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Posted by Chris Capehart
One kind word brings hope.
One hurtful word brings doubt.
One thoughtless word… is unpredictable.
Failure vs. Momentum
Making Resolute Decisions (Part 5 of 5)
Making Resolute Decisions (Part 1 of 5)
As I was preparing to write this week, I found myself reflecting on one simple principle that is proven to drastically improve your chances of success. Here it is…
Write it down.
Have you ever tried to remember a grocery list without writing it down? If you have, then most likely you’ve also felt the pain of returning home without the single most important ingredient needed for dinner (and probably ...
Imagine yourself in a prison cell.
You’ve lost years in that cell for a crime you didn't commit; countless hours spent daydreaming about what it will feel like to be free again. It’s only the hope for freedom that keeps you alive. One day the guard comes to your cell, opens it and says, “you’re free to go.” Stunned, you sit not moving a muscle. Instead of getting up and walking through the doors, y...
I’ve talked before about how setting your course can spare you in the long run and why mapping out a plan to achieve your goals will bring focus and clarity as life pulls you in other directions. In order to zero in on your plan you’ll need to dedicate time to making it clear. Over the next few paragraphs, I’m going to show you a simple approach to creating your plan. Just for clarity, what I cal...
“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
― George Orwell, 1984
I’ve shared on The Power of Perspective and how we can transform our beliefs from negative to positive, detrimental to empowering! Let’s take that a little further today and look at how words can shape the way you believe.
Let’s be honest, most of us carry our past failures around as we try we move forward with our lives. We may not think about them everyday, but when new challenges arise, our failures are never too far away and remind us of what we once attempted. Once we finally attempt to take new risks, doubt will try to creep in and causes us to question our ability to succeed. Our fear of failure will often ...
This is a powerful word that causes most of us a certain degree of pain or regret when we hear it. Am I right? It is widely assumed that failure is a negative result of a particular action. When we fail, it usually means we have lost. We were proven wrong. Our credibility has been questioned. Our pride is damaged because we believed or hoped for something greater than what we accomplished...
I shared in a previous post that “our actions are clear indicators of our priorities” (see The Gap Between Our Priorities and Reality), and today I want to offer you a piece of advice that will force you to prioritize your life in a way you may not have before. I believe every person should practice the exercise of “force ranking” the priorities in their life at least once a year.
First, let me ex...
“There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Have you ever thought or said this to yourself? We are pulled in so many different directions: family, careers, household chores, travel, social media, and technology in general. Where does this constant pull leave us? Well, most likely, it leaves us frazzled in the middle with a sinking feeling and no hope of getting ahead of it all! But I have good news fo...
We all have the freedom to choose our priorities. Every day we are defining what we value most in life, even if it is happening unintentionally. See, your actions are clear indicators of your priorities. You give time, money, and energy to the things you value most … or do you? Today I want to look at closing the gap between our best laid plans and our reality. How do we align our values with our ...
We’ve talked about the importance of a single question in life. Now let’s dig a little deeper on what having a life question can do for you. A life question is a question that immediately gets to the center of who you are and who you want to be. A well-formed life question will give you focus, inspiration, and satisfaction. It will be a compass for you throughout your life and will guide you throu...
“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower
There is something to be said about the process of planning. It can provide clarity and vision to move forward. A plan may change, shrink, grow, come to life, or be eliminated along the journey, but the perspective you gain in the planning process will be a constant. You can return to it through the ups and downs of the path ...
What do you believe about the world? Humanity? Yourself?
Do you believe that the world is a tangled mess and one single life will have no impact on changing it? Or do you think that everyone has an exponential amount of potential to make a difference in the world within their lifetime? Or maybe you believe something in between.
What we believe has an incredible effect on how we choose to live our li...
Do you know what you believe?
I know this may sound like an obvious question, but go with me. Do you know your core values regarding morals, spirituality, work, family, relationships, and other important things in life? We should all realize that a clear definition of our beliefs is a vital step in moving from living in constant frustration or disappointment to living the life we want for ourselves...
What are you all about?
That question might feel a bit intimidating, but don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, when it comes to knowing what one’s life is all about, most people don’t have a clue.
In general, I’ve found that people typically fall into one of these three buckets when it comes to being able to define the purpose of their life:
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