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Nellie Riggs
· August 26, 2017
When I stepped into the gates at the Institute 2 years ago I had no idea what to expect. It was so much more than I imagined it to be. I have been back several ...times since that day and love it more each time. It wasn't until this year we got to stay on the grounds. My husband, myself and our 3 children cannot wait to return.
My only suggestion would be more of a variety of healthier food options and having some fall and winter activities/festivities and extend it to year round fun.
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Jenean Roth
· May 21, 2017
"Off-season" CI is so fun. I had done a walking tour last year and loved it so much I bought one of the books about Chautauqua Institution in the Book Store. We... roamed and toured and walked, referring to my little book and bits I remembered from my tour before. Every time I go I find at least one new hidden gem, usually more. Refreshing, safe, interesting, clean, lovely place to walk with my girls. Woman working Book Store was friendly, warm, professional, and quite enjoyable. Gentleman working (right at closing) the reception center was friendly and helpful. I am never disappointed going to Chautauqua Institution. See More
Julie Urso
· August 8, 2017
This place is totally AWESOME.. Dave and I have done a few coral concerts with the Erie Philharmonic and also with the Jamestown Coral Society. What fun WE had.... And the people and the Historic Hotel . The Talent of ART is all around you. History, The Beautiful setting, Quiet peaceful of musical talent by the locals who live there. To the restaurant food. And the Actor and Actresses who perform. The list goes on. Each year it's always something different. Miss it at times living now in Florida. You must go in the Fall if it's open.. The trees and the setting is just beautiful and Serene . See More
Wendy Ann
· June 11, 2017
Chautauqua is a place like no other. The homes with inviting front porches where people can discuss the issues of the day on immaculately cared for wicker
It's a place of peace, tranquility, hope and joy. Where all the arts are celebrated and families are joined. The open amphitheatres accommodate the best vocalists, symphonies and philosophers. It is food for the soul.
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Bev Keneske
· August 28, 2017
I read all these great reviews and wonder if I stayed at the same place this weekend! It is definately beautiful and I am not sure where the lack of communicati...on was, I just know we were not the only ones that it happened to. My lifelong girlfriends and I booked the weekend at the Ashland b&b and went to see The Beach Boys concert, which was wonderful!!!! Spent over $500 for 2 rooms for the weekend. When we got to visitors center on Friday, we were informed it would be another $455 to get into community !!!!! Long story we were not prepared for that added expense so we had to leave the institute community where our lodging was and not go back until 10 pm!! Then we had to be up and out until 4 pm, which was a rush to get ready for concert!!! Then we had to be back out by 10 am Sunday!! When we called for our tickets, the Center suggested the Ashland to us, they never said anything about the added fees, when we called the Ashland to book rooms, they gladly took our money and again no added fees were mentioned! Someone should have said something !!! We had rooms that we were only allowed in from 10 pm to 10 am!!!! On the up note, once again the concert was great!! We met some wonderful people and we made the best of it! We always have a great and memorable time when we're together !!! We will definately go back to see The Beach Boys, but Never stay at the institute again!!! Lesson learned!!!! See More
Susan LoPresti Wilcox
· August 18, 2017
Week 8 of the 2017 season has been outstanding. The "new" amp is such a great improvement both in sound & comfort. The programming both in the morning and in the afternoon has been superb. And, as always, the Chautauqua Symphony provided top shelf evening entertainment. Thanks!
Scot Hull
· August 12, 2017
This is a magical place. No, really. People talk like this about many places, but Chautauqua is different. Kids ride bikes across the "town" without fear or wor...ry. Adults of all ages talk, learn, play, and grow -- together. And that's the funniest thing about this retreat -- I've never felt so refreshed and energized after such a "busy" week. Lectures (if you want), worship (if you like), classes (if you're so inclined), walks (just because), music (which is world class), food (and don't forget the ice cream and coffee) -- it all blends into a thing that really is very much out of date in, and out of step with, the modern world. I've never seen, or read, anything like it. My family can't wait to go; they hate to leave. We've been going for the last 10 years and cannot imagine the next 10 without Chautauqua. Did I mention I love this place? See More
Nancy H Landas
· August 19, 2017
Chautauqua Institution holds the magic of a museum, the beauty of an art gallery, the intellect of a university, the entertainment of Broadway, and the cultur...e of a library all in one village with the culinary expertise and relaxation quality of a cruise ship along side a beautiful lake. See More
Amy G. Hise
· August 22, 2017
Wonderful food week at Chautauqua Institution! Great speakers, food vendors and music this week. New ampitheater is beautiful, only downside is the poor sound system. So much reverb! Hard to understand the speakers. I'm sure they will fix this by next year.
Michael Siewert
· August 1, 2017
I was disappointed in all of the automobiles I saw driving around yesterday. We found ourselves having to "move put of the way" WAY too much. Having an elder me, it became extremely annoying. In past years the Institute seemed to be very strict about not having motor vehicles on the property. See More
Chris Strok
· July 10, 2017
Great place to hang out on a Sunday if you are not a summer resident. Free to the public until 2 pm. And anyone who would rate the Institution low just doesn't get it.
Penny Benatovich
· September 3, 2017
This is not about the Institution- it is about 19 South and ERA Vacation Properties:
Renters’ beware- just because something seems pricey, doesn’t mean it’s even half of the charge.

We are long time Chautauquans and have been renting for several decades. So we are savvy to the approaches. We know the price points so we steer away from perhaps more “vintage Chautauqua charm”- for anyone not there before, that means it has not been renovated in some fashion. And there are many levels of "fashions " within the grounds!

Sadly, this year there were no places available through our fantastic regular property management group - Maple Group Realty. We ventured to an unknown but decent looking house (the online pictures did it wonders) through ERA Vacation Properties (our first time in all these years to rent through them).

Never before have we paid so much for an uninhabitable place. The pictures didn’t look much like the place we walked into after a 10- hour drive. My mother had spoken with 3x to people at Vacation Properties who assured her walker would fit. She ended up not being able to come, but she wouldn’t have made it up to the house with the gravel driveway and slate slabs to the stairs to the porch, well enough been able to get into the bedroom or bathroom.

We called the office 5 times on Sunday- but ERA Vacation Properties doesn’t work on Sundays. We had to find our own habitable solution – but couldn’t move in until it was cleaned – but again, since they aren’t working, had to stay another sleepless night at this atrocious, over-priced, dubiously safe house. We asked ERA Vacation Properties for someone to come to the house to walk through- but no one bothered.

There is a litany of outrageous, safety concerns and “highlights” of our sleepless and unfortunate 45 hour stay at 19 South- but here are the most egregious:

-no light on stairs to the second floor – had to use flashlight- not to mention scary lighting throughout the house.
-exposed knob and tube wiring in the kitchen- I don’t think anyone from the grounds has been by to check fire codes- and if they have, heaven help the houses 15 feet away on 3 sides.
-2 of the 4 bedrooms had no shades on the windows
-windows were so old, they either didn’t open, or in the case of a few needed instructions to tell you how to open/prop them so you don’t lose a hand.

However, the top reason this place is unsafe over-priced and made us feel we were robbed…
-squirrels sawing on the roof to get in at night and mice (or larger) running within the walls all night (got up to cram the $400 of groceries into the refrigerator so the animals wouldn’t steal that at least.

Bottom line:
Had this house been priced appropriately, we never would have thought to stay there. We spent a mere $300 more on a gorgeous home the previous year with our tried and true property management regulars, so when we saw the price on this one at ERA Vacation Properties, we figured – how bad can it be?

Well, it was horrible… and what would stick in anyone’s craw is that ERA Vacation Properties didn’t explain to these delusional owners about the price points. So, we got to pay for 2 places for our 6 days of “vacation” thanks to just plain greed.

Repeated requests to discuss with the owner of ERA Vacation Properties have gone ignored.
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Patricia Hirt
· February 24, 2017
After 34 years, NOT going to Chautauqua, is difficult, to say the least. We should be spending more time out West where our children live but as Easterners who ...imbibed in all the magnificence this place has to offer--- the friendship, the old-fashioned neighborliness, the symphony and ballet and probably, to top it off, the phenomenal speakers from around the world to enlighten us, how can we be drawn elsewhere? See More
Emily Christine Russell
· August 27, 2017
Truly a place like no other. It has and will always be my favorite place on earth!
Laurie Ann Cunningham
· August 20, 2017
A community which values the arts and lifelong learning like no other I've seen. People with open minds and open hearts love this place.
Jeffrey Robbins
· May 1, 2017
A great American institution. Founded in the dark years after the Civil War, it is old fashioned and forward thinking. Spend a week there and connect to all that is good in the heart of America's spiritual bloodline.
Denyse Lewis
· August 19, 2017
It is a must attend. Beautiful and inviting community. There is one bar/ restaraunt that stays open until 11pm. We had a ball with good music, good wine and awesome bartenders. Can't wait until next season to return frequently.
Cherie Jones
· August 1, 2017
My Aunt started taking me to Chautauqua when I was 8 years old and I have barely missed a summer season, since that time. FOUR years ago, July 21, 2013, my and I were married on the shore by the Miller Bell Tower and our reception was on the Chautauqua Belle. We LOVE Chautauqua and there is never enough time. Entering the gate is like entering a different world. See More
Laurie Lawton
· August 19, 2017
Great night with Kool and the Gang. Very talented and entertaining. Felt bad for them with all the people who left during the show. They were great, and the acoustics made the experience all the better. Wonderful concert! Bring them back soon!
Ash M Ashley
· July 31, 2017
The absolute best vacation I've had in years. I love this place. Peter had gone to Chautauqua the last 15 years and I stayed home. But this year I decided to go with him and I loved it!
Chautauqua Music Festival Cello Recital
More fond memories of our Food Festival. We had so many fantastic chef demonstrations including the fabulous Laura Lea Balanced!
Sherra Babcock honored by Chautauqua President Michael Hill

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