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  • Well well well...welcome on board to meet this cyborg named "chris"...Yep ppl call me "christy kunjumon" and that's how i will be know till am history...The truth that am not here for advertising myself and the fact that you have taken your time off to get a glimpse of who i am..I have only this to offer "It is said that appearance's are deceptive , so am i "...

    My stay so far in this world has taught me much needed lessons and being programmed to induce a smile or happiness in people surrounding me,i have been pretty successful in this mission so far....
    Well philosophy or my view on life (whatever you term it as) goes like this
    " Happiness and success are like passing clouds .. make the best out of them when they are over you"

    "Love is a quicksand .. set your feet into it .. you never know the rate at which your going in ... only a few have managed to get out unhurt and if your that adventurous don't even hesitate to step in.... (while am not that adventurous :P)"

    and it goes on like this.....

    Well to cut the crap and put an end ... "am one weird complex cyborg in the making .... Another magnificent piece of work fashioned by the ' HAND OF GOD '!!!!!"

    Note: "just readin stories like this to know abt one is the best comedy ever.. to know the real "christy" isn't that easy !!!! :P "
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