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Chick-a-Biddy offers a fast-casual dining experience where guests can enjoy a healthy and affordable meal in a fun atmos...phere. The restaurant features regional, all-natural and pastured poultry. Chick-a-Biddy serves lunch and dinner daily and brunch on the weekends.

For media requests, please contact Melissa Libby at or 404.816.3068.
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(404) 588-1888
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Hours 10:30AM - 9:00PM
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  • Melissa Bryant Connor
    December 24, 2016 at 2:13pm
    Will you be open on the 26th
  • In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful to be partnered with! Thanks for blessing us with your chicken and waffles. Happy Thanksgiving! See More
  • Hi, My husband and I wanted to have dinner at your restaurant at Atl...antic Station and when we walked in one of the employees was sitting down at the booth rolling silverware. She yells over to us while she was still seated that they were only taking to go orders. We asked why, and we looked again at the door to see that it says the restaurant closes at 9 on Sunday's. Again we asked her why and she said they only take to go orders after 8:30 (it was 8:23). The lady had a serious attitude and we were so perplexed that apparently you all just close when you want. Is this a normal practice at your establishment? See More
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Markita Jordan
· October 16, 2016
This place was pretty good, and not ridiculously packed for a brunch spot in one of Atlanta's premier shopping locations! Fast service, our server was very nice..., and she was accurate with our orders. I'm not too crazy about the gluten free waffle (it's very thick, more like a biscuit texture and takes a little more time to eat it), but I think it's great with lots of warm syrup. I tried the Bourbon pecan waffle with chicken tenders and a side of sweet tea. I also appreciated the healthy options in the place of breaded/fried chicken. I'd definitely come back for brunch, or maybe a lunch time stop, in the future! See More
Mike Byrd
· December 24, 2016
Service was horrid... Waited to be seated then ignored until we had to ask for a server after people who came in after us got service. Father in law asked for w...hite meat... I pretty sure the thigh is dark. But we had waited so long he just ate it. My wife and mother in law said they wanted to split a meal had to ask for an extra plate. And then had to ask for silverware since didn't get those either... See More
Adrienne Carter
· November 2, 2016
The hot wings are insane.....the waffles are pretty good too! We ate there yesterday and our waiter was exceptional! I forget his name, but remember his face!... He's my go-to waiter from now on. There is a female waitress there who's quite abrupt and'll know her when you encounter her.
Went again for the Marinated Peri Peri wings a few days ago and they were over charred! It took over 10 minutes for the same rude female waitress, whom I was told, was the MOD, to bring out everyone's food!
This waitress/floor manager is the absolute worst part of your establishment!
Your food has to be more consistent for me to want to endure the ridiculously nasty attitude of this waitress.....dreads with and splash of red and green throughout! Cut your losses!!!!!!
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Tiffany Soko
· October 23, 2016
Walking in the restaurant it automatically started with a 1 for service. There was an entire group of staff standing around and not one greeted us or welcomed u...s. We stood around for a few and still no acknowledgement. To make matters worse it was not busy... my friend and I then proceeded to find our own seats. Then our waiter came, Tre. He started off ok. Not great and energetic as I noticed another staff of yours to be with her guest. But moving along. Once our food came out, my friends MAC n cheese did not make its way out. Once she ask for it the waiter then went to get it. It was warm and looked like it been sitting for a while so my friend ask the water if he could please heat up the Mac n cheese and the waiters response was "it's warm it was sitting under the light." My friend then said she understands that but she likes it hot and if he could just heat it up. He then proceeded to say they do not have a microwave and walked off. How rude. Did not apologize or offer to help. From there he never checked in on us. What happen to the 2 min rule? No refills no napkins and no concern. My chicken was not fully cook I then apologized to him for complaining and I told him I want the chicken but it was not fully cooked. I showed him and he agreed and took it back. No manager came to the table to apologize for the disaster and I take it that the waiter did not even let his manager know. Once we paid no thank you! no nothing! His service sucked! I will never go back there. I have never had a waiter be so rude. He is not about pleasing his customers and needs to find a new profession because servicing people is not his passion. See More
Sabrina Owen Hern
· October 15, 2016
The chicken taco was good. The fish taco (I ordered fried but got grilled), was ok. The spinach quinoa salad was interesting, it was not good. I asked for dres...sing because it was basically just a bowl of raw spinach. The worst part was the service. It took forever, server was MIA, asked for napkins but never got any. Has to get up and go pay the bill because again he was MIA. With better service I might try again but was not impressed by the first visit. See More
Amee Phouthasavong
· September 19, 2016
My friends and I came from out of town (Memphis,TN & Orlando,FL). We ate at your establishment at Atlantic Station yesterday. The food there was very good. So g...ood that after my husband and 4 of our friends were done with a photoshoot we recommended them to come try out your food. Myself and 3 of our other friends decided to join them as well and have drinks while the others finish their meals. Well as we were seated a gentleman came to our table and asked our group if we were just at the restaurant an hour ago and now if we're back to eat again (he said this in a very rude tone)? I replied," yes we were here and we're getting drinks this time. Is there a problem?" Well myself and my 3 other friends decided to just sit at the bar since there seemed to be some tension that I decided to spend more of money at this place. The bartender was excellent by the way. Oh and yes we all 4 decided to order something to snack on at the bar with our drinks. My husband and 4 of our friends unfortunately did not have great service. They were never given menus and the waitress comes to the table and asks them if they were ready to order? She never apologized for them not having menus or simply concerned at all. Afterwards they received their order and my husband never even got syrup with his chicken and waffles. Well the waitress never really came back for him to even ask for some. She then returned when she noticed they were finished eating and my husband had to ask for a refill on water. Really? I've never been treated that way at a restaurant ever! Later I found out from the bartender the gentleman that was rude to us was the manager, very professional I tell you, NOT! Please re-evaluate your staff and their treatment of PAYING customers! See More
Paul W. Anderson
· February 8, 2017
There was a reason this place was so empty when I arrived. I asked for a white meat chicken and both times that I sent it back got dark me. I don't know if the ...Cook or the person who puts the food on the dishes knows the difference between white and dark meat. However, the food wasn't that good anyway. I will never return. One thing that did get right, was a very attractive server that served me. He got a nice $5 tip and I got a free meal. See More
Josh Fritz
· January 1, 2017
Price is extremely reasonable. Very grateful for the gluten free menu. It has been about 5 years that my son could walk into a resturant and not have to worry about the preparation of the food. Food was unbelievable.
Ross Pomerantz
· December 4, 2016
The server was great and I ordered my food after the rest of my group and they rushed it out so we got to the movie on time. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone!!
Jason Huguenard
· November 4, 2016
I walked in around 2pm on a Wednesday, the place was clean and the staff was friendly. I appreciated the gluten free options on the menu, as I have celiac dise...ase and it is normally impossible to eat at a fast food restaurant. I ordered a chicken tender basket, with fries and a salad. The food was great, I wish they had a restaurant in Indiana where I'm from. See More
Chavonne White
· December 24, 2016
Going in the afternoon is ALWAYS a great experience. I learned my lesson yesterday when I went in the evening... NEVER AGAIN! We waited at our table for our wai...ter that NEVER gave us his name for literally 1 minute shy of 15 minutes. I swear he heard me when I said if we don't get service by 945... then he came over at 944. The taste of the food was NOTHING like the food from the afternoon crew. My drink was good though! Our waiter wasnt good AT ALL! Smart man to not give his name! I'll stick to going in the afternoon where the food, service and drinks are equally superb and consistent! I will remember Tasha's name ANY DAY! If you ever go during the day, if she's there you won't be disappointed! See More
Dray Wolf
· October 18, 2016
the fried chicken strips were the best i've had. the cinnamon waffle was excellent! however, the dining area was plain. BUT, i didn't go for the ambiance, i went for the food. i was not disappointed.
Michael Mangum
· October 16, 2016
Was in town for a show and had heard about restaurant. Very excited to try. Excitement very short lived. Service was awful. Food, once finally received, was not very good. Took two tries to even get the correct food. Will never return.
Manizheh Jamali
· February 19, 2017
The sweet potatoes are crunchy,the macaroni and cheese is sweet and creamy. The chicken is very tasty. Been here twice.
Andrea Cherry-Lee
· October 30, 2016
Chick-a-Biddy has great food but the service is so hit or miss. There are days when the service is excellent and then there are days when the service is awful. I can not count the number of people I have seen walk out due to no service. This is unacceptable.
Devan Watson
· December 10, 2016
Do NOT go here if you are actually hungry. Ridiculously over priced for tiny portions. The food is actually decent if you want to spend $20 on a snack.
De'Ron Frazier
· February 15, 2017
I absolutely loved my visit, even though they don't offer lemon pepper wings, lol. Everything was delicious and the service was great as well. I'm craving their banana smoothie right now actually. �
Bella Parisot
· August 14, 2016
Great service and food. GF Chicken is delicious. The GF pancakes taste great but slightly undercooked. Management was prompt in replacing it and free dessert along with a discount for my trouble. Will definitely come again.
DeQuana Ellis
· December 31, 2016
Had a great experience. The waffles and chicken was beyond delish. Our server, Trey was great!!
Armond Mack
· February 5, 2017
Great food. Quick service. I recommend the Banana bread waffles with chicken tenders.

Enjoy a Falcons Storm special this weekend!! #atlanticstation #riseup #atlantafalcons

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Join Atlantic Station and all of Atlanta!!

Sat 2:00 PM ESTAtlantic StationAtlanta, GA
602 people interested · 263 people going

We are so sorry but due to the building's power outage (main transformer) - we will be closed for dinner tonight. We will open Monday and will keep this page updated with any news.

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Hello Atlanta - Chick-a-Biddy is open and serving BRUNCH!! We are back to standard hours!

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We will be closing at 9pm this evening, to ensure that our staff makes it home safely. Thank you!

We'll be ready for you in the morning! #atlanticstation #happynewyear #brunch

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Join us for a Hard Cider Slushy! #atlanticstation

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Join us for a special drink this weekend!! Will you choose the Light or Darkside?

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Yo! Did you know that we cater? Have chicken and waffles at your next event! 👍🏼

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We have partnered with Georgia Citizens' Coalition on Hunger to help raise funds for a new tractor!

THIS Thursday, August 4th, we will be hosting a fundraiser at Bantam + Biddy. It starts at 6:30 pm.

$65 per person


Excludes tax and gratuity. Alcoholic beverages sold separately. 2-hour free parking is available in the parking deck located directly next to the restaurant on Crescent Ave.

Please make reservations at

More info on Georgia Citizen's Coalition:

"Forty years ago, the Georgia Citizen's Coalition was formed to address hunger in our state. Located in South Atlanta, a community where one in four people goes to bed hungry, the organization sits on 7 acres of viable land to grow food for local families. Their tractor is no longer reliable. They need a new one to start farming and increase production. With a good tractor, the Coalition can feed 500 hundred families per season, and the investment will guarantee food sovereignty for a decade!

In farming, as in fundraising, many hands make light work. Umoja means unity, which means we are all in this together. When you contribute to this collective effort you put this value into practice.

The Umoja Farm is not just a way to feed people a meal, the farm provides the community with a true and lasting solution in a so-called 'food desert'. The tractor will help produce crops that supply multiple farmer’s markets, where food stamps go twice as far. It will help sustain a powerful, Black-led, 40-year-old organization based in the vision of poor and working people.

A tractor is a small piece of equipment with huge significance - it can turn a small garden back into the working farm this land was meant to be. The 9 Gammon Avenue building is a community hub in South Atlanta. In a moment when young people are in danger, there are no jobs, and visionary leadership is under attack, the Umoja Garden represents a new economy and a powerful, collective effort to feed and sustain our communities.

Please lend a hand to lift up success in this community. Contribute at a level that is meaningful to you, and share this fundraiser with the people you know who care about justice, local food, nutrition, and mental health."

See More

Join us at ChickABiddy for @AtlanticStation Margarita Crawl from 12:30-5p tomorrow, Sunday July 17th! Vote on your favorite margarita (ours, obviously) and enjoy brunch, or lunch with 10% off your entrees with the purchase of our Watermelon Margarita! (The best Margarita!) Hydrate tonight, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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It's Pastured Poultry Week in Atlanta! Serving Chick-a-Biddy happy chickens makes us happy. White Oak Pastures

More info on the event:

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It's National Fried Chicken Day! Celebrate accordingly with us!

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Beat the sizzling Atlanta heat at Chick-a-Biddy! ☀️ Starting Saturday through July 4th, we're serving up Classic Spanish Sangria. 💃 We'll see you on the patio!

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