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Brooke Young
· May 29, 2016
We went in around 10 at night and put in 2 songs as it said 2 songs total. one song we put in was just for my friend and the other was for my friend and I. We waited 2 hours for my friend to sing and... then another hour and a half to see if I would get to sing. We asked the dj twice if our song was going to come up as I was there 3.5 hours and the song I was going to sing in never got played.. His response was that because my friend sang and the the second song included him (because I didn't want to sing alone) that we would have to wait another 30 minutes minimum. He said that it wasn't fair for my friend to get to sing twice in 3.5 hours. i replied that i had seen groups come in and within 5 minutes got to sing but that if it took another 30 minutes then i would have waited FOUR hours without getting to sing, to which he shook his head and said again that it wasn't fair of my friend got to sing twice. In the four hours we waited we watched at least 4 people sing 3 times and many others sang at least twice. this could have been a really fun bar if it wasn't run this way. See More
Lee Cole-Hayhow
· April 29, 2016
Great to have a karaoke bar that's open to whoever wants to sing. But after waiting 3 hours my friend's song was sung by someone else. The DJ/KJ seems to look after regulars and I witnessed someone sl...ip him some cash to bump him up in the queue. Not the way to create repeat customers.
I love the idea of this place but didn't really enjoy my time here. Will look for a better option in the future.
I understand looking after your regulars but they certainly don't seem to be trying to creat new regulars.
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Harlem Calleja
· September 26, 2015
Last night, as was the case the last time we came a few years ago, because you guys don't go by the order you receive the signups to sing, some people got up 4-5 times to sing and others like our grou...p were given 1 opportunity and we were there from 7pm-12:30am and left because we were still waiting for our second opportunity! If you are going to say a two song maximum per person, then maybe enforce that. Definitely the last time we will ever be back. New karaoke DJ from the last time but nothings changed. Boo See More
Alena Sharp
· July 21, 2015
You are getting better than before, but please make sure you give each individual at least one go for example these two secondary school teachers i.e. a chemistry teacher and a biology teacher were wa...iting all night to have a shot and they had loads of songs to sing. They probably waited all night to have a go and ended up leaving before you considered them. Oh and it's more easy to find songs in books listed by the artist rather than the title of the song. So please have more artist books. See More
Brittany Hill
· September 5, 2016
Can you please put your correct trading hours online. I have came a few times to find you are not open when your Facebook says you are which is disappointing when I'm very intoxicated and want to sing... Britney Spears See More
Cory Greenwood
· September 16, 2016
Is this place closed? Need to update page details because we went tonight and it definitely wasn't open, others have reported the same too.
Dustin Guilloux-Cooke
· August 29, 2015
Plan: Go in for 1 drink..

Result: Having a crowd join you as you belt out your favorite song!

P.S. The hangovers don't get any easier...
Lauren Smith
· September 17, 2016
This page says you are currently open but I am sitting out front and you are definitely closed...
Marco Poles Schirru
· July 12, 2015
I love singing and expressing myself in this place whilst drinking beer
David Kelly
· November 7, 2015
Awesome. Had a ball here. Staff were great and we were drunk. Haha
Quashani Bahd
· November 22, 2015
Bahdoesa had a royal time playing Found Festival 2015 this weekend. Thank you for having us. ❤️
Super Bowl 50 half time show with Coldplay, Beyoncé & Bruno Mars

***public service announcement***

Dear Charlton's massive, how 'bout not jumping up and down and making dicks of yourselves in the lift and possibly keeping it under 15 of you at a time (like the signage suggests) This will most likely prevent you from getting stuck..
You're welcome!


P.s we know you've been dicks because we have surveillance cameras in the lift.

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