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Chibi 3 Kingdoms - Battle Preview
Hello Generals! Come watch our official trailer for Chibi 3 Kingdoms! For your information, Chibi 3 Kingdoms will be released soon within this month! Gear up!
Chibi 3 Kingdoms - Battle of Juyan

Dear Generals,
after a long journey together, we are sorry to inform you that Maingames will officially CLOSE THE SERVICE of Chibi 3 Kingdoms. We are really thankful for your support, as Chibi 3 Kingdoms was able to become an enjoyable game for all. A hard decision, but it’s time for us to say goodbye.

Topup service closing: 15 May 2017, 12:00 PM GMT+7...
Game closing: 23 June 2017, 12:00 PM GMT+7

As a token of appreciation for all players that have been very loyal and helpful in the development of Chibi 3 Kingdoms, Chibi 3 Kingdoms Team will hold a special event:

Farewell Event (15 May – 22 June 2017):
All players from all servers will get FREE 10000 Gold & 480 VIT every day!

We would like to apologize if there are any unpleasant service experiences from our team when servicing Chibi 3 Kingdoms. Lastly, thank you for your enthusiasm in playing Chibi 3 Kingdoms!

See you in next adventure!

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Dear Generals,
We would like to inform you that we have closed the service of Chibi 3 Kingdoms today at 12:00 PM GMT+7.

We have tried our best to keep this game running, and now we would like to apologize should you think we have not been able to provide a satisfactory service. Chibi 3 Kingdoms has been a memorable game for us. However, due to many reasons we have to end the service.


Thank you, and see you again in next adventure!

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Halo Jendral~

Saat ini, top up menggunakan Potong Pulsa XL (Mimopay) sedang dalam maintenance yaa sehingga tidak dapat digunakan untuk sementara waktu. Namun, kamu masih bisa menggunakan payment lain untuk top up yang dapat kamu lihat langsung di website kami. Sementara bagi kamu yang mengalami permasalahan top up, silahkan hubungi customer service kami yaa di

Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya ~

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Hello Everyone!
We have solved the login issue, you should be able to login normally now. If you encounter any other problems or have any questions, feel free to contact us on

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Maintenance will start in 11:00 AM GMT+8.
Please log off before the maintenance starts.

Merge Server Rules


A. Character
1. If you have multiple characters in the same merge group, the character with highest BP will be selected, while the rest of it will be removed from your account.
Note: You can recover your old character, by emailing containing data such as,
a. Character Name
b. Server Name
We will give you further instruction in the email after.

2. Players who are a non VIP and been inactive for more than 14 Days in a row will be permanently deleted.

3. Players with the same name will have server code automatically added in their current character name
Note: 100 Gold will be automatically added to your character to change into new names.

B. Login System

1. After merge, player can still login through the same server as usual.
2. After merge, players can only have 1 character in the merged servers, the other character will be removed temporarily as mentioned in Rules A.1

C. In Game Condition

1. Arena: Ranks will be reset, meanwhile Medals obtained will stay the same.
2. Mines: All occupied mines will be reset.
3. Guild: Guild with the same name will get Server Code written after their guild name.
Note: Guild Chief in the merged server can request for a Guild Name Change by contacting
4. Growth Fund/Invest Event: Will not reset.
5. Monthly Card: Will not reset
6. Guild War: Cities occupied will be reset.
D. Events

1. Events with top up accumulation will be reset.

If you have any questions regarding to this matter, simply message us

Customer Support:

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Attention Generals!
We will perform server merging on February 13. Game will not be accessible during the maintenance until further notice.
Here is the list of servers that gonna be merged
Hopefully you can find better opponents or new friends there!

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hai Maingamers,
Akan ada Maintenance Top-up via BCA KlikPay pada hari Sabtu 21:00 WIB - Minggu 09:00 WIB. Mohon untuk tidak melakukan transaksi Top-Up via BCA KlikPay selama maintenance berlangsung. Kami mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya, terima kasih

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and may this New Year bring you joy and laughter~!!

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For the first Christmas ever in Chibi 3 Kingdoms, we have prepared a string of special Christmas events for you!
Christmas Box
Winter Trial
Christmas Shop
Demon Sun Quan



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[ID] Hai Maingamers,
Saat ini sedang dilakukan "Emergency Maintenance" oleh operator telepon XL. Bagi kalian pengguna XL yang ingin melakukan transaksi top-up, mohon untuk menggunakan layanan Top-Up lainnya sampai maintenance selesai.. Terima kasih dan mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya.

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Bagi kamu yang mengalami kesulitan login dan menemukan pesan "password telah diubah" atau "error tidak diketahui" jangan khawatir yaa, saat ini tim kami sedang memperbaiki permasalahan tersebut. Kamu tetap dapat login ke karakter kamu melalui login history yang terdapat di tombol Play Now.

For those who encounter "password has changed" or "unknown error" when you're trying to login. Our team is currently trying to fix this issue. You can still login by clicking on your username located in the Play Now's login history list.

Hi Generals!
System maintenance has been finished. You can Top-Up using your favorite payment channel now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy gaming!

No automatic alt text available.

Hi Maingamers
There will be a scheduled System Maintenance on Thursday, December 15th 2016 (09:00AM GMT+8). Top-Up will temporarily be unavailable during maintenance until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you

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Dear Generals

For those who encountered an issue in Campaign, Arena, Hero Hall and other features. These issue has been fixed, please relogin and try to access these features again.

Note: To fix the campaign feature, please visit Campaign and click on My City. Then relogin into the game


=Additional Information=

We have also received reports from players that claims that their gold/silver has been reset to 0. This is because there was a glitch in our system that give out gold and silver from gold mines more than it was supposed to and most players have used the gold / silver more than they should.

For example:
If a players occupied 5x Super Gold Mine, they can get 2400 Gold / 8 Hours. But because of this glitch, they get 5 times more (which means 9600 "Extra" Gold). This extra gold is what we tried to reclaim. So if a player have less than 9600 Gold, they will get their gold deducted to 0. (This amount is just an example, players might get more or less than that depends on their occupied mines)

We truly apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that you can understand our decision.

Note: Within 1x24 Hours, we will compensate our players with
- 600 Gold
- 5M Silver
- 3000 Pill
- 120 Stamina

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Good morning Generals!

We have noticed all the issue that you've reported.
Our team is currently working on it, hopefully they can fix this issue as soon as possible. There will be another maintenance today to fix these issues (exact time will be updated here). And for compensations, since there's still some errors, we will send it after the maintenance ends.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Chibi 3 Kingdoms updated their status.

Dear Generals

Maintenance has finished! You can login now and continue your daily activities. Dont forget to participate in the current events~

P.S: If you encounter any issue after the maintenance, please write it down in the comments below, including your character name and server name.


Thank you

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Chibi 3 Kingdoms updated their status.

Dear Generals,

We will do an emergency maintenance that will start in 5 minutes to fix some issue that occurs on several players. During maintenance, you will not be able to login and top up.

Please patiently wait until further notice.



The maintenance is still in progress..
Since there's so much that we have to fix, all players will have their Mine progress reset.

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