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Robert Sherwood
· February 16, 2018
I have been with Children International for over 20 years now,I have gained much more than I have ever given.I have made a lasting friendship with one of the children that has grown into wonderful yo...ung man,with a son of his own.We still corapond today.Everything that they have promised to do has been done.I know with out a dout,that the children and I have both benefited from this great organization. See More
Joyce Griffith
· October 9, 2017
I love y'all. The people working in Kansas City answer all of my questions. They are well versed in all of the info they give me. I have watched my three children grow from sad faces to happy ones.... This brings me so much joy. I really feel like I am making a difference. I promote CI when ever I can. On Facebook etc.. It makes me sad though that people can't even part with 35$ per month to potentially save a life. This breaks my heart since CI is such a wonderful organization. My 3 kids feel like my very own. I tell people they are my children. Because that is exactly what it feels like. Thanks CI for this great gift! See More
Luz Dary Barbosa Murillo
· December 27, 2017
once I was a sponsored child in Colombia and thanks to this incredible organization I had the opportunity to enjoy so nice things I could never ever imagine because of poverty. I'm 37 now and I also ...could get in touch again with my "godfather" as I always called him and I'm so happy to have him and his family back in my life ;) Thanks for all your help. See More
Mia Flato
· October 26, 2017
Each time that I've called CI for technical difficulties or needed information, I have gotten a prompt reply and a shower of love from the people working for this organization! My sponsored child is g...rowing in her body and mind with each letter that I receive and it is a thrill to witness some of her changes. Most of all, her love of her family and friends nourishes her soul, which is really healthy!! Thank you for a great experience in "doing something about it" instead of just feeling bad about poverty. Share love and imagine how it grows! See More
Brian Bulrice
· September 26, 2017
I skip a meal out, cook at home, and Support a Child in Need. The difference made is amazing. They write letters in their new school and it feels like you, one out of a million in need...have really something that makes a difference. And they sure let you know it. It feels like something you just can’t experience anymore in this day and age...!! Please look into it..! See More
Shanny Dawn
· November 24, 2017
I sponsored a little girl named Evelyn Lissette Mejia Contreras for 7 years. I loved that young lady! All of a sudden, one day, I get a picture of a new kid and a letter stating that Evelyn could no l...onger be my child because she got pregnant and decided to keep her baby. I would have been more than happy to sponsor her baby, too! You guys just took her away from me after 7 years. See More
Edward Rivera
· December 12, 2017
I feel happy to be able to contribute to change the lives of those who need it ... this organization supports children who do not have the financial resources to fulfill their dreams, I joined this ...beautiful cause that fills me with happiness! thank you for this great work... See More
Stephanie White
· October 19, 2017
OK I sponsored a little girl named braisha through children international. She was from little rock Arkansas. For a year and a half I would write to her and send her s card, always with stockers in i...t .she was about 5yrs old. I have a son Dustin White, he turns 18 tomorrow and braisha would turn 18 in a week and a half. I always called then twin's but was not. I sent her Birthday a present from Kalamazoo Michigan, Christmas and after a year and a half I get told I can no longer sponsor her because her mother got a job but then had another child in mine !!!! That broke mine and my son's heart. My name is Stephanie White am I'm in Kalamazoo Michigan. I would like to wish my little twin a Happy 18th Birthday. Was never given her last name. She was always on our minds. We love You B. Stephanie... See More
Suzanne Johnson
· January 8, 2018
I LOVE my children. I am proud of their work in school and what they do to help their family. It's an honor to be part of such a magnificent effort to connect our world in mind, body, and spirit in way. Thank you! See More
Andrea McBride Zeddies
· November 14, 2017
This organization really does everything it promises! A friend visited our sponsored child in India and saw first-hand how involved CI is with the families. So happy to be supporting their work!
Avivit Dimor
· February 18, 2018
BEST COMPANY EVER! I've been a Sponsor since 2003...that's 15 years now and I am so proud of what this Company and it's people are doing to support children, families and communities in need. Canno...t find enough words to describe my gratitude ♥ See More
Jose Luis Denis D León
· November 14, 2017
Those of us who have the opportunity to help others, it is a feeling that you only know when you do it, but to help others is to help others, as written in The Holy Scriptures of God, AMEN!
Minerva Esteves Tabar
· November 30, 2017
I am one of their products. One of the youth leaders and one of their scholars. Thank you, CI! �
Erin Rust
· October 11, 2017
I've sponsored Jacqueline for nearly a decade, and it has been wonderful. The process is easy and I honestly feel that her life has been made better by this program.
Massi Miliano
· December 15, 2017
Great people..great project...Thank you to help making a better world for children....
Lori Irons
· November 17, 2017
Just a wonderful organization helping those in need to reach a better potential in their lives. It feels so good to help someone else!!
David Broadfoot
· January 23, 2018
We all have too much money. Give some to the children.
Salud Soliven
· September 27, 2017
i consider this one of the best ways to help a child realize her/his dreams.
Usha Bailey
· August 13, 2017
GREAT organization, excellent communication, and info on financial stats. I recommend it!!!! Am sponsoring a village in Ecuador, where my adopted boy get services. I am a skeptic, usually about charit...ies, but I am pleased with this one. See More
Clevette Perry
· October 7, 2017
I found the perfect child for me and i fell in love
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Your overall health and quality of sleep are connected — when you don't get a good night's rest, you're more at risk for getting sick. Studies also show that children who sleep less have a greater risk of obesity and lower cognitive ability, which affect their performance in school.

In many impoverished communities around the world, kids must share small beds — sometimes just a mattress or pad — with their siblings or parents. Get a peek into the homes of some of our sponsored kids and where they sleep:…/where-children-dream

Although difficult sleeping conditions and other hardships of poverty often rob children of their dreams, the benefits of sponsorship give them a reason to hope.

THANK YOU! From all of us on #TeamCI, for helping #createhope for girls in honor of International Women’s Day! Together, we reached our goal of giving life-changing opportunities to girls in need through child sponsorship. By coming together to support girls, we are helping them overcome the obstacles of poverty and gender inequality to build a stronger future and a better world.

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Helping a child overcome a life of poverty is no small task, but together we can end child poverty for good through #childsponsorship. Here's how it works.
Join the Movement to Create Hope for Girls in Need
#GivingTuesday is HERE! HOPE scholar Levy Mbewe joins us live from CI community center in Lusaka, Zambia, to kick off the day and talk about our exciting goal to provide thousands of scholarships to teens in poverty. Today, you can double your impact in the lives of young people like Levy through the gift of education, with all donations matched up to $1 million. Give now: