Save the Date for the 92nd National Cherry Festival! June 30 to July 7, 2018!

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Welcome to our most exclusive seating for the Cherry Festival Airshow featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels!

Overlooking the Grand Traverse West Bay, Hotel Indigo’s swank rooftop is where you will enjoy the magnificent airshow while indulging in the most scrumptious sips and bites that you will taste all summer. Two beverages tickets are included with your meal.

Indigo View Airshow takes place on 6/30/2018 and 7/1/2018 Tickets on sale Friday, April 27 at 9 am. Learn more:

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Juanita Morris Lomas
· January 21, 2018
My mother was from Michigan; but moved to Texas after she married my dad. His favorite memory of the Cherry Festival is a Bat mobile. If you have any information on that, please post. He is 88 now ...and was also there in 1953. See More
Kelli Woods-Weber
· July 7, 2017
The Diaper Derby & Toddler Races are so fun and are a great, laid back family event where the kids have a blast. I have noticed last year and this year that there are a few issues, however, that a lo...t of parents would like to see addressed. The first issue is that the Toddler Race is for ages from walking to up to 3 years old. The Mile race earlier in the week was for kids 5 yrs and here lies a problem...where do the 4 year olds fit in? I hope they will raise the maximum age in the "Toddler Races" to 4 next year to give that age range of kids a place to run in the Festival fun.

The second issue is the way they run the kids. My daughter (who isn't even 2 yet) ran against kids who were 3, while my Nephew who is almost 4 ran against true toddlers. So either we just need to continue to run in this fun (sort of non-competitive) fashion where ages are mixed BUT then everyone should receive the same color ribbon....or kids need to be organized by age. Is it really fair to put a 12 month old up against 2 & 3 year olds and then give them a last place ribbon? Some would say that the kids don't notice but trust me, they do! Either leave it a fun, non-competitive race but where everyone gets the same ribbon for participating or take the time to make the competition fair.
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Kate Evans
· July 15, 2017
We love the National Cherry Festival! I grew up in TC and now live in Maryland, but we try to come up every summer for the Cherry Festival. This year we brought our 6 month old daughter, and I was p...leasantly surprised to notice how family-friendly everything is! I especially appreciated the mom and infant comfort tent in the open space. Having a cool, clean, private place to change diapers and nurse the baby made the festival-going experience so much easier with a small child! The volunteers in the tent were very friendly and I appreciated the cold water that they offered. Keep up the good work, NCF! See More
Anne Elizabeth
· June 28, 2016
You will never find a festival with a more dedicated staff or a base of volunteers who are more enthusiastic. The amount of hard work they do to make the festival 8 full days of fun for tens of thousa...nds is unparalleled. With tons of free events, family fun, great music and more, this festival centered around the cherry industry is by far my favorite in the world. Those who might knock the Cherry Festival for noise, traffic, trash build up or what-have-you, need to step outside of their grumpiness and see that the festival touts the good word of the cherry industry to the world, brings commerce to our area (which makes many repeat visitors who stimulate the TC area's economy) and most of all create lasting memories for generations who have fun there each year. I know it's hard to please everyone, but they are always striving to do so! Have some fun- come to a concert instead of complaining about one! Crowded streets- smart commute and be a part of the solution! Trash cans full- sign up to be a volunteer and help take care of them! :) At the end of the day, it's all about creating a fun festival for everyone and I personally say, thank you National Cherry Festival for being amazing! See More
Andrew McFarlane
· July 4, 2017
I love what you're doing to localize the festival. Keep it up! I also want to say that while I feel that the Traverse City Police Department does a phenomenal job with community policing at the Cherry... Fest and other events, I was really outraged to see what I believe was a City officer speeding down Union street just after 7 pm at over 40 mph. He did not have his lights on and the street was FULL of children on bikes, scooters, and kids simply running around. I am seriously outraged at this officer endangering people he's supposed to protect and I hope that the TCPD will make all officers aware of safe vehicle operation. See More
Ron Rumpel
· November 21, 2017
It’s awesome to be there in Traverse City at the Cherry festival, I go every year. Always a great time!!!
Leanna Ab
· April 14, 2018
Fun. Cherry hot dog\sausage tastes great! Very memorable experience.
Dylan Cooper
· July 2, 2016
I find it to be extremely sad and utterly disappointing that the Company you hired for the carnival does not sell wristbands for all day passes. It's hard for a family of one, or any number family, fo...r that matter to come and enjoy this aspect of the festival. 20 dollars for 6 rides is extremely over priced. My daughter was heartbroken when I told her I could not afford any more tickets and the 18 we had lasted all of 25 minutes. I just wanted to thank you and Arnold's amusement company for making the national cherry festival and its events affordable for all. You guys rock! See More
Paul Zuhlke
· July 7, 2017
What a joke. Tickets for today's show state show starts at six. 8:20 and waiting..... also a sucky magician. Stood in line for an hour to get in show area. And who builds a stage where audience has su...n in their eyes? Now just heard show starts at 9:00. I do not believe we will be back. And to think we paid for this. See More
Jaime Schymick Siskosky
· July 2, 2017
A nightmare. The airshow was so insanely loud all the kids everywhere are screaming. I'm still shaking from the adrenaline rush that happened as fighter jets buzzed the city. So inappropriate for a fa...mily oriented festival. My kids are terrified & weeping still as we drive away. Took forever to park just to hustle away in fear that we are going to lose hearing & I've been to & enjoy airshows plenty, that was absurd & inappropriate. Bizarre. See More
Anthony Brown
· June 28, 2016
What is the national cherry festival. Its a week long festival kissing the rear ends of the out of town people, the down town businesses, and out of state cherry growers. When 2/3 of the nations che...rries come from northern Michigan and are any where from 2 to 3 weeks behind schedule, its not a festival about the fruit but a money maker. Further more proof was moving the festival to 4th of July to capitalize on the tourist and locals in town. Maybe the festival should be re-named because its no longer about the local cherry growers or thier products. At least other festivals make it about what there famous for like the Holland Tulip festival or the Mesick Mushroom Festival. Maybe you could learn something from them!!! See More
Dalton Thompson
· July 3, 2017
You think maybe we can get into this concert we paid a bunch of money for??? It started 20 mins ago and we still have 600 people waiting in front of us. This is pretty shitty planning for a sold out c...oncert. Maybe have more than 2 people checking tickets??? See More
Theresa Shelton Courtade
· July 11, 2014
I Love it !! I first came to the Cherry Festival in 1968 with my High School Band, I fell in Love with Traverse City I have very wonderful memories of the Cherry Festival from 1968. moved all aro...und the United States and abroad. Nothing was as great as Northern Mi. I will say Colorado made me look twice. I moved to Traverse City in 1976 was married and had 3 children. I started getting involved with the Cherry Festival in the late 1970s. I started teaching baton twirling and had a group of girls twirling in the parades. Today I still volunteer for the Festival and I belong to the second Time Arounders Band And still twirl baton with the band and have been with the band for over 22 years. I look forward to another year as soon as the Festival is over. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing old friend (or should I say long time friends.) I just Love It. See More
Mary Haseltine Phillips
· March 9, 2018
Great memories at the Cherry Festival! With Lavelle!!(Mom)
Chris Johnson
July 9, 2014
Low class moment! Some friends and I were at the Beer tent, which was a peaceful event, until the Police showed up, at closing time, with one of their K9 service dogs. Instead of just anouncing to ...the crowd that it was closing time, the office encouraged the dog to bark non stop, and pushed the crowd out of the tent. I was embarassed for the city of Traverse city, and the Police force. there was no need for such a show of force. I will not go back. See More
Mathew Paul Voice
· March 21, 2015
I lived here my whole life and did not go this year because they took my rights away I can no longer breath clean air at this function so I do not support it when it takes your American rights away... ..................... I must be one of the truly American left in this world to stand up for my rights ... See More
Cheryl Chapman
· July 5, 2017
Tickets for rides were outrageously priced! I do not believe any of the rides lasted even 2 minutes.$5 per person to ride the ferris wheel does not make it affordable for families to enjoy!
Melissa Kay Zenner
· July 10, 2014
I was at the parade tonight. Just wanted to say that the Cherry Festival crew at the start of the parade did a tremendous job of keeping it going and in order. I didn't catch the ladies name but she making sure people were out of the way of the floats so pictures could be taken. Didn't appear to be an easy task at times. These people don't get enough credit. My kids said it was the best parade they've ever been to. See More
Nick Radziewicz
· July 4, 2016
There are many activities to participate in and see that you will never be bored. I just went my first time on Saturday and enjoyed the festival and Traverse City. The festival and the city both me. In the future I would love to intern at the festival. That is how much I love Traverse City and the Cherry Festival. See More
Anton Wineman Sr.
· June 29, 2016
I was born and raised in TC.I was never so happy and proud of our town during Cherry Festival week. People speak of your town with love. Your problems that speak of, lawlessness, parking, bad attitude.... Those are caused by uncaring locals. I love TC and come back to visit my family and bring my own family to see where I grew up. Don't blame the visitors blame yourself. See More
We have Big News!!! We took home not one, not two but THREE Gold Pinnacle Awards at the International Festival and Events Association’s annual conference. Best Organizational Website, Best Green Program, Best Emergency and Risk Management Plan. 🙌🙌🙌🍒🍒🍒 . . . #cherryfestival #tcmi #ifea62 #traversecity #puremichigan
We're all out here jamming to REO Speedwagon!