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Rick Clark
· August 16, 2014
There is no lawyer anywhere who will work harder for you than Charles Herman will. He is honest, fair and I consider him a friend. Good luck Mr. Herman I wish you the best.
Kathleen Ulrich Nidek
· August 16, 2014
Congratulations, Charlie. I'm so very proud of you. Wish I could be there to give you a big hug. Love you.
Denise Cooper
· August 16, 2014
Love it! Congratulations! I miss my law partner in crime (good)! I must come visit!

Savannah Georgia Attorney Focused on Labor and Employment Law, Overtime and Wage Theft, Personal Injury, and Federal Criminal Defense

I can tell you what it’s’s saying stop polluting me!!!

The sound could unlock secrets deep inside the planet.

Hahahaha, this is great! Now that’s flourish!

Bud Light delivered a cease and desist letter on Friday to a Minneapolis-based craft brewer using a man dressed as a town crier who declared in a theatrical tone that
Every election year, I see and hear about people being fired for what candidates they support and for political discussions at work. And every election y...
A Los Angeles judge on Monday awarded $277,000 in attorney fees to a former legal secretary who prevailed on her claim that the law firm she once worked for failed
All anti-discrimination statutes pose a tension between equality and liberty. Any law that prohibits discrimination—whether based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or any other…
Workers in food service and retail are at much higher risk, research says.|By Danielle Paquette

Remember when we used to be able to disagree with each other?

I remember when we used to be able to disagree with each other. Friends could have a debate, and go home friends. We could work alongside others, and build


A local labor union's complaint against the Cowboys states that owner Jerry Jones "is attempting to threaten, coerce and intimidate" players by preventing them from exercising "a right they have…

I would love to buy an electric car!

The automotive industry is finally taking note as manufacturers unveil all-inclusive leasing or rental programs to ease the financial burden of ownership.

“Pawternity” or “Mutternity” leave? Awesome!

There are few things I love more in life other than dogs and beer. So when I saw this article I was delighted! A beer company, called BrewDog, has decided to pay its employees a week of new puppy…
Four assistant basketball coaches at NCAA Division I schools have been charged with accepting bribes to steer players to work with clothing companies, sports agents and financial advisers after they
The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has released model dispensary applications Today the Ohio Board of Pharmacy released, through the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control

Should Employers Fire Employees Who Attend White Supremacist Rallies?

There are both legal and moral questions to consider.

Should ESPN Sportscenter Anchor Jemele Hill be fired?

Connecticut's free speech statute 31-51q may give employees rights to speak on matters on public concern but there are limits to that speech.