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Dennis Adkins
· April 22, 2014
This is what happens when a bar cares more about it's image than the actual service. You can have all the cool decor in the world. Serve all the trendiy food and drinks you want. But if the food is ba...d, and the drinks are bad and the waitstaff is bad, nothing will save it. Word gets around. I would rather have regular food and drinks in a okay decorated place then to sit and wait for crap food and drinks in a place that looks snazzy. See More
Aurora Miracle
· April 20, 2014
I wish I could say I love this place, the location is fantastic and convenient. Unfortunately my own experiences have been mediocre at best with extremely slow service and food that doesn't warrant it...'s high price. What I witnessed last night makes me never want to come back. A member of my group was served a drink that she didn't like, she tried to give it to others in the group, hoping someone else would like it. Six of us tasted it and we all thought it was horrible. When she asked for something else she was told she was rude and needed to leave. I was right there, she was polite and apologetic, not rude. Even if they didn't want to remake her drink they could have just said no, there was no reason to ask her to leave. Nearly, 20 of us all got up and left. Sorry Central Hotel, this really shouldn't have happened, but it did. See More
Eric Garneau
· August 17, 2014
Thurs after bringing in Flyers and having the owner and bartender agree that 9-12 was ok for us to play, the bar decided they wanted to close at 11pm in sthe middle of our show, Cuz they were tired? o...r didn't have a babysitter or whatever they told us so they could go home? after we set up our 6 piece band with people from as far as Woodland WA and got everything going? REALLY? cut off a 6 piece band in the middle of the show? We Will NEVER play here again, and I will tell all musicians how they do IT! Not Cool! that's how you treat musicians? I'm sure you treated the Senators well who came in that day, now we know how you treat locals! Oh, and I came in to have dinner before a movie one night, service was horrible, was served coffee with coagulated cream, then coffee so weak, she looked at it and then took it away without even asking? nice! great Cisco food stuffs! See More
Vince Rogers
· October 2, 2015
A good time and good drink every time I went. I will miss it. Thank you Risa and Brent.
BE Schellinger
· October 1, 2015
It died a slow stinky gay bathroom death.
The ghost of Meth days of old held a firm grip on the lack of chicken dishes that Daryl could stomach. In the end he roams the halls in peace now.
Bon Vivant
· June 23, 2015
I love this place, Great food Top Notch Cocktails and a super friendly staff!
Curtis Merrill
· October 24, 2013
This is my go to spot in St. John's. Great cocktails, great food and a tremendous staff.
Shannon Thayer
· May 17, 2014
Went tonight for the first time. We had appetizers and drinks. Sat outside. Good service, good food. Will be back for sure!
Matt Callahan
· May 15, 2013
Becky is by far and away THE most amazingly sweet bartender you will ever meet in your life. Just saying.
Carla Key
· May 19, 2014
Great cocktails and home town friendliness ... Love this exclamation spot of St Johns.
Mark Hitchcox
· October 5, 2013
Creative drinks and menu, served with a cozy community vibe.
Carol Doherty
· April 20, 2014
Terrible service terrible food and drinks
Danielle Martinot
· March 16, 2014
Love it! Great food! Great drinks! Great folks!
Brent Davis
· July 2, 2013
I own it, so I'm a bit biased
December 10, 2016
At the St Johns Winter Beer Fest. Where are you?
Risa Boyd Davis
April 7, 2014
Chef Aaron just returned from Virginia. He said Y, all come on over and put some South in your mouth. Buttermilk fried chicken, potato salad, collard greens with honey mustard cream. $14. Out side sea...ting is open. See More
Risa Boyd Davis
March 14, 2014
Buttermilk Fried Chicken special $12
Kimberly Sayre
January 3, 2014
Great music and good to be out
Brian Wilde
January 25, 2013
Welcome to our new neighbors- Juniper & Rye, helping facilitate Friday activities in St.J.
Bake Baker
January 16, 2013
Juniper & Rye, their new name. They are getting classy, think they have a ways to go
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The bowls are coming! In preparation for our Community Bowls Event at Occidental Brewing Company from 7-9PM, a pre-event was organized to create some additional... inventory! Member and glass artist Michael Barley provided materials and guidance. Check out Michael's website!

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St. Johns Food Share added 5 new photos.

The Community Bowls Project is coming! Focus on the fun part of fundraising! Come to Occidental Brewing Company in St. Johns Thursday, March 15th, 4:30 to 9 pm.... Paint a beautiful ceramic bowl, and quaff a beautiful beer. Donate $10 and receive a 1-of-1-kind bowl immediately, or pick up one at a later date! Proceeds go to our Bridging The Gap Fundraising Campaign!

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