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A little happy reminder to all of those amazing parents out there! Truly thankful for my parents for never letting me forget the love that they hold in their hearts for me! It continuously molds me into the man I am striving to become. ❤️ #SharingTheLove #KetronStrong
Cable Flyes for Massive Pecs
Burnout sets-- proof that you've gotta fail to succeed. 󾭻 #FromTheGroundUp #TeamNFC

To hell with holding back. We were born vulnerable. Time takes it all from us whether we want it to or not, so live this life and do it unapologetically. ✌🏼#DoYouFrancis

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If you weren't so crazy I'd think you're insaneee 🃏♠️♥️👀


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It's a helluva time to be alive. 👣


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"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." 🔭

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"I've seen fairytale endings to believe in, and now I see a man who'd see the same if he'd but seize it."🎶


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See results from your workouts when you do this.....

Have questions? ASK!

You simply can't outwork a bad diet. Develop the habits you need to reach your goals.

This dream chose you for a reason, don't run from it-- Pour your heart and soul into your life's work and to hell with the voices that tell you otherwise. Your critics do NOT count, for their voices will fade. You on the other hand, you will shine. You will inspire. You will bring hope to the next generation in line. BELIEVE in this! Pray for it. You, your family, and the generations to come are counting on you.. Don't disappoint.


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REST-PAUSE sets are a GREAT way to improve your workout intensity, channel focus into new muscle fibers that might be overlooked and really receive a solid PUMP.

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It's ok to struggle. We all have something that holds us back from time to time. Improve daily with new structured habits and progress towards your goals.

Nothing like filling a good PUMP for Chest day.

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Killer back workout today with this superset at the end of training. 👌🏼I feel a much stronger contraction and stretch in the lower lats when using the bosu ball as a slight incline while doing cable rows. As for straight-arm cable pulldowns, well who doesn't love finishing off with those suckers? 😝🤘🏼 #Welcome2Someday

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Posted by Chase Ketron

Revive your light. Manifest your vision. Realize your worth. 💡

Lift Era Apparel

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Respect the grind, and honor the commitment. ⚒

Lift Era Apparel

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I hope everyone is staying safe. Praying for those effected by Hurricane #Matthew

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Posted by CNN
CNN was live.

Watch the sunrise over Daytona Beach, Florida, as Hurricane #Matthew lingers just off shore. The storm, now a category 3, is still packing 120 mph winds and thr...eatening widespread coastal flooding.

(As seen on Surfline. No audio. Camera will shift positions. Watch it 24/7 at…/daytona-beach-florida_5332/).

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Get advice, motivation and up to date information:

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The day of reckoning is upon us.... ARM-AGEDDON is here!