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Track 10 from The Paper Grenade LISTEN - DOWNLOAD - CD -

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Track 10 from The Paper Grenade LISTEN - DOWNLOAD - CD -

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'Low On Time' from 'Stronger In Numbers' - feat. Michael Clarke Simon Davies and Dan Whitehouse -

Track 4 from 'Stronger In Numbers' Listen - Download - CD -

Did anyone have any nice presents this Christmas? - This is 'More Than a Dream' production from Michael Clarke backing vocals from Simon Davies Michael King and Jayne Powell

Track 11 from 'Stronger In Numbers' Listen - Download - CD -

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! - Thanks you for supporting my music this year. x

Anyone feeling festive yet? I gift you 'This Christmas' written by myself and Dan Whitehouse - produced by Michael Clarke percussion by the amazing Chip Bailey and backing vocals from the great Harriet Harkcom -

Written by Dan Whitehouse & Chris Tye. Produced by Michael Clarke Percussion by Chip Bailey Backing Vocals from Harriet Harkcom

Remembering one of the first versions of 'Stronger in Numbers' with Michael Clarke - Thanks a million to everyone who pledged to help me make this record. x

'Stronger In Numbers' will be my latest album. I am hoping you can help me get it finished and released! Please pre-order here:

'No Sing' written by myself Jo Hamilton & Jon Cotton. Featuring beautiful production from Michael Clarke, mesmerizing backing vocals from Vijay Kishorere and awesome string playing from Anna Louise Bennett from. Enjoy.

Track 7 from 'Stronger in Numbers' by Chris Tye Listen - Download - CD - Written by Tye/H...