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About Christopher
  • I have nothing to say about me, you have to get to know me to know me
Favorite Quotes
  • whatever you a good one-me
    "don't give up what you have to get what you don't need"-jim koch, owner samuel adams brewing company
    "history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme"-albert einstein
    success unshared is a failure-patron tequila
    the most unpredictive variable is a person-me
    i'm not weird, i'm a alternative thinker-me
    urgency does not call for a change from methods that work to methods that do not work, unless they will work-me
    i think that if you plant one good seed of thought in another's mind that it will eliminate two of the bad ones-me
    is it worth hoping for some thing that might not be worth hoping for?-me
    sometimes things sound really funny inside my head but when the thoughts come out of my mouth they make no sense-me