Chicago Poetry Press is pleased and excited to announce that the Board of Contributing Editors for THE PUSHCART PRIZE: BEST OF THE SMALL PRESSES (43rd Edition) has nominated Mary Jo Balistreri’s poem "Winter Sunset, Naples, Florida" from Chicago Poetry Press' publication The Poetry Writer's Guide to the Galaxy (Journal of Modern Poetry 20) for inclusion in PP XLIII to be published this November. I was informed of this through a letter signed by Bill Henderson, the Publisher of Best of the Small Press. If Mary Jo’s poem makes the final cut into the book we will be notified in May. Congrats to Mary Jo!!!

Final Deadline for submission of poetry into JOMP 21: Dear Mr. President is March 18. Review the guidelines at

Got something to say about Trump? Well, here's your chance!

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Now accepting submission of poetry for Journal of Modern Poetry 21…

Now accepting submission of poetry for Journal of Modern Poetry 21…

Announcement about the 21st issue of JOMP coming soon.

JOMP 20 is now available at a pre-release discount of two books for the price of one. Two copies of JOMP 20: The Poetry Writer's Guide to the Galaxy for $18.00 (with free shipping):…

Tyehimba Jess wins a Pulitzer!

For a distinctive work that melds performance art with the deeper art of poetry to explore collective memory and challenge contemporary notions of race and identity.

Chicago Poetry Press is pleased to announce the Winners of the 2017 Galactic Poetry Prizes.

In the category of “Best Moon Poem” the winner is: Joanne Blackwelder of Ocean City, NJ, for her poem “Night Walk on the Shore”. Joanne wins $120.00 in celebration of JOMP’s 20th anniversary issue.

In the category of “Best Galactic Poem” the winner is: Dianalee Velie of Newbury, NH, for her poems “DIZZY” and “Questions for Venus When She Dangles the Crescent Moon”. Dianalee also wins $...120.00.

I’d also like to list two Honorable Mentions, poems that came “this close” to winning one of the prizes:

Sheila Elliott for her poem “In the Sky, In the Stars, We Seek Stories”


David Nekimken for his poem “Circle of Life, Circle of Being”

Congratulations Galactic Poetry Prize Winners!!

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Congratulations to the JOMP 20 Poets, all of whom have "galactic" poetry accepted for publication in the upcoming journal:

Amanda Layman, Joliet, IL
Beverly M. Collins, Burbank, CA
Candace Armstrong, Murphysboro, IL...
Carolyn Clark, Newfield, NY
Catharine J. Jones, Evanston, IL
David Marcus, Streamwood, IL
David Nekimken, Chicago, IL 60615
Deborah Nodler Rosen, Glencoe, IL
Dianalee Velie, Newbury, NH
Diane O'Neill, Chicago, IL
Donal Mahoney, Belleville, IL
Gene Fendt, Kearney, NE
Hazel Clayton Harrison, Altadena, CA
Irfanulla Shariff, South Elgin, IL
Iris Orpi, Chicago, IL
Itala Langmar, Kenilworth, IL
Jeff Rogers, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Dotson, Highland Park, IL
Joan Krieger Hoffman, Los Angeles CA
Joanne Blackwelder, Ocean City, NJ
Joe Glaser, Chicago, IL
Joseph Witt, Altadena, CA
John Laue, La Selva Beach, CA
Joseph Kuhn Carey, Glencoe, IL
Katherine Derengowski, San Marcos, CA
Laura Lee, Lombard, IL
Linda Leedy Schneider, Grand Rapids, MI
Linda Wallin, Palatine, IL
Lynn Veach Sadler, Burlington, NC
Margaret Dubay Mikus, Lake Forest, IL
Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Lexington, MA
Marilyn Peretti, Glen Ellyn, IL
Mary Jo Balistreri, Waukesha, WI
Mary Langer Thompson, Apple Valley, CA
Michael P Wright, Highwood, IL
Nancy J Heggem, Palatine, IL
Nancy Lind, Pasadena, CA
Norma Mahns, Oak Grove, MO
Peter Halliday, Arlington Heights, IL
Peter Rodenby, Northumberland, England
Radomir Vojtech Luza, North Hollywood, CA
Ricardo Lira Acuña, Los Angeles, CA
Richard King Perkins II, Crystal Lake IL
RPMuha, Valparaiso, IN
Samuel Griffin, Westmont, IL
Sheila Elliott, Oak Park, IL
Stephen Colley, Altadena, CA
Taunja Thomson, Cold Spring, KY
Thelma T. Reyna, Pasadena, CA
Tim Callahan, Altadena, CA
Tony Peyser, Altadena, CA
Tracie Renee Amirante Padal, Palatine, IL
Tricia Marcella Cimera, St. Charles, IL
Wilda Morris, Bolingbrook IL

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Finished selecting the JOMP 20 poems. 52 poets have been selected representing some 60+ poems chosen. That was a LOT of poetry I had to read through but luckily there was some truly fantastic "galactic" poetry in it so it wasn't much of a chore. Too tired now with poetry coming out of my ears to draw up an announcement of the poets' names so that will come some time soon. Congratulations to the JOMP poets.

Here's an exclusive sent to my Chicago Poetry page. Send them an email for a good chance to get a free pair of tickets to Paterson.

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Lara Bogenrief added a new photo to Chicago Poetry's timeline — at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema.

Enter to win tickets to see #PatersonMovie opening at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema on January 20th! You could also win an exclusive PATERSON branded journal courtesy of Bleecker Street Media!

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Chicago Poetry Press is celebrating its 20th issue anniversary with a very special open call for poetry:…

Chicago Poetry Press is celebrating its 20th issue anniversary with a very special open call for poetry:…

Poetry of Protest, a new anthology published by Chicago Poetry Press, is now available:…

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The Journal of Modern Poetry Volume 19 poets have been selected: Beverly M. Collins, Casey Derengowski, Christopher Leadway (aka, Ken Brown), David Nekimken, Deborah Nodler Rosen, Deborah Stoker, Diane O'Neill, Donal Mahoney, Gerda Govine Ituarte, Iris Orpi, Itala Langmar, Jeff Rogers, Jennifer Dotson, Jennifer May, Jim Davis, Joan Krieger Hoffman, John Gordon, Joseph Glaser, Joseph Schlesinger, Judith MK Kaufman, Kathy Lundy Derengowski, Linda Leedy Schneider, Margaret Dubay Mikus, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Marilyn Peretti, Mary Jo Balistreri, Mary Langer Thompson, S.M. Kozubek, Michael P Wright, Nancy Heggem, Nancy Lind, Pamela Borovich, Peter Rodenby, Robin Lily Goldberg, Tamara Tabel, Thelma T. Reyna, Tobin Fraley, Tracie Renee Amirante Padal, Tricia Marcella Cimera, Trudy Leong, Wilda Morris.