Chris wasn't dodging Gov. Jack Markell's #IceBucketChallenge, he was just awaiting some heavy-duty farm equipment to make it really count. Yesterday, the Paskey family delivered and Chris accepted the challenge to honor three friends, who each lost a parent to ALS. He challenged all of Congress to approve the necessary research funding for the National Institutes of Health, so that we can find a cure for ALS and a host of other terrible diseases.
Chris says thanks
Merry Christmas from our family to your's!

Calling all new and newly-energized Democrats at DSU and across Kent County! Come out for the next Delaware Democratic Party campaign volunteer fair - March 22nd at Grottos in Dover.

Are you an eager volunteer looking for ways you can help Democrats win in 2018? Are you a new candidate looking to build out your campaign team and volunteer base? Join us for our next Volunteer Job Fair on March 22nd.

As we wait for every vote to be counted in PA-18, I join Democrats around the country in congratulating Conor Lamb for running a strong, smart campaign.

Get real-time 2018 Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District special election results. POLITICO's coverage of the 2018 midterm races for Senate, House & state governors..

The News Journal joins me and colleagues from both sides of the aisle who introduced the NICS Denial Notification Act last week.

Federal legislation to improve communication between federal and state law enforcement

I recently joined Sen. Bob Corker and Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, to make the case for food aid reform. At a time when four countries are near famine, we can feed millions of additional people with the same funding - if we can work together.

When the farm bill is reauthorized, the Food for Peace program should be made more flexible.

I joined Kasie Hunt to talk about trade, Russia, and immigration this weekend.

President Trump set a March 5th deadline for Congress to find a solution on the DACA program, but Congress still hasn't come up with one. Sen. Chris Coons tells NBC News’ Kasie Hunt that he “has a hard time seeing” how a solution will reach the floor in time to get a deal done this year.

Today, I introduced a measure to address another loophole in our background check system by requiring federal officials to notify state law enforcement whenever a person prohibited from buying a gun tries to do so. Currently, if a convicted felon or other prohibited person attempts to buy a gun and fails the background check in Delaware, nothing happens.

This measure is just one of many common sense bills now before Congress that address flaws in our laws and the system. It's time for action.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey and Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons announced a bipartisan bill that would require federal authorities to alert state authorities if someone who does not have the legal...

I spent Monday morning talking with high school students in Delaware, and they are right to demand answers and action from members of Congress and other elected representatives. We can see action on reasonable, common sense gun control measures, but it will take an on-going, focused effort by people from across the country to continue to demand change.

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., discusses ongoing fighting in Syria, his recent bipartisan overseas trip and U.S.-North Korea relations. Sen. Coons also discusses gun reform.

Interested in getting involved in campaigns in Delaware? Come out to the Delaware Democrats' Campaign Volunteer Fair in Newark, starting at 1pm tomorrow, February 24th.

Are you an eager volunteer looking for ways you can help Democrats win in 2018? Are you a new candidate looking to build out your campaign team and volunteer base? Join us for our next Volunteer Job Fair on February 24th.

America has been the land of entrepreneurs and innovation, but the rate of new startup businesses has dropped and we need to do more to support innovators with the vision to be job creators.

Sens. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, and Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, reintroduced the Support Startup Businesses Act, which would allow awardees of federal

I am hopeful that we will get a vote today on my bipartisan plan with Sen. John McCain to give Dreamers a legal path and to further protect our borders. We can do this if we work together.

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., discusses a bipartisan immigration plan he's co-sponsored with Sen. John McCain, his faith in Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Iran nuclear deal and Rob Porter.

I met with a group of Dreamers in Washington yesterday, and we agree - Congress needs to fix DACA now. I know we can come together to get this done.

Sen. Chris Coons met with a group of Dreamers to listen to their concerns and to discuss the debate on immigration.

We cannot afford to wait to protect the integrity of Mueller's investigation and the independence of the special counsel.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) on Monday made the case for Congress to pass legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller.

I will continue to fight to protect access to Delaware's bankruptcy courts - because of our expertise and because it matters to our economy.

The U.S. Senator says a bill changing rules for where bankruptcy cases are heard would immensely harm the state's thriving legal economy.

Thank you, 47 ABC for having me on to discuss progress on CHIP funding and how we can come together to address remaining pressing issues.

Because local maters, 47 ABC reached out to Senator Chris Coons about the CHIP program funding.

It was just a year ago when my daughter Maggie and I travelled to Washington with dozens of Delawareans to join thousands of Americans to join the Women’s March on Washington.

We marched in an incredible wave of civic activism, with people from all walks of life, all generations, all economic, religious and racial backgrounds. I had never been more proud of my country.

It was an incredible moment and one which I will not soon forget.


No matter what you’re marching for - equal rights for women, for equal pay, a woman’s right to choose, to standing up for victims of sexual assault, I am proud to march with you.

I am proud of your activism and I encourage you to keep marching. Keep organizing. Keep holding your elected officials accountable and keep gathering together in our neighborhoods and all over the world to define our next steps and envision how to transform the energy we experienced at Women’s Marches into local and national action.

Over the last year, many of you have called, emailed, texted or approached me personally and asked me, “What can I do?” The answer is simple. Get involved. Find and support candidates that have our shared goals and values. Continue to speak out. Continue to attend marches like in Newark and continue to support one another.

There is no doubt this movement has grown stronger and I thank you for doing your part here in Delaware and all over the world.…/delaware-women…/1049291001/

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First State women turn out at regional marches, more empowered than ever.

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