This week at seminar we were joined by Ulyana Horodyskyj, Ph.D., the mind behind Science in the Wild, a world-traveler, glaciologist, and NASA guinea pig!

Ulyana researches the impact of air pollution on glaciers and snowmelt, as well as the risks to local populations of melting glaciers and glacial lakes in Nepal. There she works with local sherpas, who not only guide expeditions and carry heavy loads of equipment, but help capture important environmental information as cit...izen scientists. Check out her work in this video piece by The Crowd & The Cloud on "Sherpa Science" -

While Ulyana often works close to to the top of Mount Everest she began her field work on an icebreaker down in Antarctica for five weeks, where the crew witnessed a glacial calving event a little too close for comfort...

And in 2016 she volunteered herself to be studied for science, as part of NASA's HERA (Human Exploration Research Analog) project, which simulates a mission to an asteroid. Ulyana spent seven weeks--four of which were in a small module--with the same group of four people, eating leftovers from the ISS, carrying out experiments, and being tested on the effects of isolation on physical and mental health.

Could the next frontier for Ulyana one day be space?

#likeascientist #citizenscience

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Event of interest on March 21, 2018:

The Martz Spring Symposium, "Environmental Law & Policy under the Trump Administration," will bring together diverse experts to discuss the consequences of new interpretations of environmental protections at the federal level, the resultant litigation, and how Tribal, state and local governments, as well as market forces, are responding.

Held at the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environmentthe Environment at the University of Colorado School of Law from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., with debate and reception following at 6 p.m.

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Bubble bubble, toil and trouble! Scripps Fellow Scott Carney (author) takes the lead in investigating liquid nitrogen at the National Center for Genetic Resource Preservation. No hands were frozen in the making of this video.
Dr. Valerie McKenzie at University of Colorado Boulder studies fungal skin #pathogens that kill off amphibians, which are the most threatened class of vertebrate, due to many factors including disease. Known for their dramatic #metamorphosis process, #amphibians comprise more than 6,000 species on Earth!
Anyone hungry? #sustainablefood #futureoffood #journalism
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Haven't applied for the Ted Scripps Fellowship yet? See what our Fellow Alum say about the program... and apply by March 1!

Anyone who has a strong interest in environmental journalism should apply for the Ted Scripps Fellowship at University of Colorado, Boulder by the March 1 deadl...ine. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a journalist.

The fellowship provides a generous stipend to live in Boulder for two semesters while you audit courses and work on a project. You'll do some phenomenal field trips and enjoy guest lectures from top-notch writers and scientists. And you get the benefit of an amazing brain trust.

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Thanks to a campus-wide commitment to research

The gang is back together! Zoë is back from her gig in Alaska, Shannon--our newest graduate assistant--is worried about her frostbite, and Kelsey is over the flu!

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Come see former fellow David Phillips speak about and sign his new book, Wild Horse Country: The History, Myth, and Future of the Mustang, on Thursday, March 1st at 7:30pm at the Boulder Book Store!

David Phillips will speak about and sign his new book, Wild Horse Country: The History, Myth, and Future of the Mustang, on Thursday, March 1st at 7:30pm. About the Book: The wild horse is so ingrained in the American imagination that even those who have never seen one know what it stands for: fie.....

Our fellowship alum and students do some pretty COOL things....

Pretty darn proud of Threshold Podcast intern Zoë Rom! She took on a burly field reporting gig from KUAC in Fairbanks -- reporting on the Yukon Quest Sled Dog race. Two reports a day for two weeks in sub (sub sub) zero temps! Kudos, Zoë! Check out her work! Yukon Quest - Official Site

The 35th Annual Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race started Saturday, February 3 in downtown Fairbanks. Mushers and their dog teams head over mountains

What do all these people have in common? They applied for the Ted Scripps Fellowship in Environmental Journalism!
*Deadline: March 1st*

Imagine walking with someone as they travel from Syria to Germany and following the decisions they have to make along the way -- all from thousands of miles away.

The CEJ fellows learned new tools and techniques for making interactive stories like this possible during a workshop with Nick Whitaker from Google News Lab.

"We need to start thinking of innovative ways of communicating with people," Whitaker said. "The best thing we can do is create dialogues and interactions w...ith journalists to understand what kind of impact we're having."

The tool that got the most ooh's and ah's? Google Earth Visualizations. Check one out here!

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Explore the dynamics of our changing planet over the past three decades.

The facts may be objective but our feelings are subjective: we love environmental journalism! A shout out today to all of our current and former fellows, staff, students, and supporters!

CEJ fellow Sadie Babits' recently published a piece for Colorado Public Radio about the Cloud Atlas Project, an effort of the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Land Library. Read on to learn more!

Remember: the deadline to apply for a 2018-19 Ted Scripps Environmental Journalism Fellowship is March 1st!

Thanks to a campus-wide commitment to research

Our very own CU CMCI journalism graduate student Giselle Cesin will be a panelist at the Feral Mountain Co. No Man's Land Film Festival - Denver, CO on March 8, 2018!

No Man's Land is “an all-woman adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that meets a need and desire to highlight and connect with women in pursuit of the radical.”

Giselle says, "I am just an ordinary woman. I am not professional, I am learning everyday about this world. I don’t con...sider myself a mountaineer, but an aspiring one, an enthusiast. If I can, anyone can, just get out there!"

Go Giselle!
Love, the CEJ

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Welcome to part one in a series highlighting each panelist for the upcoming film festival on March 8, 2018, No Man's Land: “an all-woman adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Check in with Zoë Rom up in Alaska at the Yukon Quest - Official Site, covering the athletic prowess of sled dogs for KUAC!

02-08-18 AM Yukon Quest Update

This year KUAC FM listeners are hearing Zoë Rom report on the Yukon Quest. A graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, Rom has extensive outdoor reporting experience. “The Yukon Quest is totally up my alley,” Rom said. “I’m excited to learn about another winter sport and becoming a part of this race that is so embedded in the community.”…/

CU-Boulder Department of Journalism grad student Zoë Rom is in the field reporting on the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race for KUAC. Keep an eye on our page and KUAC for more updates (and cute pup pics). Stay warm out there Zoe! #CelebrateCMCI

02-05-18 9:30 AM Yukon Quest Update

Five former Ted Scripps Fellows--David Baron, Scott Carney, Erin Espelie, Michael Kodas, Hannah Nordhaus--sat down together on campus last week to discuss the whys and hows of nonfiction book writing at the first ever CEJ book publishing panel.

Five former Ted Scripps Fellows—David