Two weekend reads to honor the 50th anniversary of the Poor People's Campaign, highlighting the work we have left to do. Marian Wright Edelman's Child Watch® Column : and this article from Economic Policy Institute :

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Read, like, and share Marian Wright Edelman's latest Child Watch Column.
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Michael S. Goldstein
· February 7, 2018
Dear Friend --

I just made a donation to support the Children's Defense Fund in their important efforts to lift children out of poverty, protect them from abuse and neglect, ensure access to health c...are and quality education, and provide a moral and spiritual foundation to help them succeed with the support of caring adults and communities.

Please join me in supporting Children's Defense Fund by visiting their page and making your contribution today!

Thank you!
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Daphne Fortune
· November 25, 2017
They are doing a great job! Someone mention not to forget about the southern states. Poverty and Homelessness need to be a world initiative... Keep doing the best you can and God will provide the rest...... Great successful stories! See More
Regina Malveaux
· April 4, 2018
The Children's Defense Fund has been an exceptional voice for children and families struggling with poverty and disregard by our nation's policy makers. Grateful for their leadership and impact.
Tonnette Collier
· December 16, 2017
Wonderful Integrated Reading Curriculum. Sweet Vine Freedom School summers started in 2010 and has thrived. Participants love it, the books, servant leader interns, intense trainings, nationals and ac...tivities. It's worth the experience.

Tonnette Collier, M.Ed.
Founder/Executive Director
Sweet Vine Incorporated
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Sylvie Calvet
· May 18, 2014
Hello , I'm French and mother of a dual American daughter whose Master's these in International Relations at Trinity College ( Ireland ) on the arbitrary aspect od death penalty in USA was published a...bout 3 years back . I learned about Mrs Marian Wright Edelman as i am translating a youtube Howard Zinn's video on USA Constitution ,being part of a citizens group in France , working on re -writing French Constitution as for citizens to regain the power abusively distorded by " representatives " who distorded as well he word "Democracy " as their for of government is nothing but plutocratic as that in USA is ! I'm a great admirer of Howard Zinn and his " heroes " can only be mine . As i read about the Freedom Schools , I was wondering If You ever had heard of the New American Academy which is a public school in Brooklyn whose head turned the previous worse school in Bronx into the best one ! ( watch: a matter of principal on Youtube ) and I though knowing each other's educational ways could only benefit everyone . I'm also a great admirer of Bryan Stevenson and his work and realisation at Equal Justice Initiative . You are doing a great job ! i feel sorry for American kids when i see some worse sentenced today than a nazi criminal such as Albert Speer was sentenced in Nüremberg Trial , and kids going to school with armed policemen , and risking to end up in front o judges giving them fines they can't afford to pay . Which is completly absurd , out of proportions . Congratulations for all Your realizations ! I think Humanism will spread in USA the day White people in number will realize the contribution of the Black Community for more human issues ! and I think Bryan Stevenson is right also to say that a recognition of all the sufferings the Black community members endured and for some are still enduring is necessary for the real people of United States ' oneness . It is very shocking for me , as a French citizen , to know that USA refused to ratify the International Convention on the Rights of the child ! and i hope You , American Organisations caring for the well being of Children will add Your voices as the Convention is approaching its 25 th anniversary to give American Kids as much Freedom and protection , other children in the world benefit from ! With best regards , respect and Congratulations for Your realizations ! See More
Elaine M. Rondeau
· February 19, 2016
We sincerely believe that the Children's Defense Fund is superb, it's programs excellent and the articles of extreme value.We have participated in the Stand for Chikdren events here in Atlanta, Georgi...a and appreciate the progress that is being made by educating the general public on the need to appreciate all people and their contributions to our society. See More
Sarah Collins Rudolph
· May 5, 2018
Thank you for Honoring Me and My Sister Addie Mae Collins. The program was beautiful. Again thank you so much.
Gwen Day-Fuller
· January 23, 2014
I love getting this information as often as possible. I always feel that the written pieces say exactly what I'm feeling. Factual information of great importance is put out there in a clear , concise ...manner that serves as a wake up call for so many who are still asleep. Thank you Ms. Wright Edelman for all you have done and continue to do. You are truly the lion telling her story first hand. I hope your voice will be loud and clear for years to come. You continue to make a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you could never be enough. See More
Amanda S. Pratt
· October 29, 2016
CDF does amazing work in the fight to end injustices toward our nations children. They have built the Arc (literally and figuratively) for transporting our children into a society that honors their in...nocence, and believes in their future. They teach all who are willing to mobilize because the change begins with us. See More
Michael Kirkendoll
· June 14, 2015
To experience such an effort to better schools nationally is a blessing and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be taught the #freedomschoolway so that I can go back and make a change to the youth in ...the city I live in. See More
Alessio Fratellono Matto Susi
· November 3, 2016
With the apps DreamLab and Folding@Home you can find new cures for cancer. You just have to charge your smartphone to start the research.
Jeffrey Van Brown
April 24, 2013
I have a vision of creating an online supplemental camp with an Afro-centric focus to expand on the ideas presented during Kwanzaa as well as during February (Black History Month) and its approach wou...ld be modeled after the Freedom Schools, except that it would be online. This camp would, by teaching about the academic accomplishments of African-Americans through reading Afro-centric history, cultural work and literature, reduce the reading achievement gap, as well as build a sense of pride in students to work and achieve.
Check out the sites, join the groups on and to participate.
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Rolanda Pyle
September 9, 2012
Happy Grandparents Day to all Grandparents!
A special shout out to all of the Grandparents who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren- this poem is for you.
A Tribute to Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren
Thank You©

We gather here to celebrate you for all you’ve done
For caring for your granddaughter and your grandson
You took on this awesome task that no one else could do,
Because no one loves and cares for your grandchild quite like you.

You had the courage to start all over again
Raising your grandchildren at an age when
You thought you might retire, travel and rest
But the children needed caregivers, and they needed the best.

Some came to you in pampers and most in tears
Needing nurturing and someone who cares.
Others came as toddlers, exploring the world on the run
You couldn’t believe this happened – after you thought that you were done.

Still others came at school age, when they needed guidance and direction
Science may have you baffled but you are great at giving affection.
And some of you have teenagers, oh my, what can I say.
Just keep reminding yourself that they won’t stay this way.

We know it has not been easy – often quite a heavy load
And there have been many bumps along the road
You’ve been misunderstood, labeled and denied the services you need
Often criticized and not recognized for your labor or your good deed.

But we are here to honor you who have done so much
To change the lives of children with your special touch
We thank you grandparents: we thank you once, we thank you twice
And know you are appreciated for the rest of your life.
Thank you, grandparents.

Rolanda T. Pyle
This poem is from the book, FINALLY, by Rolanda T. Pyle.

Her website is
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Christopher Imperial
March 27, 2013
Dear President Marian Wright Edelman,

I have a social networking solution that can substantially end global poverty. Go to this link to read about it:...

It would be best if Children's Defense Fund does this and not
wait for CGI. We need to revolutionize charity now as almost a hundred thousand die every day of delay.

Best Regards

Chris Imperial
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Karen Von Sydow
October 23, 2011
For Christmas give money to a favorite NPO in someone's name, rather than a gift in a bow. Most of us have too much as it is now. This is the face of our future! You can't acquire it at a mall. Ge...t connected and give, for you and your friends! I think you'll feel VERY good in 2012. Giving IS receiving. See More
Virginia Sanders
· July 19, 2017
For the children don't forget children in the southern states
Monica Hall
March 24, 2013
Sadly, this is OUR reality Wisconsin. NO ARRESTS over a year & a half later! So many children victims of child abuse & neglect never see Justice. It is never even sought for far too many voiceless chi...ldren in Wisconsin! Let's stand together & STOP tolerating violence against our children! What did Lola ever do to this person to deserve multiple skull fractures, bleeding on the brain requiring surgery to save her life, bleeding in her eyes and multiple rib fracture? How does that equal NO ARRESTS Wisconsin? It is time to Break the Silence to End the Violence against all the children... ~ ♥ ~ April 22nd, March Against Child Abuse at the Wisconsin State Capitol.
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Matt Smith
June 24, 2012
Dear Children's Defense Fund,

I believe that the true numbers of child poverty are being masked by a variety of factors. Your careful research has always been eagerly awaited. You have usually poin...ted out that about a 1/5 to 1/4 of American children live in poverty. The increasingly dire reports from the nightly news of one-half of American's being poor or low income gives me pause, becuase things are usually worse for American children, as your research has always shown. I believe it is possible that the number of American children living below the poverty level may be twice that. Forty-eight million Americans are receiving foodstamps, an increase of 60 percent over 3 years! American poverty is becoming dire, and as your data has always shown (with 40 percent of the homeless being children), things are worse for the children. I hope you will continue to fight for SNAP (food stamps), WIC, TANF, CHIPS, medicaid, and head start. Thank you for your attention, I felt compelled to write. I hope you will research the matter.

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Fan Revelation
· June 11, 2015
I'm hoping to bring back some of networking and revamping of the programs back to Wyandanch NY, again to save and grow the young people of this community. Serving one child at a time.
Judy Fields Davis
· March 26, 2015
I have watched this organization work and fight on the battlefield for children, since I was a teenager in need of advocacy. Can't say enough to salute The Children's Defense Fund