Global Call for Underwater Photographers

Tell the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management by March 9th that we do not support the U.S. administration's plan to open our coastal waters to offshore drilling. We should be protecting our marine life and coastal communities by investing in clean energy rather than furthering our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Lack of sea ice is making it more difficult for polar bears to find food. (National Geographic)

Lack of sea ice is making it more difficult for polar bears to find food.

For the first time in centuries, the Arctic permafrost is beginning to change — rapidly. It's warming up. Some places are softening like a stick of butter left out on the kitchen counter. (NPR)

Athletes in preparation for the Winter Olympics are realizing how the warming planet has affected their sports, and it's made some of them reflect on their own climate impact.

The Associated Press followed U.S. ski and snowboard teams to a glacier in Europe, where they found snow to practice on before PyeongChang

With solar panels tacked to their sleds and a biofuel made from wood chips to keep them warm, this father/son duo have just accomplished the first Antarctic expedition to rely solely on renewable energy:

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Barney Swan

We made it. The First Antarctic Expedition to survive solely on renewable energy. Will never forget standing at the South Geographical Pole with my father, Kyle..., Martin, and the Last Degree Team. Many thanks for all your support these last few months. #SPEC #SouthPoleEnergyChallenge #SouthPole

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Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral's director Jeff Orlowski receives top environmental honor from the United Nations, The Champions of the Earth award, at the UN Assembly in Kenya today for spreading powerful environmental messages to a global audience. Congratulations!

Robert Swan OBE, the first person to walk both the North and South Poles, is heading to Antarctica again this spring. This time he’s joined by his son Barney and this will mark the world’s first march to the South Pole using only clean energy.

A dramatic demonstration of sustainable technology starts in Antarctica next month as a father and son team set out to walk to the South Pole using...
This year is on track to be the third consecutive hottest year on record. Where does that heat go? The oceans, mostly.

Congratulations are in order to Congressman Pat Tiberi and others for joining The Climate Solutions Caucus with Citizens Climate Lobby. Thank you for meeting the challenges of our climate head on!

And then there were 56! We applaud Republicans Rep. Chris Collins & Rep. Pat Tiberi and Democrats Rep. Nydia Velazquez & Rep. John Larson for joining the #bipar...tisan #ClimateSolutions Caucus!

Thank you to these 28 Republicans and 28 Democrats for bridging the partisan gap on climate change solutions!

Please COMMENT below and SHARE to express your gratitude!

#dearcongress #climatechange #actonclimate #carbonfee #carbondividends

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The Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan group in the US House of Representatives which will explore policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate.
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Pictures captured by photographer Herbert Ponting in the early 20th century show the coldest continent before climate change took hold.
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Two weeks on ice in McMurdo Station, the largest outpost in Antarctica.

Today, Chasing Coral joins Chasing Ice on Netflix! From ice to coral, our changing climate continues to reveal what's ahead of us if we do not take action together. Watch the film, follow Chasing Coral, and visit to learn more.

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Chasing Coral

What lies below for coral reefs reveals what lies ahead for all of us. Watch Chasing Coral, now streaming globally on Netflix! #ChasingCoral

Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral director Jeff Orlowski and producer Larissa Rhodes are live now with Salon, discussing new film Chasing Coral. Watch now:

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Salon was live — with Netflix and Chasing Coral.

A coral catastrophe. "Chasing Coral" director, Jeff Orlowski and producer Larissa Rhodes joins Salon to discuss his new Netflix documentary and how saving coral could be the first battle in the war against climate change.

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A crack more than 120 miles long had developed over several years in a floating ice shelf called Larsen C, and scientists who have been monitoring it confirmed on Wednesday that the huge iceberg had finally separated.

Glaciers in certain areas have been undercut by warmer ocean waters, and the flow of ice is getting faster and faster. (via The New York Times)

Some scientists fear that West Antarctica’s immense ice sheet may have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration.