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  • │║▌║█║▌║✔ Verified Meatballs!
Favorite Quotes
  • "Bring it soy sauce on a won ton"
    " This is the dopest dope i ever smoke"
    "The food so nice they named it twice"
    "I think the hurricane season was over"
    "You been served"
    " This is the product of baby fucking"
    " It is very scientific"
    " heres the cash, get the stash"
    " When you cough it makes you like 10x higher"
    " Eww chicken fries"
    " I Die"
    " Thats bananas"
    "It smells like lung cancer"
    "Theres ears in the corn field"
    "Theres Evan in the Corn Field"
    "There a gigallo in the corn field"
    "its time to get super duper high"
    "hes hitting my bum"
    "time out, time out....ok time in"
    "I DONT KNOW!!!"
    "Meatball Problems"
    "Burning Your Kooka In The Jacuzzi- Meatball problems"


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