Les deseamos a todos una FELIZ NAVIDAD y un AÑO NUEVO lleno de exitos, trabajo, estudio, salud y especialmente de mucho amor y prosperidad, C.H.A.T por Summit

MLK Day: Este lunes festivo 15 de Enero es el día anual de SERVICIO en Summit organizado por Shaping Summit Together. Hay muchas oportunidades de participar para todas las edades.

Shaping Summit Together

For the 2018 Schedule of Summit's 20th Annual Birthday Celebration for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr. entitled, A Day of Justice, Equality and Service to Oth...ers, visit

On Monday, January 15, 2018, the community of Summit invites one and all to share in in its 20th anniversary celebration of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. You can make it a Day ON and not a Day Off for the whole family. From 7am to 9:30pm, there will be numerous opportunities to participate in activities which demonstrate the interconnectivity of justice, equality and service to others.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. leaves behind a legacy of action and astute navigation of process to ensure that his messages for peace, justice and equality are still heard, understood and acted upon by individuals and groups. Moreover, he navigated the political process through letter-writing, petition-writing, speeches, marches, convocations and more. He devoted a great deal of time to efforts which he long hoped would achieve peace, justice and equality for all.

For some, connection may start with an act of kindness or charity on behalf of someone experiencing a hardship, injustice or an unfair situation. That act of being helpful to someone may prompt an ongoing connection to the person and build more familiarity. One may come to then understand more fully any underlying injustice or inequality in need of action to change systems, structures, policies, interpersonal harm, and any complacency which oppresses the equal opportunity, dignity and rights of others.

Make January 15, 2018 a day to listen, learn, open your heart to love, volunteer and act to achieve a better world for all.

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Encuentro con las autoridades de Summit.

Muchísimas gracias a Verónica Ardon Patyk por este excelente video-resumen de la reunión.

Feliz y próspero 2018 para todos ustedes, sus familias, amigos y todos sus seres queridos!


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C.H.A.T por Summit