Happy Administrative Professionals' Day! Thank you for your help, support, and guidance!

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Some of our Ithaca team volunteered for the BackPack Program last night at Food Bank of the Southern Tier and filled 72 cases for school children in need! Pictured are Kim Hazelton, Sandie Grooms, Sherry Armstrong, Travis Smith, Brandon James, Craig Leska and Joe Kane. #NVW

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Congratulations to all the Patriots' fans! Here is one of our favorite commercials from last night's game:
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Kimberly Fox
· September 20, 2017
Can you please figure out how to replace debit cards without having your customers go into the bank? It is 2017 for crying out loud. I work 6 days a week during bank hours. I replaced all my other car...ds either through an app or via telephone customer service, but this one and my paycheck goes here (idk why bank of america sold out *sighs*). Can't get any access to my money because I need a new card! I can't get one unless i go into the bank! I can't go into the bank because I work! See More
Jane Chrissy Smith
· January 16, 2018
I recently deposited funds into my account and had accidentally left my card in the ATM machine at the Main St. Owego Branch. I appreciate the efforts of Ryan, Wendy, and the Good Samaritan who called... the bank which prompted CCTC to call me and work with me to get a replacement card issued. It is Customer Service and community spirit that keep me banking with CCTC! See More
Rita King
· August 23, 2017
Absolutely horrible customer service! Went in and changed our address and it got changed on some forms but not all. My card was cancelled without any notice and was told I would receive a new card in ...the mail. Been over a week and still no card. Can't seem to figure out where the problem is. One person tells me the address change didn't go through but have received information at the new address. See More
Will Laughlin
· September 6, 2016
I am writing this review with 2 stars because I went to the ATM tonight and was surprised to learn that after almost 17 years that I can no longer withdraw denominations of $10 anymore. It either has be $20 or $50, you think that the customers would have been notified of this change well in advance? I have made the comment to people who bank with another local bank that I am so glad I have Chemung Canal because they have to withdraw $20 increments. That is so inconvenient. Also we are back to the machines that take your card and it pulls it inside of the machine? You removed all of the old ones years ago because people left their card in the machine often enough.

The new app is a step in the right direction, but it would be a nice addition if you can allow the saving of multiple IDs and make use of touch id to be able to log in with your fingerprint.

I have made mention of making Apple Pay available with our debit cards before and the comment that I received was that you needed to make sure that it is safe. The service has been out for two years next month, and it is a secure system. Is there an estimated timeline when this will be launched?
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Trevor Patton
· March 8, 2018
Charming Canal Trust Company is a bunch of liars and thieves who care NOTHING about their members.
Traci Baker
· June 4, 2016
Only bank that the web banking and mobile banking both go down weekly and are down for hours, and on a weekend when you can't get a hold of anyone. Bank of America's sites never went down and if they ...did it was only for an hour, and they had representatives on call 24 hours a day. Worst mistake in letting my accounts be switched to Chemung should of fought for Bank of America!! See More
Chad Peek
· February 20, 2014
I believe exceptional customer service is a team effort that is built on excellent communication. Being in the customer service business myself for over 22 years, I can say once in a while I've falle...n short of meeting or exceeding a customer's expectations. A great company will recognize when they have fallen short and if given the opportunity will make every effort to correct it. Chemung Canal Trust has the resources in place to go above and beyond for their customers. It says a lot about a company that is willing to provide an unbiased public forum for customers to post their experiences good or bad. It shows me the company cares and is always looking for better ways to serve their customers. It's all about people working together to provide you with a better banking experience. See More
Chastity D. Woodson
· November 21, 2015
I ordered a new debit card from Chemung Canal Trust Company on Sept 26. It was supposed to take 7-10 business days to get here. I just received my new card TODAY, a few days shy of 2 months since orde...ring the card. Not only did it take 7 weeks to receive something that should have only taken 10 days, when I called the branch, I received horrible customer service. Needless to say, I've since found a new bank..... and it kinda sucks, because the new card is so pretty, but pretty doesn't matter when you do bad business! See More
Beverly Shilling
· March 21, 2016
I have been with Chemung Canal for years and they have helped me tremendously with all my business even when some things were not all related to banking. I mostly use the Waverly office and everyone ...there is so friendly and courteous. If I have ever had a problem they have helped solve it. and are very patient with me in explaining if I don't quite understand. I have visited several of the branch offices, Ithaca, Big Flats, Elmira, Elmira Heights, Horseheads and Owego( I think I have visited them all!) and have never encountered bad service. My debit card got declined at first when it came out with the new chip but a trip to the bank got that all straightened out. The new chip is more protection for the card user against identity theft. I can't say enough good things about the service I get from Chemung Canal! See More
Jen Bozek
· August 13, 2016
Just went to do some banking today and oh wait it's closed??? Nice notification Chemung Canal for those who can't get to you during the week. Network goes down and you put signs on the doors? Communic...ation should be a key factor for your customers! #chemungcanal #poorcustomerservice See More
David Fenton
· January 30, 2014
Had to bring the police with me to try and get back the money they stole from me! The manager said if the higher ups say its ok, they would mail me a check ... Of my own money!

Customer service on t...he phone is rude, and the branch manager Victoria Porter I think, said I could close my account, and then refused when I wouldn't agree to pay $140 in fees!

If you want a bank that puts their customers first, instead of scamming them with fees, this is not that bank!!
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Jeffrey Perry
· March 22, 2017
Tellers are rude at Elmira Heights location just about every time I go in there, weather is be to me or to someone else. Act like they are being bothered to cash a check!
Mindy Burbank Porter
· August 3, 2017
I love the bank especially the ones that work in the troy pa branch nicest ppl ever
Joan Blanding
· March 8, 2014
I left the employment of CCTC after many years of dedicated service. During the transition of my accounts to other financial institutions, they made several errors including forgetting to transfer my... retirement funds until I reminded them!!! The bank continues to bring in new management from outside our local area that do not care or contribute to this community. At a result my last 5 years here were the worst of my life, full of stress. They continue to do acquisitions but will not hire additional back office staff to support the operations resulting in poor banking practices and customer service. Chemung Canal is no longer the friendly, community bank it used to be. See More
Lindsay Marie
· March 11, 2014
The worst clunkiest web banking and online bill pay ever. I keep meaning to switch to Tompkins Trust, but I just went through the hassle of switching everything when they bought out Bank of America. ... When I call about the web banking not working, I'm told that they don't understand why it's not working for me. Never had this problem with BofA. See More
Michael Cuff
· September 8, 2015
Don't do it, they will screw you every time. Poor customer service, don't acknowledge emails, pay billers without money in the accounts. Basically steal money from you and get theres when money fina...lly starts coming in again. No "TRUST" here!! See More
Patrick Fowler
· January 13, 2014
I had issues when they changed from BoA, but they have done excellent on all parts of service since! Good job!

Very grateful that the helpful staff was able to help me clear issues. I am closing my ...account as soon as possible and hope to deal with trustworthy banks from here on. See More
Darlene Wright Ike
· April 17, 2014
I have been a CCTC customer for over 30 years for both personal and business accounts. Their service has always been exceptional!. Questions are answered quickly and politely. Glad they are here in... our community! See More
Brad Tillotson
· April 29, 2015
A bunch of assholes and people who just fucking lie to you. You shouldn't ever feel this way about a bank that you have done business with for 30 years!! But they set the standards.
Dan Grinolds
· August 29, 2016
Big shock, another online banking "unavailable" day at Chemung Canal, typical of this crappy bank (or to suit them "banco de mierda") since we cater to the large spanish population in upstate NY and h...ave to select English. See More