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Epitaph wolves If you could You could But would you Come out of the woods Lone wolves dont wander Forever alone Straying bewildered A yonder They lead or they follow a path to a home that is not their's to sell , rent or borrow That is only theirs to fill With an unending dream A fantasy lifting the veil To a dream landscape so magnificently still That it becomes too grand to fail And in failure they land On the soles of their feet And they fight with bare teeth And chew bones And rip meat From the songs of the Mindless And the stones of the wise And the moral of every told story And their paws in the snow Circle silently preying Upon their own epitaphs glory .
Wild seed eon sea Return to me My long gone love Return to me my traveller I lie in ruin Lie in chains For i have lost my other For i have lost What i had lost So long ago Again I found it in her dance And limbs And in the songs she sang And when she ran Across the fields To chase the west winds blowing They came to me As memories do The seeds of wild plants growing To grow inside my mind a flower A penchant to desire A rooted thing that will not rest Until love lit its fire And now the flames They rage and burn They chant their hyms I toss and turn I tell my blood to please be still But nomads blood Rest never will! My lovers music nomad sounds Always seeking Never found Her skin is warm her body rough Her voice alive with dreams Return to me My long lost love My soulful melodie Return to me My restless song My only remedy.#poetry #rhymes #pinzgauarasta #poetryslam #poems #love #loverhymes #songwriters #songwriter #writer #instapoetry #poems #poets #poetsociety #poetsofinstagram