This funny little ditch is their absolute favourite play spot and has been for years.... I come here when I need to sit and do nothing because they have so much to do here, so many games that are visit after visit in the making..... varied experiences are good, but knowing a simple little place deeply is pretty great for them too.
Do your kids have a favourite spot like this?

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This is wonderful. Something for everyone with a baby right now. I remember that freeing feeling when I realised my newborn needed to play just as much as the older babies & children around him. Not being entertained, contained, or having our adult notions of what play should look like put upon them. Just left to do what all children do best- figure out a way to PLAY.

Play, especially when self-directed, is not only natural -- it is vital for our children’s emotional health. Through play babies naturally develop physical and ...cognitive skills, stretch their imaginations, flex creative muscles, build resiliency and a strong sense of self. Play is the way babies learn best. How do we cultivate this inborn drive? At what age does play begin?

Independent play begins the first time an infant spends a comfortable moment awake in a position in which he or she is free to move. Babies are born ready to begin playing. All we have to do is recognize it, encourage it and trust...…/09/baby-you-are-born-to-play/

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I really didn’t think it would work. At a RIE Conference several years ago a friend and I were presenting a workshop on infant and toddler play and attempted

This will be absolutely stunning. One not to miss- a great event to go to with friends with children 🎶

Sun 12:30 PM UTC+13Mt Pleasant Community Centre 3 McCormacks Bay Road, Christchurch
274 people interested
Tue 11:00 AM UTC+13Thomson Park, Marine Parade, North New Brighton, Christchurch
847 people interested

These are everywhere (& in so many children’s toys) and many don’t realise just how dangerous they are. They are just the right size (& shininess!) for a little one to pick up and pop into their mouth as they do..... be vigilant with button batteries.

When a child swallows a button battery it begins to burn the surrounding tissue, leading to serious injury - or death.

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The ParentNormal

Kids make washing their hair so much harder than it needs to be.

One of the lovely mums in our community has sent me this and I think it most definitely has to be shared. Actually, it felt quite reassuring reading her words so it might do the same for someone else.

“......I know this is a bit odd, but I've been thinking about an encounter I had with a mum at the park the other day and I wondered if you could pass on a message to your community for me... As a Mum who now has older children (my youngest is a few weeks away from being six) I... wanted to say that it does get easier. It really does. It's easy to forget from my position how hard those early years are. I don't know if you purposefully put those days into box and forget about them? Or if maybe it's just diminished by time... but it does get better. I remember feeling so utterly alone, like the world was going to swallow me whole. Every day felt like a battle and I felt unprepared for the fight. I yelled. I was tired and fed up and felt like I was the only one. It gets better. I've now got three impossibly grown children who amaze me every day and who make me proud every day. I don't yell. Of course it's still hard. It doesn't get 'easier'... it's different though. There's room to breathe. There's space to think. There's time to be myself. If I could do one thing differently I think I would have asked for more help. By baby number 3 I felt confident that no one actually knows what they're doing and the best we can do is trust our instincts and hope for the best. You've got this. There are people out there who feel like you do and would love to make a new friend. Breathe and remember that this too shall pass......”


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The walk around the salt marsh in Ferrymead is easy with buggies bikes & small feet and SO much to look at along the way. Go past Ferrymead Historic Park and the walk starts beside the golf course. Definitely a favourite of ours.

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Some good pointers in here for parents of babies.

Adults are struggling with the heat, babies are struggling even more. Here's how to help.

Slip slip slap and rather than head for the sun, remember small children and babies are best kept out of this extreme heat as tempting as the pools etc are.

Canterbury Snow and Weather Watch


Temperatures to soar to near 40deg!

Morning all. Ad you may have heard we have some extreme heat bearing down the region for the first ...half of next week.

The situation is as follows...
Due to the lead up to this week (consistent temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s) plus forecasted light winds and little cloud cover we have a perfect set up for near record breaking temperatures. Mondays temperatures look around about 27-28deg... possibly pushing to 30deg for some inland parts.
Tuesday is where the true heat sets in. There is potential for late 30s and even early 40s for some sheltered parts. Heat like this can cause real problems. Fire risk increases, stress is caused to livestock and people... especially the elderly.
Wednesday looks got also with early to mid 30s looking likely for most if not all of the region.

On Tuesday and Wednesday especially we recommend...
-Stay hydrated!
-Stay out of direct sunlight for any longer than 15-20 minutes at a time (if possible).
-Seek shade if need be.
-Check on neighbours and relatives especially the elderly.
-MOST IMPORTANTLY do not risk starting an exposed fire! The fire brigade will be extremely busy next week!

Share this around. Back tomorrow with another update. -Josh

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My advice might seem controversial, and I agree there is always a place, but truly- stay away from online parenting forums. If you find a safe, non judgmental, healthy and supportive one by all means embrace it and join in. Most of them are NOT always like that and the ongoing impact on our mental health and parenting choices is really detrimental. Go out, make friends, say hi, join groups, be brave- real world mums are usually way less vocal and sanctimonious.

"I had always heard about the "Mommy Wars" but it wasn't until having my own child that I really experienced the full force of just how brutal they can be."

This took me less than a minute. If you want to opt out of receiving the hard copy of the yellow and white pages to help reduce waste, click the link, enter your address and name and you’re done.

Your Opt Out will not be effective this year if you have missed the opt out cut off date. You will be opting out of the next book edition. You can find plenty of helpful info on the opt out process in our FAQs section.

Camping with kids 🌲⛺️
Who’s done it? What are your tips? Where do you recommend going? What do you recommend taking? Would be great to hear other Chch parents perspectives.......

The most popular baby names of 2017 in New Zealand have now been released- did yours make the list? Did you have a 2017 baby and what did you choose?



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The Arts Centre - Christchurch

Hello, #Monday! Are you back at work & need a pick-me-up? Good news! Everyone's favourite Leighs Construction Ltd Outdoor Cinema is back THIS WEEK for TWO NIGHT...S! ⠀

Thursday, 11 January ⠀
6pm: Aladdin ⠀
8pm: Grease⠀

Friday, 12 January ⠀
6pm: Moana⠀
8pm: Hunt for the Wilderpeople ⠀⠀

#ChchArtsCentre #historicbuilding# #restoration #newzealand #christchurchnz #christchurch #southislandnz #nzmustdo #pocketsofawesome #discovernewzealand #outdoormovie

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Christchurch City Libraries

Join us at the Margaret Mahy Family Playground from 9.30am to 11.45am on the next 4 Tuesdays. Full library services are on offer, and at 10.00 and 11.00 there w...ill be a storytimes session of songs, rhymes, bubbles, and a story by Margaret Mahy.…/…/q=margaret%20mahy This will be outside if the weather is good - or inside the van if the weather is cold or raining. ^Donna

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