Robert Le Boutillier shared a link to the event: Rave Logic Presents: The Great British Rave Off.

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Listen to Rave Logic DJ Competition - DJ cK MC LB by Robert Le Boutillier #np on #SoundCloud

MC Mun-T gonna shit in your pudding

MC LB shake down with the break down

Make some noise...

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Culley Paul to H.A.S Hardcore Appreciation Society - EVENT 2. **TONIGHT**


After the success of event 1, we decided to bring out the big guns for our first headline act of Event 2. ...Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you DJ SY with MC CASPER.

DJ SY, what can be said about this absolute legend that you don’t already know. He became a legend in the early rave scene during the 90s at events like Dreamscape, Helter Skelter and Fantazia, after starting to DJ back in 1989!! During the 2000s no rave was complete without hearing a release from QUOSH. So many good releases with that bouncy sound, which has sorely been missed in the last few years. SY aka scratchmaster, will be playing tunes from his QUOSH back catalog, get ready to dance, sing and MAKE SOME NOISE!

Accompanying SY is the south coast legend that is MC Casper. Casper has been rocking the mic to Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Oldskool and Hard Dance since late 2000. In that time he has performed all over UK, securing regular bookings at some of the biggest parties there are to offer including Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, HTiD, Raverbaby, United Dance, Helter Skelter: Life, Fever, One Nation, Uproar, Fantazia, Fusion and many more. Casper was voted the 2006 Hardcore Heaven Best Breakthrough MC, he was also the most popular Future Breed MC at the HTiD Peoples Choice in 2007 and has been nominated for the Best MC award at the Hardcore Heaven Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Please check out this set from them in 2005 -…/sy-casper-mc-delerious-vs

So there you have your main headline act for June 7th 2014, DJ SY and MC Casper.

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"I'm a... Lean, mean, green smoking machine..."

MC Scotti B

Does anyone remember this???

There's plenty more where this came from!!!…/dj-mantra-wwp-17-07-04-intro

Listen to / DJ Mantra @ WWP 17/07/04 [intro] | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & a...

When the sunrise comes to find you,
You'll leave behind this midnight blue,
Another time under the skies,
One more night for you and I...


Driftin' away...

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"...step in the arena with the How you feeling? The heavens start to open, the angels start to sing, let's come together as one, happiness is happening"

MC Mun-T

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