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Diana Lynn
· January 24, 2018
There are some amazing doctors there.
This makes me hurt I cannot separate the doctors from the nursing staff.
However after a major integrity violation by a nurse I cannot in good conscience tell y...ou to take your child here for care. If you have to be there, never leave your child, take pictures of things going on. Read everything before discharge, don't trust the nursing staff. Ombudsmen program is a joke, and forget trying to fix the chart. We will be avoiding inpatient at all costs, if we have to be there we will come together a video camera, and will not leave our child at anytime. See More
Sarah Ann Fowler
· September 21, 2017
My 2 year old has several medical conditions and sees several specialists at Children's, which we love. They're amazing doctors. Dr. Ahn in nephrology specifically has gone above and beyond for us. Bu...t last night we had to take my son to the ED. It was hands down the worst experience I've had. He has hypertension and we were advised to not give him his medication until we figured out what was going on. In the whole 5 hours we sat in the hallway (with no help whatsoever) no one once checked his blood pressure. Is this not standard protocol when advising a patient to miss TWO doses of his prescribed hypertensive medication? When I was finally able to get someone to listen to me they checked it and it was up to 130/83. Not only was it dangerous, it's completely unacceptable. Was the ED extremely busy? Yes. But just because the patient doesn't "look" like a priority, doesn't mean they should be ignored. I found out today that the results they told me they were waiting on until 10pm resulted at 7pm. Also unacceptable that we were made to wait three hours just to receive them and be discharged finally at 11pm. I drove two hours to hopefully receive the best medical care for my son, when I would have received better care at my local hospital. See More
Katie Johnson Lee
· October 12, 2017
My daughter has seen three different specialists at children's. We love her ENT - Dr. Reilly is amazing. He has gone above and beyond. She has had ear tubes put in and the staff was great. My rece...nt experience with the opthomology department was terrible. In trying to switch from the D.C. office to the Rockville office out of convienance I was told I needed approval to switch doctors. Why is it someone else's decision which doctor my daughter sees? Two different people were supposed to call me back and never did - I called every day for a week trying to get an appointment to no avail. I would not use children's for opthomology again. See More
Amber Nicole Conlon
· November 2, 2017
After our local hospital didn't want to help my sweet 10 yr old daughter we were referred
Here, I must say I've never been to a hospital where everyone is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Langdon was so e...asy to talk to and is like a breath of fresh air. I'm thankful for her and all the great staff! Thank you! See More
Amanda Rebkovets
· December 2, 2017
Dr. Dave in Behavioral Psychology. Amazing doesnt even begin to cover how I feel about his level of care. Always attentive, always makes me feel like I leave there with a better understanding of my ch...ild's future. We would be lost without him fighting along side of us, helping us through the diagnosis. 5 stars for Dr. Dave. My childs life could not be in better hands. Now who do I have to talk to about getting him a bigger office? See More
Lorena Avelar
· September 1, 2017
I'm disgusted with my experience on Wednesday by this by this place the nurse in the recovery area of surgical center Adelfa has the worst bed side manners she blew inside my child's mouth to make him... swallow medication after my son had just had tonsils and adenoids removed even after me asking to stop as I had never experienced this procedure not to mention how gross this is she continued. I requested to speak with a director or manager to file a report and ask that the nurse be changed and I was directed to Haeok Chung that assured me she filed a report and would follow up with me and has yet to get back to me. Please speak up for your children. See More
Jennifer Keleti Yarish
· August 14, 2017
After having a HORRIBLE experience at a local hospital, we came to Children's in hopes that they could fix our sick little girl. Our 5 month old daughter was admitted for a fever, high WBC count, and ...dehydration. Due to her extreme dehydration, she was a hard stick. We cannot thank Mr. Ron enough for his gentleness, compassion, and professionalism while we were in the ER. He did everything that he could to ensure that our daughter was going to get the care that she needed. He was able to draw her blood and establish her IV. It took several attempts, but he never gave up. It was encouraging to see how dedicated to our daughter he was. You could tell that he truly cared for our little girl...and that meant a lot to us.

We were admitted to the 7th floor. Rachel (the floor supervisor) was very professional and caring. She helped bring smiles to our faces when we were worried about our daughter. Savannah and Piper also rocked. They were our nurses throughout our stay. They were also compassionate and gentle with our daughter...always ensuring that we were taken care of. They made sure that we understood everything that was going on and always kept us "in the loop".

Our daughter was in the hospital for 4 days, not as long as others have to stay, but long enough. We were very impressed with how clean and kid friendly the hospital was. The grab and go cafe has extremely weird hours, but if they were closed, we would hit up the cafeteria or vending machines for what we were looking for. There are also many restaurants nearby that we were able to choose from. We hope to never have to have our kids admitted to the hospital again, but if we do, we will go to Children's. Thank you to everyone who helped us during our difficult time. -Jen and Matt Yarish
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Becky Matthews
· August 19, 2017
I think it is the best hospital for Raven! They are very thorough. They listen. They listen to your opinion after they give a diagnosis. the worst part was checking out because it took extra long. Ho...wever, had I not waited till the afternoon to go there it wouldn't have been so bad. I attribute the whole stressful experience at the very end to leaving late in the day. It's a great hospital and I wish it were closer. We will go there even though it's an hour and 15 minutes away! See More
Robert Doc Crockett
· December 3, 2017
I have brought my son here three time, the two previous times were amazing this time im sitting in a hallway next to an o2 bottle, and a vitals machine. This one time is ruining the views i had of chi...ldrens national and its staff. See More
MrsJessica Hickman
· July 13, 2017
My 2.5yr old has been having fevers off & on since early Saturday morning, I took her to our Pediatrician on Tuesday to get the normal response: "it's a virus" after they checked her ears, listened to... her lungs & completed a strep test. I understand the over use of medicine but people aren't overdosing on antibiotics, it's not antibiotics being sold on the black market or streets!!! I called the Advice Nurse at the Pediatrician's Office on Wednesday who recommended due to the ongoing fever, even more lack of appetite & now not wanting to take fluids to take her to the ER for fear of dehydration. I made the decision to take the extra drive to Children's Hospital in DC & glad I did, they took much needed care of my toddler & excellent special attention to her older sister. They found out it my eldest daughter's 7th Birthday & gave her a Birthday Present. See More
Dana Insley
· August 9, 2017
This thank you is for the staff of the PICU @Children's National. There's so many that helped out and can't remember all the names but Elijah was in cube 312C for hopefully that will help get this to ...the right people. Your staff is a truly amazing group of people, they had so much patience with Elijah and you could absolutely tell it wasn't just a job to them. From the doctors, to the nurses, the sitters, respiratory, radiology, everyone was awesome. I want to take a minute to give an extra shout out to the sitters, they sat with Elijah around the clock, so when my daughter stayed with Elijah over night it was a extra comfort knowing she was alone, there was always someone there with her. Elijah is non verbal autistic and these sitters were above amazing. Thank you to all of the staff doesn't seem like enough but God Bless you all. See More
Leah Roxy Cambrelen
· August 11, 2017
My one year old was admitted to this hospital on Tuesday for some respiratory issues her breathing was out of control. I must say my experience here was outstanding the doctors really work together as... a team to create a daily game plan to get your child better. The nurses were excellent they were very sweet and made sure not only your child was comfortable but you as well. Great support staff great doctors. My child was finally sent home today breathing eating and drinking on her own. Thank you children's hospital! See More
Sandy Giron
· July 19, 2017
I took my little brother for a follow up appointment for his fractured finger. What I liked the most was that they were very detailed on how the healing process work and if palpitating his finger bac...k in place does not work, than they might have to do a minor surgery on his finger. They were very helpful with information and very warm welcoming. Loved it and I can't complain. The only issue I did have was the front desk staff at the orthopedic clinic had a lack of communication and they were calling in the wrong patient, meaning they were not paying attention on who needed to be called on next. I did have to say that the patient they were calling had just came in and I've been waiting for 20minutes prior to the incident . They did apologize but communication is a key in this type of setting. But besides that everything went great. See More
Kate Larsen
· January 22, 2018
I can’t say enough to express my gratefulness and gratitude for the team that my son had during our stay. They helped him so much and took such good care of my baby. Love this hospital. Thank you so much.
Tehya Young
· September 10, 2017
I was in a house fire and my hand landed in the fire with 3rd degree burns and when I arrived at the hospital all the doctors and nurses was so nice and caring and they did everything they could to fi...x me up and I had to stay at the hospital for 4 days and now my hand is well and better and to this day I am so thankful that me and my mother survived and I want to say thank you to my childhood hospital and my hero's for taking good care of me. See More
MaTagi Scott Dingle
· August 18, 2017
���� Ive been going to children since 1981 with my children and in 2017 with my Grand children and all I can say is you all never disappoints me you all did a marvelous Job on my grandson hes surgery ...�was out standing. May God Bless you all and thank you so much 4 all that you've have done 4 me and my family in Jesus Name l Pray Amen See More
Melanie Thompson
· August 5, 2017
I had a wonderful experience here. I'm expecting my baby girl (Kacee) in November. My doctor sent me here for a MRI and ultrasound to get better brain and heart views. The ladies that worked there wer...e simply amazing. From beginning to end I was treated with care, thoughtfulness and compassion. I even got a great picture of her doing somersaults in my stomach while they were doing my ultrasound ��������I would definitely recommend there services. See More
Shari Nelson
· August 25, 2017
After working at Children's National Medical Center for 27years it is a pleasure but you know when your getting close to that age of retirement you can't get enough of the little darlings, when walkin...g my mom and the reaction she gives at the sight of children I see myself. See More
Natasha Whitaker
· September 3, 2017
My 4 yr old twin boys had to have surgery. The oldest had his adenoids removed. The procedure was quick. He was home right afterwards back to his old self. Now the youngest twin had his adenoids and t...onsils removed. And we had to stay overnight. The nurses were so sweet and very kind to me and my babies. I was so tired from working the night before, that they let me sleep. Before i knew it, it was time to go home. Thank you to the staff. See More
Katlyn DeGroat
· July 28, 2017
For it being and children's hospital it's not what I expected. I stayed over night and the night shift nurses were so loud. They were complaining about their work which is very unprofessional. Then ar...ound 2am she shut her own curtain to sleep and to not be bothered. I felt like I was disturbing her if I needed her to unhook me to use the bathroom. There were a few good nurses but it was just so loud I couldn't get any sleep. See More

Meet Jonathan, one of the stars of our newest commercial and a real patient of Children’s National. Jon was only 3 years old when he came down with kidney failure in the 1940s. His options were extremely limited, as kidney transplants were not yet performed, but he found Children’s and was admitted 28 times for treatment. Jon has been volunteering at Children’s for nearly 20 years to give back to the place that helped him grow up stronger. Learn all about Jon’s story and what stronger means to him in this short video and click here to watch more inspiring stories from our patients:

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A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best weapons for fighting cardiovascular disease. Follow these tips to help your family get heart healthy. ❤️

A healthy heart begins with a healthy lifestyle, one that includes a balanced diet and plenty of physical activity. Follow these tips to help your family get heart healthy.
Restoring Faith
We’re LIVE talking about Children’s National’s Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease program—the second largest in the country! Dr. Drew Campbell and Dr. Deepika Darbari are here telling us about how Sickle Cell disease affects kids, how we’re helping them fight the disease, and how our research is turning into innovative treatments for our patients. Follow along today, and share your questions and comments below!
Today’s holiday weekend and Friday mood brought to you by adorable sisters, Aniya and Azariyah! We caught them taking a dance break with musician Yosi Levin! 🏩🎶💃🏾

Pre-sports screenings may help detect serious heart conditions, but they also may increase false alarms. Do we really need heart screenings for youth sports? See what Dr. Charles Berul advises here: #HeartMonth

Heart screenings for youth sports may detect serious heart abnormalities, but they also may increase false alarms.

Caleb was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) as an infant and underwent three surgeries. Today, he is a healthy 3-year-old who loves to wrestle, throw balls, tackle and play sports with his brothers! Check out Caleb’s inspiring #HeartMonth story via Northern Virginia Magazine:

Now that their son Caleb has survived three surgeries addressing his Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, these Leesburg parents are making the most of every moment.

“I just love kids. And I get to be a part of the process of helping kids get better, helping families transition to home life and helping them learn how to take care of these extremely complex kids, who a lot of people would be afraid to break, but these kids are actually the strongest people out there. They’re so strong. This job gives me perspective: It’s inspiring and incredible to see the strength of my patients and their families.”

Nurse Lilly Kawar has worked as an RN o...n the Heart and Kidney Unit for the past six years. Early in her nursing career, she lost a patient she had grown close to during a traumatic code, and for months afterwards questioned why she chose to work in nursing. After a lot of prayer, thought and reflection, Lilly decided to work in palliative care. “God told me that my job is to bridge the gap between life and death, between sickness and health, using traditional and integrative medicine.” Lilly participated in our PANDA Palliative Care Cubs program where she learned about resources, having difficult conversations with families, aromatherapy, Healing Touch and massage therapy. “As a nurse, I put everything into taking care of my patients - getting to know them and their families and anticipating their wants and needs, so that instead of them calling me at 3 a.m., I can be there at 2:45 with whatever they need.”

Thank you, Lilly, for the love, care and focus you put into making each day the best possible day for your patients, and for helping their families feel safe, comfortable and supported. #HeartMonth

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Few events hit home for children and families like a school shooting. Talking to your kids about school shootings can be hard, but it’s important to be open to the discussion – and to starting the conversation – about tragic events. Dr. Lee Beers explains how here:

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Children's National Medical Center added 13 new photos to the album: New Era Cap Visits Seacrest Studios.
February 16 at 4:00am

A huge THANK YOU to the New Era Cap team for sharing their talents with our patients in #SeacrestStudios yesterday! Everyone had a blast designing their very own #NewEraCap. Check out some of the amazing hats they designed in these photos. #neweragives

Children's National Medical Center added 5 new photos to the album: NICU Babies Celebrate Valentine's Day & Heart Month!
February 15 at 2:30pm

These little Valentines stole our hearts when they got dressed up to celebrate the holiday! It may not be Valentine’s Day anymore, but it’s still #HeartMonth and we love our NICU babies and their families every single day of the year! We couldn’t be prouder to be ranked the #1 NICU in the country and to help even the tiniest kids grow up stronger.

It’s Valentine’s Day and we want to say how much we truly appreciate all of our staff, physicians, nurses, researchers, volunteers, patients and their families. We love helping all kids #GROWUPSTRONGER today and every day. What’s on your heart this Valentine’s Day? #HeartMonth

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun and festive, but sometimes it has the opposite effect and makes us feel lonely or unappreciated. Follow these tips to help alleviate your child’s Valentine’s Day anxiety.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be fun and festive, but sometimes it has the opposite effect and makes us feel lonely or unappreciated. Follow these tips to help alleviate your kid's Valentine's Day anxiety.
Children's National Medical Center added 6 new photos to the album: UAE Women’s National Ice Hockey Team Visit.
February 12 at 5:40pm

Today, the UAE Women’s National Ice Hockey team visited Children’s National as part of their tour of North America! While here, they had an inside look at some of the innovative devices in our Sheik Zayed Institute and visited a patient family from the UAE. Thanks so much for stopping by! #UAEWomensHockey

Do you really need to give your child vitamin D supplements? 🌞

Winter generally means less time outdoors in the sun, putting some kids at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Children need vitamin D, an important nutrient, to stay healthy.

“A lot of the children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) who have had surgery may experience difficulties in education with attention concerns and learning problems. I’m here to assist the parents in navigating the school system and making sure their kids are getting the support they need in school.”

Wanda Rankin worked in the Prince George’s County school system for more than 30 years. After retiring, she came across the Education Specialist position with the Cardiac Neuro...developmental Outcome (CANDO) program at Children’s National and it was the perfect fit! Wanda counsels families and connects them with resources in their schools and communities, in order to keep their kids on track as they reintegrate back into their school routines after medical procedures and hospital stays.

In the CANDO program, Wanda works with a multidisciplinary team of experts who assess, evaluate, inform, monitor, track and develop individualized education planning for children with CHD. “We’re not just looking at a child’s medical issues,” Wanda says. “We look at the whole child and how we can support the parents where needed.”

Thank you, Wanda, for providing support and compassion to our CHD patient families, and for being the bridge between their medical and educational needs to help them #growupstronger.

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It’s official! Last week in Dubai, we officially partnered with the UAE’s only pediatric hospital, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, to develop a collaborative health/tech program. We can’t wait to help improve quality of care for our friends in the Emirates.

Learn more about how Children's and Al Jalila Children's will use health information technology to improve patient care

We’re LIVE talking about Children’s National’s Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease program—the second largest in the country! Dr. Drew Campbell and Dr. Deepika Darbari are here telling us about how Sickle Cell disease affects kids, how we’re helping them fight the disease, and how our research is turning into innovative treatments for our patients. Follow along today, and share your questions and comments below!

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