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About Chris
  • Decided to retire early as I have a bad back, but also I think it reached the point where I couldn't be bothered with the politics any longer. Not taking a pension yet, so have to live on savings for 4.5 years - Therefore no money for Christine Ha Ha! (Anyway your friends always said you were spoiled!!!!!)
    So I spend my days exercising and generally chilling out - Life is wonderful, I should have packed in work earlier!!!!
Favorite Quotes
  • IT'S EASY - Said by me - This used to really annoy my old boss at work. Eventually they presented me with a tee shirt that had printed across the front 'It's easy, but some times it's bloody hard'. I guess a lot of what I did at work was cerabral, what I was expert in was seeing the way forward and the ability to remain half a step ahead of the market and the regulator and delivering the strategy.