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Feedback from our parents.
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Гулять и гулять в такую чудесную погоду!

Walk and walk in such wonderful weather!
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Alissa Ou
· January 23, 2018
Child Care #1 is the best daycare we have been fortunate to attend! I felt very lucky we found this jewel!

Because of relocations, my son attended three daycares....

Before, he attended a French La Maternelle. Child Care #1 is similar in the way the program emphasizes teaching proper etiquette, language, development, and good nutrition. But what sets it apart is the warm, homey, personal atmosphere.
It really felt like I was bringing my son to close family members who have the time, resources, and way more patience than I to do fun activities all day! I always had a hard time convincing him to leave!

Irina and Valeria have extensive training in pedagogy for all ages and customize stimulating activities to interest and develop critical skills for every level.

We were very sad when we had to move away. My son is nearly 7 now, and he still wishes he could return here!

He attended an American daycare afterwards, and the provider was very confused when I started bringing in workbooks I had to buy myself and when I asked her to limit the number of sweets and junk food per meal!

We still have the crafts projects my son completed while here, and they are far more intricate and interesting than anything he has done since.

I think you could not find a better place, so it really is #1!
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Natasha Budyldina
· January 15, 2018
We’ve been going to this daycare for more than 6 months by now. My daughter was crying at first, didn’t want to leave my hands and over the time she got used to them and now she hardly leaves them in ...the evenings. Really a great place for kids to start getting used to daycare, other kids and being away from parents. Irina and Valeria are very nice, I always have some requests for them like change my daughter or help her get used to the potty or brush teeth and they always do what you ask them. In summer they were putting sun cream and mosquito cream on all kids before going for a walk. It’s really like a family and I really have a piece of mind every day my daughter is there because I know they will really take care of her. Another cool thing is that they post pictures of their activities almost daily and it’s always a sweet moment to see what your little one is doing there. I called this daycare after my two friends highly recommended it to me and I will definitely recommend it as well. See More
Madina Madike
· January 21, 2018
As new parents, we had no experience with daycares. It was difficult to choose a location. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and close to home. We found what we were looking for and m...ore with Child Care #1! Our daughter is being cared for by people that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. We love to hear daily about the things that she is experiencing and learning. We appreciate that the teachers are actually teaching and not just "watching" her.
Thank you Детский Сад #1 for all your hard work!
Дамелиа очень любит свой садик.
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Kseniya Sanford
· October 2, 2017
I am so disappointed with my lasting impression of this daycare. This was my daughter's second daycare this year. We pulled her out of the previous one because they no longer offer Russian. She had been there under 4 months. She has just started to not cry at drop and loved to stay at pick up and have me play with her. I was really happy with many things there and had little or no complaints until I got a text (not even a call) from the head of the director on a Thursday after my husband picked up saying that the following Thursday they no longer had room for my daughter. What happened to a signed contract and agreement? What about the stress on a child after she just got used to the environment. I was so upset. I went back and read their agreement and it says nothing that they could do this. What's even worse was the week before we went on vacation and still had to pay them 50% and clearly they knew they were going to do this. Had I been working on the days and my in laws weren't in town I would have gotten a lawyer involved for breaching the contract. But why would I want to take my daughter there anymore when clearly they don't have her best interest at heart or the respect to even talk to me in person for give me reasonable notice. If you are to terminate contract with them you require 4 weeks. I then texted her asking for a copy of our signed contract no reply. I called them to ask when I could pick up my daughters things, no reply. I then had to show up where at the front door all she said was "the kids are sleeping." She brought me her things outside and I then had to remind her of things she forgotten after she had said everything was there. She got her things gave them to me and that's it, no apology no nothing. Later when I signed my daughter up for the new Russian daycare in Germantown I texted her asking for her medical forms so I didn't have to go back to her doctor again and pay $10 per form. No reply. My lasting impression is all they care about is their money and that's just a shame. See More
Janna Manjelievskaia
· January 24, 2018
Overall we've been happy with the care received at Child Care #1. The most important thing to me is that my child is in a safe environment when he is away from us and I've been able to find that here.... Daily pictures of the kids' activities posted on their FB page are always nice to see! See More
Natalia Vainshtein
· August 3, 2017
Highly recommend!! Both my son and I love this place. He started at 10 months, he is 18 now, and doesn't want to leave at the end of the day. I trust Irina and Valeria blindly with my child, and alw...ays know he is in loving patient hands. The center is clean beyond belief, and has a happy and calm atmosphere. I end up chatting with Irina and Valeria at the end of the day myself every time because how good it feels to be there :) See More
Farida Sultanova
· January 18, 2018
Great day care and awesome people working there. my son loves going there from the first day. I recommend this place to my friends!
V.S. Martirosyan
· January 28, 2017
Great peace very nice people. Taking my son there he loves it too..!!
А теперь мы готовимся к Новому Году!
История блинчика

Развитие мелкой моторики!

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Занятие "Окружающий мир"

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Эта неделя была очень насыщенная! К нам приходил в гости кукольный театр Ольги Браун! Были вкусные блинчики со сметаной в честь Масленичной недели! Детки от мала до велика делали красивые Валентинки, которые потом дарили своим родителям! Урок "Мой дом", игры с куклами, полет мотылька и многое другое!

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Рассказы по картинкам "Мой дом"

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С Днём Святого Валентина!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Поздравляем всех с началом масленицы!
Блинчики ждут деток в нашем Детском Саду№1

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Малсеница в детском саду!
Сегодня к нам приходил Кукольный театр Ольги Браун.
Детки с восторгом смотрели постановку и учавствовали в приготовлении блинчиков!

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Жарим блинчики!

Fry Pancakes!
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Урок английского в старшей группе!
Изучали букву Bb.

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