functionality). We also spent some more money and went ahead and had another injection mold as well as some more test models made. We just got this part worked out, and are awaiting delivery from China, which will take some time. The hope is that this will allow us to show you the functionality of the product much better than we had been able to before. We figured out some ways to show off some of this functionality without having to buy $10k worth of injection molds (we'll save those costs until after the KS). However, hopefully we'll be able to post a lot more video showing the product actually functioning, which is something many of you asked for.

We're not totally sure when re-launch will be - everything always takes longer than you think, and Christmas was very busy for all of us so we got less done than we had hoped. However, expect to hear more from us soon.

Thanks for keeping the faith.


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We are totally amazed that people keep liking us on facebook and finding our cancelled kickstarter. It looks like we made the right decision. Jeremy has been working really hard on getting new kits put together so that we'll be able to offer far more choice to our backers in the next kickstarter. We're keeping track of the people who write to us and making a mailing list so we can keep you informed. However, if you don't hear from us, don't be afraid to message us again on kickstarter.

Thanks so much for all your support. We've worked on this for so long and we can't tell you how proud it makes us that you also share our love of Castle!.

Lots of things are happening. We're working on the re-boot already, getting the kits re-aligned to make them better for you. Oddly, we keep getting contacted by really interesting people. All sorts of interesting things are afoot. We'll keep you updated when things get more solid, but, for now, let me just say that it looks like a lot of people ended up liking the product and have let us know that in various ways.

Also, somehow all the excitement has gotten our creative juice...s really flowing again, and we've made a number of new advances in designs that we will be able to add to Castle! soon - maybe during the new kickstarter if we can get it all worked out. In short, this re-boot was the best decision we could have made. Things are happening. Most of our backers seem fine with the idea, and we will definitely be able to communicate our vision much better a second time around and make everything much clearer for those of you who want to buy the product.

I know some people think we should have just taken the funding and gone with it, but we just didn't think we were giving the backers the best package of product that we could (even though the product itself is great) and I think we now know how we can do that.

So, you know.... awesome.

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If you've been following the kickstarter you will notice that we cancelled. You might find this odd since we were at over 90% of our funding goal and less than half way through the project. We decided that we could make the project better - not the product, the project. We tried to do some kind of unusual things with the kickstarter. These turned out to be not so much cool as just kind of unclear to our backers.

However, we have listened to the backers and decided that ther...e are a number of ways we can improve the kickstarter itself. We also were told by several backers that they wished this were happening after Christmas when they would have more money. So we though, "ok, we can do that." We WOULD have funded, but the project would not have been as cool as it could have been. We think our backers deserve the best, so we decided to go back to the drawing board in terms of how we were running the kickstarter and give that to them.

We'll be back early next year when the holiday rush is over with a much more clearly defined kickstarter project. We hope you'll be there with us!

Thanks for all your support. Please stay tuned here and on the now cancelled project for details.


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One of our main objectives when designing Castle! was to allow gamers to build up, to stack. But, perhaps even more importantly, we also wanted to make Castle! easily unstack for gaming access. We love pretty buildings on the tabletop but too often we found that we played around them because of their unusable interiors. We solved this problem with a half-smooth peg that allows you to pick up entire levels of buildings to play inside, just like we always wanted.

This new video illustrates how stacking and unstacking is achieved with the Castle! modular construction system:

One of our main objectives when designing Castle! was to allow gamers to build up, to stack. But, perhaps even more importantly, we also wanted to make Castl...

A look into the detailed interior of the Barbican kit, complete with spiral staircases, murder holes and a working portcullis!

More on the Kickstarter page:…/castle-the-modular-constructio…

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Time to learn something about you all... what better way to start than your answer to the Alignment/Muppet Matrix?

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You want Castle! for your gaming table. Your minis want it. It looks amazing right out of the box. It even feels amazing. It is modular and infinitely interchangeable. It stacks. Even better, it unstacks. You can easily remove the various floors of your Castle! and put them back on as you move up and down during gameplay. You can build an awesome Wizard’s tower as tall as yourself and game all the way up. Then you can break it down, box it up, take it to a friend’s house and something completely different, but just as awesome. Then do it again.

Our goal is to make modular, stackable, textured castles and buildings for 25-28mm scale tabletop gaming. Does your terrain stack up?

Check out our Kickstarter and join the growing community of Castle! backers!…/castle-the-modular-constructio…

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Our goal is to make modular, stackable, textured castles and buildings for 25-28mm scale tabletop gaming. Does your terrain stack up?

Also, once we get to 400 likes on Facebook, we can start promoting posts, which will help with exposure, so consider sharing the project with your friends so we can get there faster... thanks!

We've made the "Popular This Week" section on Kickstarter's main Tabletop Games page... keep sharing the project's KS page with your social networks and on any gaming forums you frequent!…/castle-the-modula…/posts/356062

We've made an appearance in the Popular This Week section of the Tabletop Games page (just below Staff Picks). It seems to move around among the six projects in that section upon page reloads. Does it appear there for you? This should help increase visibility. It is surmised that Facebook likes ...

Almost the end of day 6 - 20% through our time and a hair's breadth from 75% of the way to funded. However, we'd obviously like to release a whole lot more kits than just wall. Please help us keep getting the word out. We want to get to that barbican!

Thanks for all your support so far. We are loving this, and it's thanks to you. We never hoped that Castle! would be so well received. It's like putting your child out on stage - you love them more than anything, but you never know what everyone else will think. Thanks for making us proud!