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Stacy Elyse McCurry
· September 11, 2017
The whole chuch just had a really great vibe to it. I was so happy to see so many families and so many kids in general as that is not the case in most churches now-a-days. I and my best friend are anx...ious to explore this spiritual community more deeply. See More
Daniel Ciufi
· May 8, 2017
Christ Church is an exceptional expression of the love, care, and community in the body of Christ. CEC had the single greatest impact on my life and there isn't anything that I can compare it to. It... is well worth your time to get to know, love, and become a part of the amazing community of Christ Church. See More
Lloyd Magee
· May 13, 2015
Christ Church Covington is a wonderful Christian community in which to worship with family & friends. It has served the needs of its parishioners as well as those of the greater Coving community for ...over 150 and continues to do so. In addition to offering a warm & nurturing church, Christ Church also supports the community through its outstanding school, Christ Episcopal School, and through its founding of and continuing affliation with Christwood Retirement Community. We invite anyone looking for a church home to come and be a part of this vibrant place of worship. See More
Stephen Bryant
· December 25, 2016
Genuine people, where everyone is family. A variety of Worship styles to meet the needs of each person. We create a Sacred Space that brings Faith, Hope, and Love into the place we worship.
Mary Lee Feltner
· April 28, 2016
The concerts they hold are always breathtaking, always no charge. They host a reception after each and that is no charge also. The third Sunday of the month has become special to me
Hazel Hearty
· November 24, 2015
The Third Sunday concerts are always fabulous and Margaret is a pro who wears many hats in putting on the concerts with love and a great smile & hug. Kudos to Margaret.
David Campbell
· December 20, 2015
Welcoming to all, Christ Church is inclusive and
loving. Great new pastor in Bill Miller.
Micheline Cazayoux
· September 5, 2016
A church your heart loves. True family and loving atmosphere.
Where the Streets Have No Name - the Offertory Anthem from today's U2charist. What a day at Christ Church Covington!
Over 100 neighbors and friends gathered for our annual Memorial Day Backyard benefit concert for CEEP. Thanks to your extraordinary generosity we raised over $5,000 to support this academic enrichment program for at-risk kids! A special thanks to our Molokai pilgrims who donated over $1,000 in honor of Dawn Cox Paddison and David Paddison who were married on Molokai at the end of our pilgrimage!
What an All Saints Sunday at Christ Church Covington! 400 people joined us for worship at our morning services, including Father HARRY CARAY! Go Cubs Go!

Walking Toward The Kingdom Reflections - Lent VJohnathan Daniels, Civil Rights Hero

And 11:30 service for the win! God bless Mr. Rogers!

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The 9:00 service came through with their cardigans and ties. Thank you Mr. Rogers!

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Thanks to the 7:30 am service folks who wore ties and cardigans to our Mr Rogers Tribute! We had one visitor come all the way from Nashville to celebrate the life and witness of Fred Rogers!

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Don’t forget to wear your cardigan and tie to all 4 services tomorrow, Sunday, March 18th, at Christ Church Covington!

Sun 7:30 AM CDTChrist Episcopal Church, Covington, LaCovington, LA
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Wear your Cardigan and Tie on Sunday, and Invite a Friend!

Walking Toward The Kingdom Reflections - Lent IVThe Death of Josseline

“I’m wary of people who insist on trying to make other people feel bad about themselves. The more I look around me and within me the more I notice that those who feel best about themselves have the greatest capacity to feel good about others.” Fred Rogers

Join us this Sunday March 18th at Christ Church Covington!

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“Whenever we show up, there is always the possibility of God’s using us. “ Hill Riddle, Adult Forum At Christ Christ

What a gift these Lenten devotional guides have been for so many in our Christ Church family, keeping us grounded and centered this Lenten season.

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Field Trip to Civil Rights Museum Tomorrow at 9:00am

We are grateful to Bishop Jake Owensby for leading our Men's Retreat this past weekend at the Solomon Center. Men - book your calendars for March 22-24, 2019, with The Rev. Scott Stoner of Living Compass. Don't miss it!

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Mr. Rogers 50th Anniversary PBS Special Tonight,Tuesday March 5th at 7:00 CST

A Tribute to Mr. Rogers - Services at Christ Church Covington, Sunday, March 18th. Sermon at all 4 services (7:30, 9:00, 11:30 and 6:15), Mr. Rogers music at 11:30. All are welcome!

Mr Rogers postage stamp released, March 23rd.


"In the external scheme of things, shining moments are as brief as the twinkling of an eye, yet such twinklings are what eternity is made of - moments when we human beings can say, "I love you," "I'm proud of you," "I forgive you," "I'm grateful for you." That's what eternity is made of: invisible, imperishable, good stuff." Fred Rogers

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Words of wisdom from our friend Scott Stoner:

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Living Compass

Changing Direction

Several years ago I was paddling my canoe around the bend of a fast moving Canadian river. I felt prepared because I had studied my map clos...ely, which showed that a series of rapids was just around the corner. Fortunately, the map also showed a place to pull ashore just before the rapids, so that one could get out and portage their canoe safely around the rough waters. This was my plan, but you know what they say about the best-made plans.

I missed the pull off for the portage, and the current was too strong for me to do anything except allow it to pull me into and through the rapids. With a combination of high water and luck, I was fortunate to negotiate around the rocks without capsizing, white knuckles and all. I remembered this heart-pounding experience recently when I came across the Chinese proverb found in the box at the top of this column, “If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” On that day in Canada I missed my chance to change directions when I passed the pull-off for the portage, and so I did, indeed, end up exactly where I was heading.

We are in the Christian season of Lent, a time when many Christians make time to reflect on the direction their lives are heading. Most religions offer similar times during the year that serve as an invitation for self-examination. During such times, it is common to ask oneself, “Are the choices I am making in my life right now aligned with my faith—with my core values and beliefs?” and, “If so, how might I continue and strengthen those choices? If not, what can I do differently, what change can I make to more fully align my life with my beliefs and values?”

The season of Lent has traditionally been a time to reflect on one’s spiritual life. In our Living Compass programs, we invite people to expand this process of self-reflection to all aspects of our lives, not just our spiritual lives. How are we caring for our bodies? How are we managing our finances? How are we caring for the meaningful relationships in our lives? How are we caring for our emotional wellness? Where are our lives in or out of balance? How are we managing stress?

Just as with my canoeing experience, sometimes the current of life makes it hard for us to change directions. We can easily miss opportunities that present themselves to pull off the river, to take some time to consider our options or to make a safe portage around difficult waters. The season of Lent provides just such a time, a time to stop and reflect on the direction our lives are heading. I highly recommend taking some of the coming weeks to do so, because after all…. if you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

By Scott Stoner, for Living Compass

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