Founded in 1970
Theatre Workshop is a student-run organization. As such, we value student artistic autonomy, student experimentation in theatre, student generated projects and ...efforts, experience-based education, boldness, innovation, broad student participation, artistic professionalism, and a sense of play and fun. Theatre Workshop exists to provide means, freedom, and impetus for students to create theatre, and to find new and compelling ways to bring the theatrical experience to the Colorado College community. See More
Colorado College's only student operated theatre!

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Company Overview
Artistic Directors: Lila Schmitz and Connor McCaslin
Tech Director: Madeline Wilson
Publicity: Noelle Edwards and Theo Merrill...
Financial Director: Lucy Houlihan
Master Electrician: Max Sarkowsky
Props and Costumes: Clara Houghteling
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General Information
Upcoming events:

PROPOSAL MEETING 12/12 at 12pm in Taylor