How does your workout stack up to the Notorious RBG?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg invited Stephen to Washington, D.C., to settle the case of "Do you even lift?" Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel...

After having a nationally televised panic attack, Dan Harris *knew* he had to make some changes. A lifelong nonbeliever, he found himself on a bizarre adventure involving a disgraced pastor, a mysterious self-help guru, and a gaggle of brain scientists. Eventually, he realized that the source of his problems was the very thing he always thought was his greatest asset: the incessant, insatiable voice in his head, which had propelled him through the ranks of a hyper-competitive business, but had also led him to make the profoundly stupid decisions that provoked his on-air freak-out. Dan wrote 10% Happier because, when he was getting started as a meditator, he couldn't find many introductory books that were geared towards skeptics -or people raised in the age of irony.

A 7 day introduction to meditation for fidgety skeptics, featuring best-selling author and ABC News anchor, Dan Harris, alongside one of the greatest American meditation teachers, Joseph Goldstein.

I heard Danica Patrick interviewed on Dan Harris' podcast, 10% Happier. I was intregued by what she had to say about meditation and mindfulness, so I borrowed the book from the library. My informal review is the mindfulness chapters are great for beginners. The workouts seem super intense and personally, I don't think everyone ought to be doing intense workouts. The food plan seems, I don't know, too rigid? My attitude about eating well is remove the junk and eat whole foods. It doesn't need to be a rigid plan. I encourage you to be curious, check it out, see if it seems like a good plan for you. Then, get moving and eat well!

P.S. I learned through reading the book that Danica lives part time in downtown Chicago. I am totally going to freak out if I ever run into her! But I have a feeling I can't afford to hang out where she hangs out.

Thank you for visiting the Pretty Intense website! Since you have taken the first step to see what this program is all about, you are already half way there… you want to get healthier, leaner, stronger, and more confident. I know, I jumped ahead and put words in your head that might not of been th...

I was in my first fitness group selfie today. We had a sub in Zumba and our regular teacher asked her to take a selfie. Alas, I don't have a copy of the photo, but I can assure you I a) don't dance well and b) had a great time!

Got my first Imperfect Produce box. My son asked "these are imperfect? They look perfectly fine to me." That night we had a butter leaf salad with cucumber and carrots. All perfectly delicious. This morning I ate the grapefruit. It's nice getting a little suprise of fruits and veggies in the mail - but you can customize your order, too.

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Yes, yes and yes! I just signed up for a weekly delivery of imperfect organic fruits and veg! I can't wait!!!

Bonus! Discount code:…

Imperfect delivers ugly produce for 30% less than grocery store prices. We deliver to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago. Coming soon to more cities across the country!

My pantry purge halted when I realized so many of my items have expired - in 2014! And I've also been avoiding Facebook because there has been so. much. killing this past week, starting with lovely man I volunteered with. I need to avoid social media and focus on loving up those near me.

This is a free Facebook event, February 19-28. Who wouldn't like better sleep?

Discover daily habits to help you sleep better and stress less during this free, worldwide, online event.

Seems everyone around me is catching a terrible cold. If you got it, this "might" help.

This fantastic article was written by Angela Warburton, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, speaker, writer, and teacher. We encourage you to check out her website here, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we look at each food as not onl...|By Angela Warburton Tcm

After throwing away a small batch of foods that expired in 2014 (where have I been the last 4 years?) I extracted some instant miso soup and ramen noodles from my cupboard. Perfect, because I was craving both as I walked home from the work in the cold.

The official, clinical "bubbly water" results are in. The pulmonologist gave me an all clear. She said the tech erred on the side of caution by saying I have a mild obstruction. She said it's so mild she wouldn't count it. She did say I need a plan to ramp up my cardio, that I can't expect to jump into a spinning class cold and cycle away like I could at age 20. AND, wait for it, she said "from one bubbly water addict to another, there is no corrolation between bubbly water intake and pulmonolgy function". Yahoo! I left her office and bought myself a LaCroix in celebration.

A bad cold is being passed around my community. Knock on wood, I have dodged it, partly by going to bed before 10 pm. I haven't tried the rest of these tips, but maybe they'll help if you catch it.

How to Get Well Quickly December 28, 2017 By Pamela 16 Comments My advice for getting better when you’re sick is not to get sick in the first place! It’s actually much easier to stay well than to get over a virus or a bacterial infection (or worse.) You can read this blogpost from many years ago...

I haven't chosen my next pantry item yet, but I have thrown away some items that are not going to be featured here because they have expired! Straight to the trash. What a shame.

Maybe I should do this experiment more often.

Just saw an interview with Zooey Deschanel about this. I haven't checked it out yet, but wanted to share.

Founded by Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik, The Farm Project empowers initiatives that reconnect people with food.

I think I'm going to start with black beans. A few years ago I joined Costco and I quickly realized it doesn't suit our family needs - as evidenced by the 6 cans of black beans I STILL have in my pantry. I'm thinking of trying black bean brownies.

February Fun! I am inspired by Pamela Salzman who cleaned out her fridge and pantry in January. In February I'm going to go through my pantry and freezer and make meals from random food I have stashed in there. I'm going to post the adventures here.

About I have loved good food and enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. I bought my first cookbook in the second grade (I’ll never forget the title, “The Calling All Girls Party Cookbook!”), and found my way into the kitchen as much as I could. As a child, while other kids were at the ...

I remember asking my Dr, out of curiosity, about a pH diet. She said our pH changes throughout the day, so yeah, no.

Robert Young, the author of the book "The pH Miracle," may face three years in prison.