Tommi PG (AKA Katie Parrish, author of our 2014 book "I'm not a very good swimmer, but I wouldn't have let you drown") needs your $$ help to tour new book "Perfect Hair", out this year through 2dcloud. Rewards include original art, zines, prints, books and magic talismans, "imbued with heavy spells of protection, sexual potency, gay stuff or luck."

Plz help, Tommi draws beautiful things.

i spent 2015 making my first proper book called perfect hair, my publishers 2dcloud are launching the comic at spx (small press expo) in the states and i really want to be there to promote it.
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Last night CNP author Paul C Cumming chatted to John Safran on Triple J. It's a fascinating follow-up to Paul's book, How To Start a Fight. It starts 45 minutes into the show. You can listen to it here:

Last night’s Sunday Night Safran on Triple J, with eminent broadcasters John Safran and Father Bob McGuire, featured an interview with Paul Cumming about his CNP volume How To Start a Fight. The...

Tune into triple j this weekend on your olde radio machine--or on your modem internet computer--to hear our boy Paul C Cumming talking with John Safran and Fr Bob Maguire about boxing, books, boxing book How To Start A Fight and Casuals Network Press.

Hosts John Safran and Father Bob take you on a journey into religion, politics and all things ethnic - Sundays from 9pm. Relive the highlights here.

Damn fine idea.

To keep readers wanting more, today’s novelists should do what Charles Dickens did: serialize.

The entire first run of four books has now been reduced to a single modest box. If you haven't already, order these now, or be reduced to the laughing stock of your workplace, gym or freemasons lodge.
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Thanks for helping us get to 327 likes, everybody. It's a real milestone.

Attn Melbourne types: esteemed comics genius and CNP alumni Katie Parrish is running a comics workshop with all $$$ going to the Horn of Plenty community space. Space is limited + cost is determined along the extremely reasonable means test of whether or not you have a job. Sign up --->

anyone in my home town (Melbourne) this is a thing that I’m running thats happening in a few weeks. book now xoxoxoxoxo

We're truly impressed and inspired by Island's deeply unfashionable move to 100% print. Don't know if anyone's noticed, but we're basically permanently absent from all social media internets and regular internets. The internet is hard and time consuming, and we'd frankly rather put the effort into producing some more books. Which we're going to do.

Island magazine has decided not to publish online but to increase their print run instead. Editor Matthew Lamb spoke to Belinda King about why print isn't dead.

"Fiction is a house you can live in, but the size of that house is not dictated by its number of words. Nor by its price, really."

CNP has been on a ludicrously long holiday (it was really nice, thanks), but we're totally back now. Here's Philip Hensher on why small books matter.

A Zadie Smith story has been published alone in hardback. Philip Hensher welcomes the new trend

Dear CNP Pozible supporters and early webshop orderers: Your books are on their way STAT. Thank you all, you pretty, pretty people 🐎🐎🐓

Thanks everyone for coming along to our launch party last night! It went great, and we sold a lot of books. If you didn't get a chance to make it, there are still some left over at our shop. Tell your friends ⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣⇣

New and unknown authors // Fiction, non-fiction, comics // Accessible format // Low price Casuals Network Press

...if you fancy psyching yourself up to a purchase of Paul C Cumming's mad-yet-brilliant illustrated dissection of boxing fiction, flick on ABC2 right now and watch Raging Bull.

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER - OUT DECEMBER 12 Non-fiction, 40 pages. ISBN 9780994225122 Shadowboxing is the art of fighting yourself—where the fighter ...

Thanks Thousands

Casuals Network Press (great name) are a new independent small press publisher, whose niche seems to be 'very good things'. They're gonna launch ...