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  • Hey. I love music-blues, reggae, pop-Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, etc.My favorite past tme.Watchin HOMAI TE PAKI PAKI. Wnt 2 c it live at d studio. Really choice night. I also jst luv harleysJst luv riding on d back of one in d summa tme.Its d only way 2 go.I got a f ewmates dat own Harleys. like goin to my favorite pub ova d North Shore. Fav drinks; Black rushen,pinacoladas, coladas,kalua n bayleys mixed togetha,drnks wth white rum in dem,burbon n coke,havana gold, midoris,cactus juice wth vodka,n last but not least gud old beer.
Favorite Quotes
  • If the ocean was weed and I was a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and I'd smoke my way up. But the ocean aint weed and I aint a duck, so give me a smoke and I'll shut the fuck up.

    Money doesn't grow on trees-dedicated to my Son:P lol

    War doesn't decide who's right, it decides who's left.

    The ones you love are never far away. They're always in your heart.