It was valentines day this week. So we're sending out some love ❤️

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Happy Chinese New Year! Time to let that low carb diet slip a bit for some tikoy.

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Maya Ladyong
· February 14, 2018
I love my box... coz life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re gonna get! Like you don’t know who will be your coach for the day, what type of pain you’ll endure and which part of you...r body will hurt! Ok i love it there coz you don’t feel alone like when you go to a gym... everyone is very supportive! It’s a fun place to workout. You always look forward to the next wod! See More
Nathan Libarios Rondina
· February 14, 2018
As a 46-year old diabetic with zero-level fitness who hasn't seen the inside of a gym since college PE, I was at first quite hesitant to join CrossFit Greenhills' 6-week challenge. What made it easier... was how everyone, from the coaches to the members, was encouraging and supportive from the get-go. Four weeks in, I feel stronger than ever and look forward to making CrossFit a long-term habit. It's also inspiring to be surrounded by a beautiful bunch of people with ready smiles and kind words who make the challenging workouts fun and enjoyable. Thanks CFGH! This box rocks! See More
Riel Margate
· September 21, 2017
Best people in the world!💪🏿 Best people in the world!💪🏿
Anna Marie Gokioco
· February 14, 2018
I look forward to be in the box. Thanks to a good community.
Looking forward for more challenges.
Fides Gimenez
· December 22, 2016
Best community ever ♡ The place is kept clean and is well-maintained. The coaches push us to our limits and challenge us to strive harder, yet they still ensure our safety. The staff, Kuya Dolan and A...te Sol, are always ready to lend a helping hand. The members are warm and accommodating. Love everything about this box! See More
Ann Pablo Béchet
· January 15, 2017
Still my "happy place" for tweaking my training program. The coaches are not only there to guide and teach but, more importantly, to encourage you to believe in yourself and to motivate you to dig dee...per. The athletes come from a very diverse background so interactions are always fun and interesting. The group is so warm, they end up being your extended family. See More
Joseph A. C. Santos
· December 23, 2016
This is my 2nd home. My place to relieve stress, to gain confidence, to play and have fun, to sleep and rest, to recover from anything bad that happened outside, to making better decisions and to life just a little bit easier by having someone to laugh with. Great box and even greater community! See More
Ramon Doria
· November 12, 2015
If you're an avid cross fitter don't miss this BOX if you're in this neck of the woods. The members are totally awesome. On my first drop off the coach "failed" to show up and the members made all ef...forts that we all get to do the WOD. Thanks guys I will definitely come back. See More
Marion Mancilla-Balane
· January 4, 2017
*CFGH is the best box because of the dynamic approch. They have the best coach that will guide, support and cheer you up when your too tired to finish the WOD.

Highly recommended. Say goodbye to ...traditional gym. Be a crossfitter and say hello to a new you. See More
Cody Hernandez
· February 28, 2017
Amazing Box, Awesome Community!

Everyone is nice and friendly, you'll be treated as family starting from Day 1! Coaches are very helpful and knowledgeable, they'll push you to your limits while your safety. I'll recommend this box to anyone, hands down! Thanks again CFGH! See More
Dan Abrogina
· February 2, 2017
Everyone is friendly and helpful. Good coaching staff that is encouraging and accommodating. A different way to get fit in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Highly recommended to those who want shift to a healthy lifestyle ;) See More
Jessica Crosnoe
· January 30, 2017
Was visiting the Philippines for a week and I'm pretty sure I found the nicest Crossfit box in the area! The people were great and so welcoming!! Great coaching and programming. Thanks for a fun week,... will definitely stop by next time I'm in the area! See More
Benoît Charnet
· April 4, 2017
Thank you very much guys for your welcoming and kindness !! It was a real pleasure to wod with you, to meet you and we will come back an other time for sure !! �Ben and Virginie
Rainier Charles Ong
· October 15, 2015
Was new to the class today and all the other members were really nice to me. The place was really nice and spacious;

Had my first lesson with Coach Chris and he was very helpful! Will definitely (tr...y to) convince my other friends to join :D See More
Leandro de Leon
· August 3, 2015
Really good place, really friendly coaches and community. if you want to have fun and improve your level of fitness, you should really give this place a try
Javier Benitez Pitalua
· December 23, 2016
Great facility, amazing environment and very kind staff. The people working out here are from different ages and they keep the classes funny.
Merrill Sua
· April 1, 2015
Coaches focus not only on improving technique and developing new skills but also on the culture and camaraderie of the box and with/among its members. Very welcoming community!
Andyo Abusmas
· January 31, 2017
Not your ordinary gym. Our coaches are friendly and they will motivate you during the workouts. They will tirelessly teach you correct postures and techniques.
Odelon Simpao
· March 14, 2014
Great community and programming. Crossfit greenhills is family. It will really help you to get fitter, leaner and faster!
Anapet Miclat Arnaldo
· December 17, 2014
Went from having a sedentary lifestyle to exercising at least 3x a week because of this awesome community :)
Aly Yap Bitong
· March 24, 2015
Most amazing and supportive community you'll ever find! Very welcoming, definitely family.
Jen Yalung
· December 22, 2016
Good people!!! Happy playmates!!! Great playground!!!
Aimee del Rosario
· December 11, 2014
Awesome community to meet great people and be fit. :)
Butch Tayao
· April 14, 2014
Great space & location. Have yet to try to WOD. Looking forward though...
CrossFit GreenHills - Richard Garcia
Men Scaled WOD 2 - Dolan Lanceta AMRAP 9 minutes 40 Single Unders 20 Pull-ups 10 Pistols 30 Double Unders 10 Chest to bar Pull-ups 10 Pistols #X45ChallengeFinals
Men Scaled WOD 5 - Dolan Lanceta 3 RFT 2 Laps 5 Hang Cleans 5 Push Jerks 15 Wallballs

#throwback to our very first box throwdown. Our next one is coming up on March 3. Are you ready?

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Love is in the air! Bring your friends and book your free trial.

Call or text 09777063632

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“Dips are intense and effective isolation exercises that help develop and define strong triceps.” 💪🏼

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CrossFit GreenHills is feeling strong.

“Dips are intense and effective isolation exercises that help develop and define strong triceps.” 💪🏼

The lunch crew is ready to take on a new week of fun workouts. Come join them!

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Taking you up to new heights

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Strength means carrying the weight of others.

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#throwback to Feb 2017.

Be part of this awesome bunch today.

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CrossFit GreenHills is feeling motivated.

It’s never too late to workout. Book your free trial with us!

Text or call 09777063632

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Burpees at 92 ❤️

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Posted by CrossFit

“92-year-old Betty CRUSHING some burpees!!”
Crossfit Kinnick

CrossFit GreenHills is feeling strong.
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Rise and shine!

It's a brand new week to chase after your goals.

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Smile. Enjoy your fitness journey.

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Supportive friends make reaching your goals easier

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